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I like that you put the coffee down, put the jacket on, then picked the coffee back up
La Spalla is pretty nice, but I've yet to aee one where the shoulder shirring isn't a complete disaster
Anyone have the Epaulet snuff suede belt and Carmina snuff suede? Close in color?
I have the same suit in charcoal. It's made by Corneliani but no indication of model.   Here's the tag from the listing:
 That second one looks familiar  [[SPOILER]]
I think I'm a one watch kinda guy. Moonwatch ftw
 EarthTreks is awesome. I need to get down there more
@Monkeyface The prevalence of injuries from running is likely exaggerated by its popularity and its status as the first "go-to" activity for sedentary/obese people. I do see more acute injuries from contact sports or activities that require sudden directional changes at high velocity, but as far as chronic injuries go, running is at the top of the heap.     @kulata You're pretty much stuck with whatever your genes have to say about actual bone structure.   Re:...
My undergrad wardrobe could be described in two words: Brooks Brothers.    I follow acridsheep's SF newbie life cycle chart pretty much perfectly.
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