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Does anyone wear most of their pants with a plain hem but cuffs on the heavier fabrics? I feel like heavier fabrics dont look right without cuff
Yea, go local.   Speaking of Field, finally bringing a jacket in this Sat that I picked up back in Feb 
Will be great. My favorite summer shoe by far
ellsbebc bought all the NSM bespoke/Panta RTW sportcoat samples we were/are coveting
Ooo what fabric?
I should try fully buttoning my stark one of these days...   And buying an album scarf so I can attempt to be as cool as Synthese
Hope it works out for you. It's such a sweet jacket
Am jealous   dat 24'' sleeve :(
What about a larger scale, multi-colored houndstooth like this?   Is there anything a houndstooth SC does that a check in a similar scale/color doesn't do better?   By my count there are 4 houndstooth fits in the 43 pages of the composite thread
I've noted almost a complete absence of houndstooth SCs in the 20+ thumb composite thread. Anyone care to speculate why?
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