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i <3 LB by Attolini / Caraceni
I hate CPs because of the branding
Has to be more than that
You found five benjamins. 
I don't see it on the collar spreadsheet tinyurl.com/luxirecollars but I'm certain Luxire would be able to replicate provided measurements and a photo
Few pages of SS is only for skinny people and looks shite on muscular guys
Soooo @thekunk07 got any Schneider you can model for us?
Watching Magic Mike with your girl — like preheating an oven for 2 hours
Yea, shrugs are going to give you sloping shoulders sooner than they'll add any appreciable width.
[[SPOILER]] That is an incredible find. Definitely the older, most sought after, color of shell Marlows.
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