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I accidentally clotheslined a biking hipster this past weekend on a sidewalk in Williamsburg. I turned my torso abruptly to look at something and he was going way too fast to swerve or slow down. Tiny biking hipster meets large man-wall.
I use these for squats and deadlifts http://www.reebok.com/us/reebok-crossfit-lite-tr/V59968.html and for anything that requires a lot of grip. The sole is ridiculous — impossible to lose grip on the floor.
Any form of exercise can be "effective" in a cut if sustainable
I had the great joy of browsing instagram's fitness community today. It's like an even shittier version of bodybuilding.com + fitness magazines With a side of extra crazy aimed directly at young women just starting out
i <3 my Stutterheim
Enjoy digging yourself into an even deeper hole Seriously, this is way too ambitious and honestly, just flat out stupid
Lol that's a hell of a good rule of thumb you pulled straight outta your ass
Congrats dude
Awesome, thanks.   Argh, black waxed flesh or winter smoke desert oasis suede OR both. Wonder if the winter smoke could be made a bit darker with some home suede treatment/waxes or just some dirt haha. Nanoprotector might even be enough to darken them slightly...
@FrankCowperwood Can we get some direct overhead shots pretty please? Also, what type of toe construction did you go with?
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