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@TM79 polo suede like @in stitches's badass fit from yesterday
This is why I started IF, just sub med school with work and graduate studies. It just fits my schedule better. IF also doesn't mean you automatically run IIFYM, you can apply any macronutrient ratio  to IF.  Currently in a deficit/carb cycling and I am losing fat no faster than a typical 16 hour feeding diet, and am also gaining muscle at the same time. My strength has also continually progressed despite getting to the lower %s where I typically see my pressing movements...
These are the classic brown wingtips in somewhat direct sunlight. They are dark brown in any other lighting
K lets talk plumbing then
@in stitches What shoes are those? G&G?
I've been IF for the past year and really like it, especially now that I'm cutting — getting to have really big meals while in a deficit is definitely an upside
Dat drop. Murl is secretly a model
Sounds like a recipe for ruining your metabolism 
My tailor actually had to recut my pants to remove the pleats because my quads were causing the pleats to open when standing. Pants are ~13'' rise IIRC and are pretty slim through the thigh (comparable to my ~12.75'' trousers) with an 8.5'' leg opening tapered from the knee down. But I have minimal vastus lateralis development compared to VMO & rectus femoris.  I've always preferred my jackets to be longer to present a leaner silhouette. I find Attolini/Luciano Barbera...
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