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 Any 7.5E in the stable to be set free? Haha
 Feet certainly swell during the day, I experience it too, some days worse than others. You can help by staying well hydrated during the day.
 This is a good question haha, I am also now curious.
 Same, I mean just look at the Walter in comparison...  
Just saw the new Leffot Hoodoo boot as the Walter replacement. I don't see much hope for the Rydenboot being made to spec. Sad because I could have really seen myself buying a black shell casual boot with antique edge.    
Peal & Co. boots today    
 IN, just let me know how to get my name down for this round.
Happy to see the clouds and rain roll in, gives me a chance to get back to the oxfords. I cannot wait to see more colors of these roll in.       
 That's where I picked up my pair from! Great service from them.
 You will make the right call with the snuff chukka for business casual, might I suggest the tan suede LHS as your loafer option...     
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