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You... you didn't do this in undergrad? Wot
Not that I've read. Current literature indicates that the increase in AMPK from fasting / calorie restriction protects against neuro degeneration, cancers, inflammation, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and prob more things but this is just off the top of my head.  It's why metformin has so many benefits beyond glucose disposal. 
I actually have no idea why the 16/8 model is used. Most of the research I've read is alternate day fasting.  Review: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3946160/ TLDR: Fasting + exercise -> +ATGL +NE +HSL -liver glycogen -muscle glycogen -blood glucose +AMPK +insulin sensitivity -> +lipolysis +b-oxidation +mitochondrial adaptations for fat oxidation -> +more b-oxidation +fat loss +muscle endurance +time to fatigue -> +muscle glycogen supercompensation Then there's...
I go 16/8. Nut up.
My gym was closed today. Stupid snow.
Were these to scale?
Yea and then you get to the "I want to be stronger but I don't want to replace my entire wardrobe every x years" phase and turn entirely to powerlifting.   @venividivicibj I make a lot of stuff like curry, chili, etc in bulk. Freeze, reheat, add other proteins, vary the starches/veges, and it's basically a new dish.
Do you have a microwave?   @accordion    Feel your abs and obliques and forcefully exhale as much air as possible. The tension in your musculature after you force the last bits of air out is what you're trying to achieve while bracing for a lift.
The junk pool that takes a strong interest in style to draw attention away from their genetically inferior bodies?
 ...it doesn't load/compress the spine
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