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You should really make your own beans
Where are the lats and delts?
Soy bean sprouts. Both soy and mung bean sprouts are common in Asian cuisine
Sprouting should get rid of pretty much all anti-nutrients and change the texture of course. I'd toss it in a stir fry.
They make my farts smell peculiar. I've only ever had it as a Chinese dessert - mung bean version of a red bean soup
The amount of food I'm eating since becoming lacto-vegetarian is absurd. I need to start eating more fat or something cuz 3700 calories of plants is hard. 
 Neat. I'll check it out next weekend. In semi-related news, PES vegan select is the best vegan protein I've had. 
VeganGains is my favorite. Reciting abstracts and pretending to interpret research correctly. 
Insert eye-roll and hysterical laughter emojis
1800 TDEE is incredibly low at 5'4'' unless you are completely sedentary or morbidly obese. 
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