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Do you have any donegal trousers planned for the future? I have a soft spot for them and they are also a hole in my wardrobe.I'd love to start wearing sportcoats but my work is pretty casual. I'm already pretty dressed up in trousers and oxfords though. Do you have any suggestions on a semi casual, versatile sportcoat I might be able to check out?
Bought mid blue, mid grey, green, burgundy, and light brown. Pretty much sold on the first 3 but need to see the burgundy and light brown in person. Looks like I bought just in time as it's showing sold out in my size after purchasing on a few of those colors. 
   This is fantastic info. 
They sure are. A few years old now and brown shell.
Thanks guys. I have a few pairs of pants in olive tones that I find quite versatile, this green is a bit more bold and I am quite drawn to it so I appreciate the input.
 I am seriously having a hard time deciding on colors, are they heavy to the point they are basically a winter only trouser? I own some wools already in the greys and navys that would probably end up as overlaps in my collection, but then again those are the most staple colors that get more use. On the other hand I love the green, burgundy, and tan but those will see less time in the rotation. I think 3 pairs will be my max.   Another question for everyone, what do you...
 Rick said they will be online on Tuesday, I assume pictures need to be taken still for the site.
Ravello and denim this fine Saturday, have a great weekend gents.      
 Lucky local bastards, Tuesday can't come fast enough haha.
Thanks for keeping me looking fresh and keeping my closet bursting at the seams haha. Actually have on my MTM flannel today, one of my favs. Pattern matching on it is flawless.
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