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Hmm I wonder if I can pull off espadrilles with my massive quads/hams/calves   @thefoxtooth I don't know what all the fuss is about either.
Everything? @fuji does the Datejust feel dainty on your wrist?
I just had a refeed with Indian as well. Demolished two keema naans that were at least 14'' in diameter, an order of chicken tikka masala cuz I'm a basic bro, and an order of chicken saag. And 800g of rice.
Just wanted to say thank you to the professors/teachers in this thread for sharing their views on bridging research and teaching. I recently returned to school to pursue a career in academia as well. Cheers.
I'm a fan of the first, the Barba BD. You can view most popular Luxire collars here tinyurl.com/luxirecollars
You like Neopolitan jackets? I like Neopolitan jackets EU50 Borrelli, Attolini, Attolini for Luciano Barbera
Navy Nailhead Formosa 50EU jacket / 48 EU pants
Forget the fit. What's in the box?
No, no, it's rubber 
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