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And why haven't you posted fit pics of it yet?!
Well, after ~20 tries checkout went through
Everything showing as sold out now?   Edit: Just kept spamming checkout. Went through after ~20 tries
^That can't be right. There were 34 pairs of cigar available 14 min ago.
I remember when I first saw that rust tie in one of stitches' fit pics. Much jealousy.
Really? Customs from Skoak seems to be instant clearance for myself and many others going through NY     AND SOMEONE POST EXTENSIVE PHOTOS OF THE U WING. PLEASE.
Holy cow. Vox wins... again.
"Wookie" "Cousin It"   Something about a pelt
OB does make longer 8? or 9'' inseam trunks   Personally I prefer the mid-thigh Bulldog cut   Edit: Yep, the Dane cut has a 10'' inseam
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