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That's @eddievddr10 . Buy with confidence. You won't be disappointed
Carmina suede string loafers -- the one loafer to rule them all
For you Alden shell LHS fans out there http://www.styleforum.net/t/478389/alden-handsewn-penny-loafers-style-986-in-color-8-shell-cordovan-leather-tag-9-5/0_30
I want a pair of espadrilles, but I fear I'm too meathead to pull off the look
Massages do wonders. They have actual massages in Bangkok, right?
You can definitely give thumbs
I think SF has one of the best mobile layouts online right now
Calling it quits with ME grinds for the squat/deadlift. Trying to push to 2.75x BW squat and 3.25x BW deadlift is racking up way too many injuries for nothing. Don't plan on ever competing again so hello, 70-80% RPE 7-8 work.    My bench is still worse than some highschoolers at my gym :(
What is this @mdub method? I've just been hitting mine with some GK neutral cream polish every now and then and brushing in between wears
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