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Awesome, thanks.   Argh, black waxed flesh or winter smoke desert oasis suede OR both. Wonder if the winter smoke could be made a bit darker with some home suede treatment/waxes or just some dirt haha. Nanoprotector might even be enough to darken them slightly...
@FrankCowperwood Can we get some direct overhead shots pretty please? Also, what type of toe construction did you go with?
They're definitely narrower than Rain but I don't really have enough shoes to compare them against to call them narrow-fitting. They were quite tight when new but the suede stretched and they're very comfortable now.   I wear 8.5UK Rain, 8.5UK C&J 348 and both are very comfortable.
I'm lucky that my girlfriend is way more into healthy eating and fitness than I am. Now off to squat for two hours cuz said girlfriend is back at school and Friday nights are date nights with barbells again. 
I'm always lighter after a night out drinking. Hello dehydration
Happy anniversary, sir
Did anyone order and receive Oliver Peoples from Barney's?
Ridiculously good deal on my favorite pair of shoes.   @Darkside I wear 8.5 UK Rain/Oscar and 9 UK Uetam. Uetam is narrower and has a lower vamp
And all the good as well, yes?
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