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Yes, but I am pretty stimulant naive. I don't drink coffee or take any regularly, only when I need that extra bit of focus that seems to be eluding me now
All the fucking stimulants in the world and I'm still not able to focus worth a damn at the gym. Instant 5% performance loss. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME, BRAIN?   @APK I don't follow WWE so I pretty much know of Chris Jericho and John Cena. Chris Jericho is fat. Cena is aesthetically unpleasant because of how big he is. Didn't know smaller dudes existed.
I imagine the weather is making it not suck today
WWE people are fat as fuck
I didn't link it. He looks around 5'7-8
He's tiny. Theres a photo of him next to Bill Clinton. Yes, he's lean, probably around 8-9% bf. He is tiny regardless. If you need to be under 10% to have "good abs" your genetics either screwed you or you have very little muscle. My perspective is of course skewed from my past in sports at the collegiate level. 6' 185-195 11-13% bf is what I consider average amongst my peers And always, people as short as he will always appear small
He disappears when wearing a shirt. I'd guess 14" arms, and sure, you can call his physique athletic, but you can also say long distance runners, tennis players, and soccer players have athletic physiques. I call them skinny
Wow, he's really skinny
Not anymore :( Been wanting a green to go with my black for a while
Welcome to the world of fitness+nutrition social media where pseudoscience, asserting inaccuracies as fact, misinterpreting sceince, and using evidence misleadingly reigns surpreme
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