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I've been staring at this for months, trying to justify buying a coat that I wouldn't be able to fit a jacket underneath
Please don't. It must be mine
The best way to make your clothes look better is to make your body look better
Friday summertime casual   [[SPOILER]]
Mind giving an armhole and bicep measurement? Also, what size did you get? 44?
My four month old Carmina snuff string loafers have survived hours of dancing/being stepped on/spilled on at the grimiest, dirtiest bar in DC I've ever seen, a 7 hour hike around Manhattan followed by more bars and dancing, multiple sprints through sudden thunderstorms, and a fairly wet boat ride around Martha's Vineyard — all within the past few weeks. They wear hard and hold up very admirably.  I wear them on average 2-3x a week and I've just exposed the sole stitching. 
So jealous. Could use my 46 for these 60 degree(wtf?) August mornings.
Way too big for ya :) 
Classic Unionmade "sorry, we sold out" e-mail. BOOO.   In other news: Cesare Attolini for Luciano Barbera Sartoriale suit on the way via B&S!   This also puts an end to my black captoe conundrum, but I'll probably pick up the Rain MTO anyway.
AS heads and shoulders above KW
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