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E is ephedrine, C is caffeine
I wear 8.5 UK Carmina Rain and took a 9.5/42.5 in the tennis trainers and they fit very well sockless FWIW
Lol ok
Take yohimbine/rauwolscine for that last bit of fat .2mg/kg bw, fasted, 20 min before cardio + EC or just C
Man, fuck reddit.
Have you taken any other measurements? Skinfolds? Girth? What are your macros? Are you sure you're measuring them correctly?
I'm in. So in. Cue "I'm In It"
Very touristy and not street food, but you must stop by Din Tai Fung. Go to the one that's not in 101 and get the pork+crab, fish+celery dumplings and whatever small plates strike your fancy. Otherwise really just look for busy street vendors(lots of good stuff around the Chiang Kai-shek memorial in the morning) and peruse the night markets. Also, a meal at a beef noodle soup place is a must.    I can come up with a pretty long list of restaurant recommendations if you'd...
Heads up to anyone buying cotton-linens: just handwashed my cotton-linen navy and it bled quite a bit. Not sure if this carries over to the other selections, but exercise caution if washing with light colors.
Bene leaning out and looking swole (that's why he posted. guarantee)
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