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Oh man @Steel28 you finally let them go. I need a sartorial angel to send a size 7.5 my way in light doak, my grail for sure.Congrats on the pick up!!
Duty free up to $800 USD for you guys now. I would assume if customs were to check it out or if it's shipped via FedEx or UPS (as they pre submit the customs documents and are always charged) you would be hit with charges on anything over that amount plus brokerage charges from the carrier. If shipped via USPS it would be a gamble if it slips past customs.Fwiw I did not buy them so hopefully the guys who did can share, but this has been my experience with customs in...
I know for me, that without an ideal fit I will end up reaching for them less and less. I'd rather part with them now than put miles on them and have to just part with them down the road.The listing is up now if anyone is interested.
Carlos Santos Field Boot "Calway" - UK7.5 (Roughly 8.5D US)   This was a GMTO from last October that just arrived and is sadly too large for me, they are brand new as I only tried them on once. I sized up thinking I would wear with boot socks but that did not work out, I should have went with the UK7. Just trying to recoup my costs and pass along these amazing boots to someone who may have missed the GMTO.    Size wise I would say these would be best for an 8.5D. For...
Thanks for sharing and clearing it up! I love the color of the grain in person so I'm bummed I chose to size up and it didn't work.
 I have a lot of extra volume in the heel and overall in 316 in UK7.5 compared to the EG 72 last and 606 last in UK7.5. I don't really think the length is an issue for me, just some extra space in a lot of areas. I even have Chup socks on today and feel that way so I know it will be an issue. That said, If anyone needs to swap a UK7 for a bigger size or just wants to buy a UK7.5 please let me know. I think I need to put these on the marketplace.   
Ok it's less burgundy looking in person, beautiful boot but damn I think I need a half size smaller. Pics incoming.316 fits much larger than EG in the same UK7.5. The suggestion of going a half size down from EG seems like solid advice.I have the 234 last monks in UK7 but they are snug. Being that the 234 is said to be the most volume I opted to size up since I'd want more room for thicker socks. That doesn't seem to have worked out.
But why the variation between the two GMTO? Just batch variation between when they were made. The grain/suede pair looks like the stock field boot grain color imo
  My only gripe is I thought we had picked the same grain color on both boots (correct me if I am mistaken), the grain/suede one is much more burgundy tone vs the brown I was expecting. Maybe not a bad thing since it adds a nice contrast to the boot where it might have been too similar a color with a darker brown grain.
Love it!I am hoping to score a green or dark brown tassel in 8D on the used market at some point. Would love to finally try out the style.
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