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 Things I can look forward to. Will provide feedback re attractiveness of pharma reps vs publishing reps
His posture is still terrible. Doesn't matter if troll. 
Probably wasn't over the limit for the T/E test and they decided to retest with CIR recently
Tbol and Winstrol are new and groundbreaking tho /s   The Chinese probably continually develop AAS for use in their programs
Khyber Cloth so good. Just noticed that the 1894, formerly known as "Pale Yellow," has been renamed to "Vanilla Bean" two years later. Still my favorite off-white cloth and pant makeup. 
Honestly, why do they even bother testing? Everyone knows it's a sham
Elite lifters use AAS. Watch as the shocking details unfold. More at 11... The Chinese seem to be pretty amazing at undetected AAS use in general
@Soprano28 you have terrible posture
Japanese Indigo Sea canvas is badass. 
Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll try to pop into the Neiman Marcus in DC tomorrow when I'm down there.    @cyc wid it sounds like we belong to the same demo group   @SpooPoker I do have someone to be very thankful for, but she's vegan, so I can dodge the Chanel bag bullet indefinitely  
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