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Yea, they're a little shorter than the norm. My 54/56 BC jackets all come in around 30.5'' boc. Always elicits a "this is cut a bit short, but that's their style" comment from my tailor. 
Very. Enjoy!
Engagement party at Rasika. DO IT
Well, they say bad things come in 3s, so you're due for a win. (Stats bros dont kill me)
Cod is high in taurine and taurine is awesome.
I just lost 1.5lbs in about 15 min
I drank my way across a town with 18 breweries on Saturday. Also ate this thing "the glutton"... and the skirt steak sandwich, blueberry pizza, and house pizza you can see on the menu. And about another 5-6 lbs of junk food.  
I got my order today. So good.   If you guys are looking for a flavored blend get PES Select. They're generally pretty sweet across the board.   If looking to make your own blend / get bulk powders go Nutrabio. The vanilla basically tastes like slightly sweetened milk.
@Khayembii Communique cut for a long time unless you really just want to be strong. Your lower back fat is out of control right now.
priceplow.com   I get bulk powders from nutrabio
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