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I have many Walts from Epaulet. Bought 2 sizes up from my actual waist and brought the waist and seat in. 
I can tell you from personal experience, that no, we, or at least those at my practice, have not been assuming the body is symmetrical. LAIC as described by Hruska was not a novel concept. 
PRI - a fancy name and money grab for something PTs and serious athletes have been coaching for decades. 
I'm working towards a PhD because I am a huge dork that would love to teach and do research for the next 50 years. Here's hoping the glut of PhDs seeking professorships in my field clears out a bit by the time I finish Haven't come across too many insufferable individuals so far, but then again I'm a public uni guy
My 20+ yr old, hand-me-down cleaver's handle is starting to get loose. Hope it doesn't go flying off mid chop one day
Make your own routine emphasizing your weaknesses
Ortho surgeries are more fun when they get the mallets out
That abdominal vascularity tho. I only get veins in my upper and lower abs/pelvic region. You have fucking vines throughout. Crazy.
Thread resurrected. Thanks for participating boys.
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