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Nice. Hopefully they'll have the 55 serving tubs out by then so you can load up
Yessir, 2 orders of 6. Hoping they process both haha. What about you?
Not sure how many of you here use protein powders and like peanut butter / reese's pb cups. But holy shit. PES Select Peanut Butter Cup is like drinking a reese's milkshake
Discipline out the window. Ate 12 cookies, 2 apple turnovers(why are these even in my house?), and half a Costco-sized bag of pita chips at 3am today. Attempted to salvage this by having some whey hydrolysate, Na-R-ALA, and agamatine sulfate in the middle of the pig-out. Up 4lbs scale weight today, + ~.25'' on hips and lower abs. Now I'm dragging ass to get to the gym.    400mg caffeine let's go. 
Yessir. Specifically Caminito in La Boca. And I know what you mean, BsAs is magical. I'll be back there in June as my SO finishes up her semester there.
Highschool: 2x chipotle burritos after practice < 10% BF Undergrad: 3-4x chipotle burritos after lifting/practice < 10% BF Postgrad: 3x chipotle bowls after lifting every once in a while >>> 10% BF     Chipotle consumption goes down. Bodyfat goes up.   Conclusion: Chipotle is more effective than clen/AAS/etc for cutting to or maintaining low BF.
Time to break out the metal bracelets for warm weather!   Also, does anyone have advice on how to clean grime off gator straps? 
So here's that street, present day (3 weeks ago) 
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