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 I have the slate garment and pale yellow khyber. The garment dye is waaaay softer than the khyber. Seems to wear cooler too.
I'm on board with either a full strap or half strap. And I will wear suede loafers well into the fall myself - social conventions and SF approval be damned
Thumbs up from a droid user
 Where does one acquire SP at 1/2 the price of SS?
This... this might be genius. I can't tell yet, but I think you're onto something.  Inb4 someone with more textile knowledge shoots this down Edit: Ha, that was fast
I, too, would like to hear some recommendations
I will, with great pride, wear my wet leather soles into freshly buffed marble lobbies. Feel free to join me on the ground as I judge you rubber soled and topied peons.
Ah darn, I forgot Carmina closes in July
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