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DUDE. No need. I've spent thousands over the years on my Dolcezza gelato habit. That Berry Marscapone and PB Stracciatella
That's a HUGE if. (DC metro area resident for 20+ years)
Men's version of bikini?
There's nothing wrong with Crossfit. There is something wrong with Crossfitters who do WODs to get better at WODs.
Wrist flexibility starts with flexors and extensors in your forearms. 
The only times I have "plateaued" it was due to a technical defect which, when corrected, allowed me to progress.  If you have access to it, lift with someone much more knowledgeable and stronger than you and see what you can learn.   I'll also lump soft tissue issues in here because I imagine that's an ongoing battle for all weightlifters. With poor tissue quality you are severely restricted in what you can do.
ignore this
Y'all making me regret choosing DPT first, then PhD over MD. I want an ortho bro fam.
Daily or weekly undulating schemes are my favorites
New Posts  All Forums: