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I like lifting heavy things
You might be able to find something similar by Castaner
I'm most interested in the role the gut microbiome plays in post-prandial GI and systemic oxidative stress and inflammation as well as its possible influence on dietary choices     Now back to bro-talk: 2.5 hour shoulders and arms fluff day today. God, I love fluff days. So easy.
 Yea, this one is particularly important, but I was not aware it had an affect on satiety as well. I'd also say fibre affects absorption kinetics more than anything. I realize I didn't touch on that, only fat's affect.
 Ya, but leptin has many downstream effects with gene expression and leptin levels become increasingly important the leaner you get. Minutiae, really, but worth noting.  And I dunno, some folk in this thread are what I would term obese by bodyfat but I'm an asshole and the medical definition of obese is pretty nebulous. 
 Ok so satiety, briefly, is an interaction between the following: Ghrelin, insulin, leptin, peptide YY, glucagon-like peptide-1, cholecystokinin, apolipoprotein AIV, and stretch receptors in the stomach. These are all anorexigenic signalling hormones/receptors except for ghrelin, which is the main "hunger" hormone.  Protein is the most satiating macronutrient. It produces a lower insulin AUC than CHO, but has higher PYY, GLP-1, CCK, and post-meal ghrelin levels are...
Yes and no. Inflammation is part of the healing / immune response.  The kind of inflammation we're talking about is chronic systemic low-grade inflammation.
My life for the next 50 years.
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