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I went to REI to buy a bag of chalk the other week. Otherwise this area is just about dead for shopping
Get one made by Luxire
Sterlingwear makes 100% wool peacoats and is the supplier for the US Navy
 Could be some adhesions built up in your triceps as well if avoiding full elbow extension is pain free. Try some self-massage in these areas http://www.triggerpoints.net/muscle/triceps-brachii using a lacrosse ball but avoid the origin/insertion. 
Are you sure it's tendinitis? Get it checked out. Could be something much easier to deal with
Breakfast — the most important meal of the day? Nahhhhh
Studies utlizing intermittent fasting + exercise protocols have been repeated in a very wide range of demographic groups. Everything seems to be pointing towards IF+exercise as being a superior method to improve body composition vs traditional meal timing+exercise. And on top of the weight loss studies there is a growing body of evidence in both human and murine models that show IF has a significant positive effect health markers associated with chronic disease,...
You may find it an acceptable lifestyle once you start surgery residency 
One of the big headlining studies for intermittent fasting was actually done on soccer players who observe Ramadan.  Intermittent fasting(16hrs) / alternate day fasting / calorie shifting has been shown to result in statistically significant greater fat loss, while preserving more lean mass, than traditional eating schedules and calorie restriction diets
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