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I know, right? If only I had the funds :(
No, because those would be called stiff leg deadlifts. RDLs you hinge at the hip as usual with a deadlift and then explode from below the knee to lockout. Lower to below knees and repeat.
Smh = shaking my head
My linen-cotton came with a miswoven thread on the chest. This seems pretty common with linen-cottons across all makers in my experience
Haha yea, I'm pretty sure I can hem and cuff my own pants if I owned a sewing machine
This looks fantastic. Can you share some details about this please?  Disclaimer: I am not vegan, but my girlfriend is vegetarian
So how's the weight loss going?
You might have more luck in the NMWA thread or if @Murlsquirl and @in stitches drop by here
Cross-posting some great deals from the Best of B&S Thread on an absurdly handsome pair of Vass Cognac Shell wingtips and Carmina Suede adelaides for you Vass and Carmina(SHOULD BE EVERYONE) fans in here.
Someone buy these immediately. Vass Shell Wingtips 42.5 U Last + flush metal taps + trees  
New Posts  All Forums: