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@Monkeyface The prevalence of injuries from running is likely exaggerated by its popularity and its status as the first "go-to" activity for sedentary/obese people. I do see more acute injuries from contact sports or activities that require sudden directional changes at high velocity, but as far as chronic injuries go, running is at the top of the heap.     @kulata You're pretty much stuck with whatever your genes have to say about actual bone structure.   Re:...
My undergrad wardrobe could be described in two words: Brooks Brothers.    I follow acridsheep's SF newbie life cycle chart pretty much perfectly.
I work in physical therapy and running has the highest injury rate of any recreational sport. Doesn't matter what the activity is, create imbalances or have poor body mechanics or movement patterns, you're going to get hurt. Any exercise executes properly and with intelligent program design/overload methods can be continued safely for a lifetime
And Mrs. @The Noodles just ordered him a speedo. The horror. Coming to a swimming pool near you for us MD/DC/NOVA folk
 Because PGC-1a4 expression
Well, shoulder expression/style matters as much as the actual measurement IME, so he may need a 19'' in one style, 19.5'' in another. Clothing — not an exact science, as much as we want it to be. In other news: just picked up my one suit from Field's. Now to figure out how to take a robo-posed selfie
Width? Probably not. Circumference? Easily
It was a speckled tweed (red speckles on grey/white/black) in some sort of wool/cash/something else blend from Loro Piana. 
Solution to the grey pinstripe and your complexion: go on vacation and get a tan
This is funny. Now that you mention it, the compliments I receive moved away from single items to my overall aesthetic as I stopped wearing bolder shirts/pieces as well
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