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And Mrs. @The Noodles just ordered him a speedo. The horror. Coming to a swimming pool near you for us MD/DC/NOVA folk
 Because PGC-1a4 expression
Well, shoulder expression/style matters as much as the actual measurement IME, so he may need a 19'' in one style, 19.5'' in another. Clothing — not an exact science, as much as we want it to be. In other news: just picked up my one suit from Field's. Now to figure out how to take a robo-posed selfie
Width? Probably not. Circumference? Easily
It was a speckled tweed (red speckles on grey/white/black) in some sort of wool/cash/something else blend from Loro Piana. 
Solution to the grey pinstripe and your complexion: go on vacation and get a tan
This is funny. Now that you mention it, the compliments I receive moved away from single items to my overall aesthetic as I stopped wearing bolder shirts/pieces as well
I am 8.5 UK Rain and 9.5 in the EPLA sneakers
You cannot be serious.
8.5 UK Rain, 9 UK Uetam — please and thank you
New Posts  All Forums: