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Why those eidos small
I'm a big fan of Soundcloud   Bon Iver, Kanye, alt-J, The Lumineers, in no particular order   I also get down to some Yoncé, but lets pretend i don't. And Taylor Swift too. I'm a #basic white girl.
There's no One Diet™   It all depends on your preferences, training, insulin sensitivity, eating pattern, supplementation, etc. However, carbs are the macro that's usually manipulated because protein and fat are generally static throughout a diet.
My Supima Ts from 1-2 months ago fit the same as the ones from 1+ years ago
Shutup, nerd
I hit 20g fat easily, with 6g coming from fish oil, on high carb days while having around 12-16oz pork or chicken. Nonfat greek yogurt, protein powder, and good cookware are your friends
But masturbation is literally the least bad word-y way of saying masturbation
lol complaining about 8lbs. Try +/- 17lbs over 48 hours. I'm not a big either, ~200lbs @ 6'.
This is the CM equivalent of SWD's "Random Fashion Thoughts" thread
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