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Wise words.   I picked up the checked Home scarf as a consolation prize. 
Anyone have a lead on this Home scarf? I've checked all the usual affiliates and stockists
Logs on to buy SS Home scarf. Navigates to SS page. Phew, it's still in stock! Navigate to the specific Home scarf. OOS :(
Anyone have a good non-Carmina lace option for the Brown CXL ranger boot makeup from a year+ ago? The shoelaces supplied by Carmina wear very, very quickly with the speed hooks and have all broken now. Benjos lace tips are too wide for the metal eyelets. Thanks in advance.
I've completely detrained for two months and have lost roughly 8lbs. Wonder how fast glycogen content will come back up and if that myonuclei blah blah muscle memory hypothesis holds any water
You have very little muscle thus very little definition. I'd guess 11-12%, but again, hard to estimate because you lack muscle.
I miss fig season
Well, I mean, more eNOS is useful for things other than working out. 
Get the most bang for your buck and eat other people's leftover rinds?
I've only ever used l-citrulline pre-workout. Its effects are acute, along with nitrates and agmatine,   6g citrulline, 2g arginine-nitrate, 2g agmatine sulfate = pumps for days.    If you're looking for an all-in-one, I enjoy PES High Volume.
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