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Tanker Thursday. I think these might be my fav boots.     
 Very nice!  I am debating on selling a pair in favor of the Alden LHS but these pics might change my mind. How do you get such a great shine on all your shell?
Got an unexpected call today from Kathy with an offer for one of my fav shoes, Whiskey PTB. Anyone have pics from this recent DC run so I can see the shade? I'm scared of them being very ravelloish. Hoping to sell a few things to help fund them but we shall see, I might have to pass on them for now.
These are factory seconds that I have worn 2 times. They are amazing but very similar in shade to my new ravello LWB and find myself never reaching for them. I have tried to highlight the flaws in the pics. It does have a dark spot with folded leather on the outside of one shoe. Also a small area with poor pinking.     Cappuccino Cordovan 5 Last 8.5D Single JR leather sole Includes shoe bags and original box     Price includes shipping to US or Canada. Paypal...
These are first quality, about a year and a half old roughly and worn about 20 times. Just found I never really reach for them much anymore and making room for some new stuff.     Walnut calf 8.5D 5-Last Single leather sole Includes shoe bags and original box     Price includes shipping to US or Canada. Paypal only.
 Thanks! I think I have her sold on getting something well made, shes liking those and we might just have to MTO her a pair.
 My wife is loving these haha, any pics from the side with her wearing them?
Does anyone have a picture of some well broken in cordovan Patriot loafers?
Wearing my brown shell Dundees today, awesome chukka and some great rolls developing on them. Has become on of my favs from AE even though I never even initially wanted a pair. My SA convinced me to give it a shot and I've never looked back.  
 Not much out there similar to what AE will be offering as I don't think natty shell is used too often. I posted some pics a couple pages back though and here is a pic of the Ivy loafer from Leffot in natty. The Patriot or Dundee would suit the leather best imo. I already own whiskey LHS though. 
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