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Oh, hello Chambray Doyle shipping notification
I will be up at 8AM stretching and un-breaking myself from this week's weight lifting efforts so my shoulders are even when I see Field at 10:30 this Sat and my sleeves will be the proper length. Meathead life
I feel a lot of lighter, warm colors cause major washing out of us Asian folk
I can borrow my friend's GT-R for this, right? Right?
This is so cute
 I am but a babe that rarely ventures out of the blues, grays, and browns. 
I wish I had the sartorial balls and complexion to wear that tie
Nice socks, bro. When do you graduate high school?
At least we know one of those is real now. Maybe.
Pshhh NO ONE in CM geeks out over Kiton, Brioni, or Attolini. NO ONE @The Noodles Damn, that looks like a Drake's striped grenadine I was hunting for a few months ago. OOS too :(
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