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I'm good with that ^
I think this is what we have so far?   Dark Brown CXL Jumper boot on Oscar -Storm welt -Natural sole edge -Commando sole -Brass speed hooks -Brass eyelets? Blind eyelets?
Oh, hello empty wallet, we meet again
The incredible shoe for cold/wet weather you speak of is the dark brown CXL jumper boot we're talking about :)
Yea, the wingtip and brogueing looks great. Unfortunately, I already have a pair of wingtip blucher boots and a pair of wingtip bluchers. Too much wingtip blucher-ing if I pick up a third
 Definitely on board with the natural sole edge, that's my preference as well. I think other MTOs have had multiple sole options before. Are you open to it having a storm welt? (Makes it extra rugged just like the C&J for RL Lindricks/Marlows) Also, color of brass hardware? The ones above are antiqued brass I believe, anyone want the brighter brass seen here on @Gerry Nelson 's shell jumpers?
 Great write up, laufer
I tried and failed on a G9 about 30 seconds after he posted the code :(
Who needs a badass dark brown CXL jumper boot from Carmina with a storm welt, brass speed hooks, and a commando sole for this upcoming fall/winter?! I hear they go great with Barbour jackets and motorcycles.   Subscribe here and stay tuned if you're intrigued
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