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@The Noodles your bodyfat is too high to consider an actual "bulk." Get your diet under control, start consistent resistance training, and you will see a fairly rapid shift in body composition at your age.
Of course. I prefer Neopolitan/Attolini silhouettes and shoulders more natural than that of the Formosas because of my build.
I know. The Formosa's quarters gradually sweep away from the bottom button whereas the TF's quarters continue mostly straight then make an extremely sharp corner by comparison
It's the relaxed vibe of Neopolitan cuts that do it for me. The TF above just looks very severe in comparison
Hanger good Button no
You know what would be the absolute easiest and least expensive fix for your perceived problems? Diet and exercise
DO IT. DO IT. I haven't discussed any bespoke projects with him but his buttonhole work on my jackets sure is purdy
I can't even find band collar men's linen shirts on uniqlo US' website
I wonder what Carmina uses then, as all but one pair of my suede shoes are from them and they definitely stretch more than their calf counterparts
Suede is definitely more forgiving than calf and shell, which I find to have the same amount of "stretch"
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