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Having a well-fitting, serviceable sweater for $30, and not having a panic attack when food/drink is spilled on it is kinda great.    Having a panic attack when something is spilled on your LP/Cucinelli sweaters, not so great. But damned if they aren't purdy. 
http://www.styleforum.net/t/443268/carmina-single-monks-11-uk-us11-5-for-armoury-gorgeous-suede-bnib-ret-over-500/0_30   Carmina Snuff Suede Single Monks for < 50% retail. Australian listing
@emptym your pics made me get a few fabrics that weren't previously on my radar. Thank you kindly, sir. 
It's been a while since I've done it, but I recall the 15% corporate stacking with whatever promotion they were running. I think tailored clothing makes it to 30% off a few times a year.
@The Noodles It may be worth waiting for a 30% brooks card discount day or the 40% off after Christmas sale. Both events have stacked with 15% corporate discount before.
What dimensions would it be? And fiber content? 50/50 cashmere silk blend?
I'd be down for an oxblood or maroon pashmina
Yep, that's the email I used
Shoutout to Greg for the fastest e-mail communication in the history of online retailers. Thanks for sorting out small-timers like myself and giving me an opportunity at such wondrous products. 
Whoa, whoa, were Drakes PS in the FC sale? I have the email but can't see the discounts :(
New Posts  All Forums: