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I'm still a little peeved at myself for setting my alarm wrong on that Mattabisch neat from a week or two ago
^oh my
Superb deal
@steveyoo1983 Please check your PMs, good sir!
AE shell finishing is facepalm :( and tbh they had pretty regular 15-30% discounts on their entire range in years past so the MTO pricing isn't that special   My main gripe with AE boots is the lack of quality leather on the shaft and the tongue. I purchased a walnut shell Dalton and a bourbon calf Dalton a few years ago, went through multiple exchanges, and always ended up with super-wrinkly leather on both the shaft and the tongue.    Best of luck with the MTO. Navy...
Or if you're in the market for a NON-DAINITE sole winter boot, because you like actual traction on snow , look here for a Brown CXL Jumper MTO by Carmina. You'll be pretty darn happy with the price after you PM @steveyoo1983 
I'd increase the armhole and I ask for shoulder slope adjustments by specifying the angle of the slope — "please accomodate for 35 degree shoulder slope"
 Carmina dominates AE and C&J as far as price/quality ratio goes IMO. PM steve for the MTO pricing, I think you'll be pleased.  
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