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White trainers on the way soon! Hopefully!
Very preppy/ivy stuff - loafers, bucks,etc
Well, I've never worn sneakers for anything other than actual athletic activities, so I'm a bit lost. Trying to decide between the white calf and snuff now.
I really dig the snuff trainers but have absolutely zero idea what to wear them with. All my pants are Walts in wool/khyber/cotton twill and a handful of linen shorts for summer.     ... I don't really know how to wear sneakers period. Except with shorts? 
Carmina's are sexier. Just sayin. Also my most complemented shoes by far.
Anyone know what the deal is with their current T-shirt promo? Prices keep going down and it seems they're trying to clear all stock before restocking. Is this the case? A few colors I want have been OOS for a while now
But, but there's one in DC
Damn, I really liked the golden brown/reddish hue of the old tobacco suede
 I have the slate garment and pale yellow khyber. The garment dye is waaaay softer than the khyber. Seems to wear cooler too.
I'm on board with either a full strap or half strap. And I will wear suede loafers well into the fall myself - social conventions and SF approval be damned
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