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@Khayembii Communique cut for a long time unless you really just want to be strong. Your lower back fat is out of control right now.
priceplow.com   I get bulk powders from nutrabio
I'm usually a powder PWO only guy but make heavy use of protein powders while cutting because of low fat macros.    Powder vs food doesn't really matter as long as you hit the ~3g threshold of leucine per meal to maximize protein synthesis. Absorption rates and the AUC of elevated serum AA levels come into play in a big way if you want to nitpick. 
B&W/Silver POW is pretty standard with Navy suits
Epaulet for white trainers. Hands down.
Can you please post pics of the year-old denim? Curious to see how Luxire selvedge is fading. 
That's pretty much what will be going on top of my cotton trouser, sockless loafer, wedding fit abomination. I think it might actually be the same square.
I'm wearing cotton trousers and suede string loafers without socks to a wedding #yolo #whatsSFdogma #heathenstatus #amiostracizedyet #ankles
You and I are in agreement
SD is awesome and a close second, but the combo of peanut butter and MPI based creaminess is just so satisfying after weeks of curbing my nut butter consumption because of unfortunately low fat macros. I need to grab some BS WS to make stuff with. Lacking a good neutral/vanilla protein powder and the overwhelmingly positive feedback is hard to ignore
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