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White trainers came in today and fit great. Got a 9.5. I take 8.5UK in carmina rain, 9UK in uetam, 9.5US in all C&J, and 9.5 in Alden LHS, AE 5 and converse if anyone is wondering about sizing
Damn, I need that indy, but 6-18 months?!
I've yet to experience any durability issues with shirts. I do hang dry my cotton pants though. 
You don't?
Yikes. I have had zero engine/transmission/drivetrain problems *knocks on wood*. Fixed something with the AC I think? I don't remember. Other than that, just routine maintenance. Granted I've had it since high school, so I did not have daily commute miles for several years. It's at ~110k right now. 
You mean Acura... right? I <3 my 2005 TL. Goin' strong. 
@inimitable Sky Blue Oxford is by far the best choice IMO.   @luxire any plans to restock the Blue University Stripes Oxford by Brembana? I need a few more shirts in it. 
White trainers on the way soon! Hopefully!
Very preppy/ivy stuff - loafers, bucks,etc
Well, I've never worn sneakers for anything other than actual athletic activities, so I'm a bit lost. Trying to decide between the white calf and snuff now.
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