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Whoa, is that straight out of the box or after some polishing?
If you have C&J for RL Marlow Wingtips or Pennys I take a 9 and 9.5 in those, respectively.
I have a PRL by Corneliani 95/5 too and it's pretty darn sweet. Except mine has a nice 3/2 roll. Have a feeling your might have been pressed into a hard 3?
 8.5 UK Rain and 9.5 in the tennis trainers here
Can I bother you for shots of all the colors? Pretty please?
There's always the time-honored tradition of bathroom selfies
And why haven't you posted fit pics of it yet?!
Well, after ~20 tries checkout went through
Everything showing as sold out now?   Edit: Just kept spamming checkout. Went through after ~20 tries
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