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Damn, I think he was our sixth on the cxl jumper mto
Haven't seen @rydenfan in here in a while. Any thoughts on the matter?
Wow, Will must be busy. Here's hoping I can make an appointment with him in the near future
Uh, the sole edge of the shell boot = the exact same color as the sole edge of the brown CXL wingtip, the Alden from a few pages back, and the boots laufer posted above   This picture by laufer shows Carmina's antiqued brown in various stages of wear 
Can anyone in the DC/Baltimore metro area recommend a good dry cleaner? I've never needed a suit cleaned before and am looking for somewhere to take a LB Sartoriale I picked up off B&S. Is Parkway in Bethesda the best option?   @in stitches @The Noodles Your input would be greatly appreciated
I'm with laufer here. Plus, ours will look exactly like below and it is awesome. It's also the same sole edge coloring as in your third pic, golfinz, except it wont have the super thick, black danite portion. Contrasts quite well with the brown CXL on the wingtip IMO  
This is impossible to answer without an in-person assessment of the dysfunction
Congratulations, Cleav! You have an absolutely lovely family
Not sure if serious... because he already is
 Exact same situation here
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