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I like Uniqlo Supima T-shirts. 6' 210 48'' chest and I take a L for a snug fit around my shoulders and chest. Dozens of washes, no fading.                 in cm in cm in cm in BODY LENGTH BACK 25 1/5 64 26 3/8 67 27 5/9 70 28 3/4 73 SHOULDER WIDTH 15 3/4 40 16 1/3 41.5 17 43 17 5/7 45 BODY WIDTH 18 1/2 47 19 2/3 50 20...
3 pairs of Walts in 2 weeks (2 MTO, 1 sale)? YES
First batch shipped out today? Please say yes. Please. Serious.
I've been ordering unfused medium lined collarband/unfused lightly lined collar since my first light/light Barba BD collapsing disaster. Been really happy with it.
I request single pleated cuffs on all my shirts save for the first one and they are much, much cleaner. The pleats on the one double pleated shirt cuff I have tend to flare open and look awful
Now wishing I got the Marlow wingtips along with the penny loafers :(
Welp, sent payment for Marlows in what I hope is US10. Now to back to the hunt for snuff suede penny loafers
Yea, I've been searching through that thread. Most say TTS for the penny, 1/2 down for the tassel. But my confusion comes from posts like these:  So I'm waiting for eddie to confirm whether he has the US or the UK sizes listed in his post
Thanks for the feedback guys. I currently have the Carmina string in snuff, Alden LHS in color 8 shell, vintage Nettleton in black cherry? shell, and a beater pair of Burgundy AE Waldens.    Thanks for the heads up on the Marlows, @New Shoes1 . Moments away from kopping. To that end, does anyone know what @eddievddr10 means by "these are all sized as marked on shoe?" Are these UK or US sizes?
I was actually looking at meermin's offerings earlier after reading @A.J.V 's http://dresslikea.com/post/88661228033/3x-suede-loafers-for-summer But wouldn't two snuff string loafers be sub-optimal given the minimal difference in profile?
New Posts  All Forums: