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This pic really captures the olive tones in my Ravello LWB. Heavily prominent on the right shoe wing.
  I was looking at these today wondering what size. I noticed they are on the same last as the Maritime and Northnd Camp moc, both which I went with a size 8D (Same as my Strands). The Maritime fit much more comfortable compared to the camp moc. I think the thick chromepack leather of the camp moc made them fit way more tight. This all lead me to confusion when it came to size the Sea Island. I feel like 8D sockless would be good but hearing a lot of guys sizing up for sure.
Suede LHS on this beautiful Friday.
Casual AEs getting some cleaning today. Love how all these have been holding up.       
My most worn cordovan pair, AE Dundee. Really love the way these have aged.        
The email newsletter say $15 off per shirt in 4+ bundle but the site is still only showing $9 at checkout.
A hefty discount on at least on pair of EG over at Tassels HK, might be worth an email to see if anything else is on sale.
 Thanks Mike, from Spier & Mackay. Pretty much obsessed with polos and casual shirts from them right now. They have a thread here in SF too: http://www.styleforum.net/t/383376/spier-mackay-official-affiliate-thread http://www.spierandmackay.com/search.php?srchtext=madras 
Boondockers, might have to let these be the go-to for the next week and a half for the Calgary Stampede festivities.    
Moved into my new place and could not figure out a solution to mounting above my fireplace. I had used a normal mount in my last place but in my new place it all seemed so much higher, maybe due to the smaller room size. We originally had the TV off to the side on stand but it was just taking too much room in the space, after some online searching I found some mounts that pull down and in front of the fireplace. Now I know that a lot of people hate tv above fireplaces to...
New Posts  All Forums: