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Uber has been making a killing in DC since the midnight shutdowns began
Weighted pull up circus clown checking in
I haven't seen this problem with my suede Castañers but the canvas loses its dye instantly if wet.
That can't be right
PES just released a Frosted Chocolate Cupcake protein. Sounds delicious. 
Yes, obvious exceptions being extreme illness / recovery from major injury, combined with immobilization / bed rest for muscle loss. At the same time muscle will also be spared if consuming a significant caloric surplus unless the diet is extremely low in leucine. Oreos + chocolate milk would actually do a pretty good job of sparing muscle.   I doubt @conceptionist met either criteria while on holiday
It's somewhat impossible to lose a significant amount of strength, muscle, and gain a significant amount of fat in a two week period
What.A few gems from the thrift thread:All from the same guy. Not tagged because I don't want his stupidity to venture outside of the thrift thread.
Is there a way to block users on the mobile site?
Every time we've had the "women's version of ____ " discussion the answer seems to be "there is no women's equivalent because of the nature of disposable women's fashion"   Then again, you can't really go wrong with Chanel, but that doesn't satisfy your criteria
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