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Carmina definitely does it, and does it VERY well. Below is exactly how what we're proposing will look   
@laufer@rydenfan@Bertel @golfinz@mikeharo  Yea? Yea?
I prefer the antiqued brass hardware, but am fine with either
Yep, but with a zip front, and +$26 shipping
I've been after an Inverallan 6A in heather gray for the better part of a year now. Grab it while you can.
Selling booze is illegal in Dubai?
Damn, that tobacco suede pulls some serous color shifting. I was worried about the color of the "new" batch, but those look awesome.
Does this mean we're looking at a ship date around the 3rd week of September?
I died a little inside when I saw it was a M. If it were an XL I would have spammed your inbox so hard. End isn't even stocking a heather gray this season. Else I'd probably buy from there. Customs horror stories and all
Want an iconic, basically new, ridiculously hard to find, Inverallan 6A (40/42) in a classic heather gray for an amazing price? Or do you want to want for END to restock, pay $90 more, plus shipping, AND get hit with a massive customs bill? Thought so. Buy this. 
New Posts  All Forums: