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Your meet total will definitely go up a lot as you gain experience and get better at peaking for a meet.
So jealous of that Cloak bomber every time you post it
You know you could have accomplished this on your own with some wax and a free afternoon, right? 
@Coldsnap try EC and combine with synephrine if appetite suppression is not enough on EC alone 
Neat. Have fun. Several engineering friends got their MBAs at Columbia/NYU and all thoroughly enjoyed bschool and the city
You cut 40 lbs? In what kind of time frame? That's a lot.
That was magnificent
I have both and am very happy with the white pinpoint oxford. Turner's assessment of the fabric is spot on. I've worn it to multiple formal events myself over the past 9 months or so. It does wrinkle slightly more than the sky blue oxford.
WOW. $250 is absurd.  The perforated captoe in dark brown on Rain is a phenomenal shoe; one of my favorites.
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