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Viberg says they sourced their natural shell from Horween and here's a year's worth of aging http://imgur.com/a/Fc57R
What are these "malls" you speak of?
6' 90kg class here... competing with 5'4" 90kg. Sucks.
I'm in a volume phase as well but decided to take some heavy squat singles for shits and giggles cuz my friends were(and I wanted to see if those SBD sleeves actually did anything).   I missed a weight 55lbs less than my PR from March. Stick to your programming, dummy.
Inb4 sweatshirts and flip flops
The AirBnBs I've stayed at are rental only properties. Never had an owner living on site
I haven't used AirBnB internationally but have had several great stays all around the US
Your parents are way cooler than my parents.       Love ya, ma.
They look great. Can you please take some overhead and side profile photos? Possibly side-by-side with Viberg if you have any? 
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