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Cold brew on nitro may be my favorite thing ever
Is the Quorom cardigan prone to snagging because of the weave?
Falke > all
There's a LBM duffel / peacoat hybrid sz 54 for $250 shipped...
Dang, the Hello Cardigan at SP.
I bring protein powder on all trips. Excited for vegan Select Protein from PES coming out soon.   Also, fuck me, front lever holds are hard. 
Bang for buck time-wise: HIIT. You can do sprints, stairs, or bodyweight / weighted exercise circuits in the style of Tabatas. It's all the same, really.   Diet is still the most important for dropping fat.
Uber has been making a killing in DC since the midnight shutdowns began
Weighted pull up circus clown checking in
I haven't seen this problem with my suede Castañers but the canvas loses its dye instantly if wet.
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