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BS. You had this tailored
Dang, I predicted $1800
Just be thankful you don't see more of these 
The guy is like 130lbs and not super short. He's just 100% new and unreceptive to legitimate advice.
Where are you in these photos? That's a gorgeous view
 Medial and lateral, golfer and tennis elbow, respectively, are tissue quality issues arising from overuse IME. Rehab / isolation exercises like that guy posted are pretty useless IMO outside of a therapeutic setting. Climb stuff, grip stuff, pinch stuff, stretch = massive, strong, and healthy forearms.  GHR > ALL   Particularly in female athletes. Genetically blessed with larger Q angles and lax ligaments. 
Mother of God. Any Cucinelli 56s?
And farmers walks. If you can walk 50m with your bodyweight in dumbells you're doing pretty well.
I'm pretty sure I just picked up @NaTionS AW '11 Size 6 Merino off grilled last Thurs. I'm excited.
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