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Picked up some Castaner espadrilles for $30 and some shorts. Thanks guys.
I'm not sure about the model, but Carmina doesn't have different grades of construction/material AFAIK. Though the Inca last slightly more expensive than the others lasts — not too sure of the differences between Inca and others.  The string loafers I got from the Armoury are identical to the string loafers carried at Skoaktiebolaget and Gentlemen's Footwear, just at a hefty premium.
@GuP check if they have your size here for Carmina Rain black calf balms http://gentlemensfootwear.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/pre-order-carmina-shoemaker-captoe-oxford-in-black-calf   Comes to $393.75 shipped after coupon and Steve @steveyoo1983 the owner of Gentlemen's Footwear is kinda awesome
I wear 8.5 UK Rain and 9US for whatever last the Polo Marlow Wingtip is on from C&J
Most raw lifters I know do best with simple linear peaking ending at 95% two weeks out
Those prices are unreal. High taurine intake ftw.
There's a very notable difference in quality in Meermin materials, construction, and comfort vs Carmina for me. That being said, I still enjoy my Meermin suede loafers very much but won't buy a pair of Meermin at full price. 
Neat. My buddies are trying to talk me into a meet in late Aug-Sept so we can qualify for IPL Worlds in Nov. Unfortunately I have zero chance of winning said meet because my manlet 198lb (my weight class), high 1700 total, friend is the one pushing me to compete
Warming up double overhand and switching to mixed always seemed strange. Slightly different motor patterns. I use a mixed grip from the get-go these days.
Yeaa.... he's doing shrugs.
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