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My shirts have made it to the local FedEx facility! Considering staying later at the office if they make it into a truck for delivery today...
Mine just hit Italy an hour ago — hopefully leaving soon and in NY/MD by tonight and my office tomorrow.
Yea, I always have fun watching the parcel go from Bangalore-> Dubai -> Paris -> MD in 2-3 days. It's pretty amazing. Keeping my fingers crossed that my shirts get here tomorrow!
Dat feel when your shirts go from "Estimated delivery Tuesday" to "No estimated delivery date available at this time"
I'm a fan of the Barba collars and Spandexter's spread, personally
TIL I'm terrible at folding pocket squares. I have been trying to duplicate this fold with this square from NMWA. So much fail  
$560   And the measurements seem more like a 46-48US than a 48EU
Damn, that's nice
Having a well-fitting, serviceable sweater for $30, and not having a panic attack when food/drink is spilled on it is kinda great.    Having a panic attack when something is spilled on your LP/Cucinelli sweaters, not so great. But damned if they aren't purdy. 
New Posts  All Forums: