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I need to stop paying $6 for a small ice cream. I'm getting fat.
But but NYU isn't top 10
I accidentally clotheslined a biking hipster this past weekend on a sidewalk in Williamsburg. I turned my torso abruptly to look at something and he was going way too fast to swerve or slow down. Tiny biking hipster meets large man-wall.
I use these for squats and deadlifts http://www.reebok.com/us/reebok-crossfit-lite-tr/V59968.html and for anything that requires a lot of grip. The sole is ridiculous — impossible to lose grip on the floor.
Any form of exercise can be "effective" in a cut if sustainable
I had the great joy of browsing instagram's fitness community today. It's like an even shittier version of bodybuilding.com + fitness magazines With a side of extra crazy aimed directly at young women just starting out
i <3 my Stutterheim
Enjoy digging yourself into an even deeper hole Seriously, this is way too ambitious and honestly, just flat out stupid
Lol that's a hell of a good rule of thumb you pulled straight outta your ass
Congrats dude
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