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Wait, you own jeans?
Learning to cook well is one of the easiest and most fulfilling life skills
I remember seeing a size 4? on grilled not too long ago
It was written by psychologists so don't get your hopes up.
Here's a very easy, non-technical read on satiety
If you register an All Clad product and opt in for their emails you will receive notifications for 24-48h flash sales. Most recent sale ended on 1/25
Definitely 20+
I've used All Clad copper core series pans on an induction top for years. Performs just as well as on my folk's gas burners.
I ended up not lifting, or performing any exercise, for a full 17 weeks. My caloric intake was very inconsistent during my period of inactivity, most days under-eating, some days drastically over-eating. According to my bioimpedance scale I lost 20-23 lbs LBM and gained 10-12 lbs AT over those 17 weeks.   Strength loss was pretty consistent across the board, roughly 30% on all movements.  3 weeks back into training and I've gained 10 lbs scale weight: up ~13 LBM(hello...
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