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Any chance for a sneak peak at the sizing chart (42+) on the Doyle MTO before it goes live?
Celebration of you following advice outlined herein?
 Drop Mike an email. I think it's MTO price + $15 for the pockets Edit: yep 
In addition to! Not in place of!
SOMEONE POST PICS, PLEASE (yes, I'm shouting)
@luv2breformed   Good stuff, man. One thing to keep in mind: the weight routine you posted consists almost entirely of exercises for muscle groups that medially rotate your humerus. This can contribute to a host of shoulder joint problems if an imbalance is created and is one of the most common issues seen in weight lifters. Best to add more exercises for the musculature that laterally rotate the humerus and exercises that posteriorly tilt, retract, and depress the...
 Anterior tilt isn't so much a result of strong hip flexors as it is a condition that almost always involves tight/shortened hip flexors. Keeping up with soft tissue and mobility work takes a lot of time but I really believe it's worth the effort. It will lead to better athletic performance, make you less prone to injury, and maybe even make your pants look better. What's there to lose? Crunches and leg raises are pretty terrible exercises for abdominal strength...
Why not correct posture issues instead of having clothes made to accommodate them?
I've always heard to brush shoes while they're still warm, especially shell. Evidently either works just fine judging by the shine and condition of your shoes and those who take the "warm brush" route.
Here's the Kiton dissection http://www.styleforum.net/t/39123/kiton-what-is-really-inside-lots-of-pics/0_30 And you may want to give this a read Largest ready-to-wear suit brand review (39 brands) by Parisian Gentleman
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