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Yessir. Specifically Caminito in La Boca. And I know what you mean, BsAs is magical. I'll be back there in June as my SO finishes up her semester there.
Highschool: 2x chipotle burritos after practice < 10% BF Undergrad: 3-4x chipotle burritos after lifting/practice < 10% BF Postgrad: 3x chipotle bowls after lifting every once in a while >>> 10% BF     Chipotle consumption goes down. Bodyfat goes up.   Conclusion: Chipotle is more effective than clen/AAS/etc for cutting to or maintaining low BF.
Time to break out the metal bracelets for warm weather!   Also, does anyone have advice on how to clean grime off gator straps? 
So here's that street, present day (3 weeks ago) 
But, but some stouts are so much better at close to room temp
That's @NAMOR 's listing 
So where does one get shorts if Uniqlo's suck?
Ha I thought I was in GNAT because elioda and jfrater were posting @DavidLane I can snap some really bad cell phone pics of the coconut shell buttons but the photos of em in this thread are much better quality and accurately represent their appearance in person
Shrug. 300+ squats and 400+ deadlifts have been commonplace in every gym I've been in since high school. 300lb benches are much rarer. Currently utilize a commercial gym and I see 18-55 yos that train for aesthetics routinely bang out 300-400lb lower body lifts.
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