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Leg presses can put the pelvis in posterior tilt resulting in lumbar flexion and greater risk for disc injury. I'd argue that your spine is much safer squatting due to the level of spinal stabilization required when handling heavy weights.
Minimize dry high-heat preparations and avoid processed meats. That just about ameliorates all current carcinogenic concerns of consuming meats.
 The China Study is pretty laughable. His own research (not the actual China Study) contradicts many conclusions he makes. His dietary recommendations are the same general dietary recommendations made by most RDs other than the exclusion of animal products.   Traditional bodybuilding choice and the high taurine content improves glucose metabolism. 
Slow cookers and crock pots are life-changing. 
Will be lifting again next week. Shooting for 1650 @ 198 by next spring (really tho, I just want a non-shit bench cuz bro)The same foods as I always eat with lower total kcals and carbs because of no physical activity.
Haven't lifted in 6 weeks and I look a tiny bit flatter
The absurdity of a weightlifting thread on a clothing forum just hit me
I need to stop paying $6 for a small ice cream. I'm getting fat.
But but NYU isn't top 10
I accidentally clotheslined a biking hipster this past weekend on a sidewalk in Williamsburg. I turned my torso abruptly to look at something and he was going way too fast to swerve or slow down. Tiny biking hipster meets large man-wall.
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