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 Shell is a directional beast and can sometimes have patches like that depending on what way you look at them. My Alden whiskey bluchers have similar marks but when you look down at them you don't see them at all. I was concerned at first but over time it has blended a lot. You won't get rid of it so just start wearing them and enjoy the unicorn boots.    
^^ fantastic!
So after Gustin sent me a free tee around the end of last year I am now full blow hooked. I bought two heather grey that were in stock and then started funding stuff.   Have all these on the way and just today backed the heather green, blue and citron pack. I think I have a god mix of colors and fabrics to be able to pretty much purge all my old tees haha. Now I am just waiting for underwear to pop up again so I can give them a try,  
LHS and Rivets today  
POLO30 expired and the polo 3+ bundle does not seem to be working on the site. I have a friend trying to pull the trigger but not sure what's going on.
 It's been a bit of a battle with my left foot, which is a hair longer compared to the right. They are slightly short on the left and my toes were going a bit too forward but after a few wearings now they seem to be giving in and feeling more comfortable with each wear. I told myself to forego my normal shoe rotation and wear these every 2 days for a week or two so I could speed things up haha.
 Yeah I cannot find a reason, I debated a pair from FB and in the time it took to email them and get the ball rolling it sold out. Then I grabbed the all Doak as my make me feel better pair.  
Moss duck canvas and loden green CXL belt today.  
Marine blue polo arrived yesterday, beautiful color.  
 I am about an 8.25D brannock and size 8D was too tight for me so I went with 8.5D and I feel like they fit damn near perfect for a loafer, I would say TTS would be ideal in them. Very comfortable and flexible.  I think the way I am standing shows some extra room on the sides, here is another pic for reference. 
New Posts  All Forums: