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I hate CPs because of the branding
Has to be more than that
You found five benjamins. 
I don't see it on the collar spreadsheet tinyurl.com/luxirecollars but I'm certain Luxire would be able to replicate provided measurements and a photo
Few pages of SS is only for skinny people and looks shite on muscular guys
Soooo @thekunk07 got any Schneider you can model for us?
Watching Magic Mike with your girl — like preheating an oven for 2 hours
Yea, shrugs are going to give you sloping shoulders sooner than they'll add any appreciable width.
[[SPOILER]] That is an incredible find. Definitely the older, most sought after, color of shell Marlows.
 Ha yea, thus leading to the implementation of the "you must be able to put on your own knee sleeves" rule. I have decent calfs, but the bulk of my quad / hamstring mass begins higher up the femur than most I suppose, so my knee joint circumference may not have been the best measurement for sizing. In competition I can definitely see sleeves adding 20-25 lbs to a squat if sized down. For me, the compression helped my right knee track better. I spent less time releasing my...
New Posts  All Forums: