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Don't you dare besmirch the glory of yoga pants.
No, your back won't round nor will your spinal position be compromised. It's a very slight posterior tilt. Go flex your glutes and while looking in the mirror
Yes, if your glutes are maximally contracted, your pelvis will be posteriorly tilted
DROP THAT SHIT.   Lol controlled eccentrics. You try to control 2.5x-3x+ your bodyweight on the eccentric and I'll refer you to my old practice for PT once they finish all the MRIs.     @indesertum impossible to tell if you're breathing and bracing properly from that angle. Your right hip reaches full extension very noticeably before your left hip on the last rep. Also doesn't really look like you're finishing with slight posterior pelvic tilt on any rep but that...
I unsubscribed from this thread months ago. I see nothing's changed
Hadn't seen my mom in a while.   Mom: Your arms are getting really big Me: Really? I ... Mom: It doesn't look good   :(
Harvested from the respective groups
Real-time semiquantitative PCR was performed using the Power SYBR MasterMix (Applied Biosystems, CA, USA) and specific primers in an ABI 7900 HT fast real-time PCR System (Applied Biosystems, CA, USA). The results were expressed relative to β-actin expression (foldincreased) or the ΔΔCt method 
 Yea, heterogeneity has advantages and disadvantages and the mouse model has limited application to humans ofc. Also, though not discussed in the above paper and although mouse BAT is a poor analogue for human BAT, its impaired activity on gluten inclusive diet has significant impact on FFA flux and total body energy homeostasis as indicated in this follow-up investigation http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26443339 * = p  < .05** = p < .001 Weight*: 10% lessEpididymal...
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