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Happy anniversary, sir
Did anyone order and receive Oliver Peoples from Barney's?
Ridiculously good deal on my favorite pair of shoes.   @Darkside I wear 8.5 UK Rain/Oscar and 9 UK Uetam. Uetam is narrower and has a lower vamp
And all the good as well, yes?
Well, they did ship all the orders from that Ralph Lauren leaked employee code last year or the year before...
Fuck, I am too broke for this
Hello Lobbs and Aldens     ... and C&J
You should be bracing your abs, obliques, and lower back as hard as possible during the entire motion. Buttwink puts your spine in a compromised position where you a) can injure yourself more easily b) lose power . Stop squatting so deep and fix your pelvic position. This will likely correct your spinal position
I pay $20 for the waist and seat to be taken in so I imagine the opposite would be about the same
@Szeph el raton in pretty much the same boat right now. Stims and a good training session are pretty much what's getting me through. If I make it to the gym @fujiwhat the fuck
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