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Are Aventus and Green Irish Tweed all they're hyped up to be?
I gave my NZ friend shit when his boat went down, then our boat went down too. Damnit. 
I'd buy this had I not just picked up my grail Stephan Schneider Merino from him @leeba   CP Company Shetland Wool Fishtail Parka         Tagged 54, fits like XL or tall L Measurements:  p2p: 59 cm  back of neck to very bottom of fishtail: 84cm  shoulder: 49cm   Tweed from the storied Moon mill in England, Italian polyamide bonded inner lining that is flexible and makes sure the entire parka is completely waterproof and windproof. Dope mix of tech and...
BS. You had this tailored
Dang, I predicted $1800   http://www.ebay.com/itm/361572063260
Just be thankful you don't see more of these 
The guy is like 130lbs and not super short. He's just 100% new and unreceptive to legitimate advice.
Where are you in these photos? That's a gorgeous view
 Medial and lateral, golfer and tennis elbow, respectively, are tissue quality issues arising from overuse IME. Rehab / isolation exercises like that guy posted are pretty useless IMO outside of a therapeutic setting. Climb stuff, grip stuff, pinch stuff, stretch = massive, strong, and healthy forearms.  GHR > ALL   Particularly in female athletes. Genetically blessed with larger Q angles and lax ligaments. 
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