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Lol? Does no one enjoy driving anymore?
Found this fit guide with more measurementshttp://www.flintandtinderusa.com/dod-guide And dang, these are really vanity sized huh
Amazing deal on some NIB 7.5 Buttero Hightops
Did you treat the stained shoe only or both?
I know, right? If only I had the funds :(
No, because those would be called stiff leg deadlifts. RDLs you hinge at the hip as usual with a deadlift and then explode from below the knee to lockout. Lower to below knees and repeat.
Smh = shaking my head
My linen-cotton came with a miswoven thread on the chest. This seems pretty common with linen-cottons across all makers in my experience
Haha yea, I'm pretty sure I can hem and cuff my own pants if I owned a sewing machine
This looks fantastic. Can you share some details about this please?  Disclaimer: I am not vegan, but my girlfriend is vegetarian
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