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 Oh they will don't you worry, this was my pair from last years run. I am with MDubs in preferring the flat welt on them, shows just enough of the antique edge. Sold these as they were a bit snug and bought a size up from Tif that were from a 2013 run so the pair I am wearing today has lightened a bit. I also noticed the hand stitching is basically white on the pair I have now but the 2014 version below had a more tone on tone look like the new Context version.    
 Yeah wow they do look fantastic, the pull tab and storm welt are nice touches. I love the really dark color on them, you know they are going to look unreal with some creasing and in the natural light. I have debated sending my 975s back to Alden to be refinished nice and dark like that.   Edit: 
 I thought I read it was because they kept getting the acrylic finish on the brass causing them to become seconds. Seems like their way of avoiding the issue.
Tanker Tuesday    
  Really love the color on your pair, is that with just brushing or do you use any colored cordovan cream on them?
  Love the golden brown, I saw a pair in my size at the shoebank I might need to grab. I love my pair in Navy, they don't discolour my feet as they are natural leather coloured on the inside. They have been my go-to casual shoe this summer.
Guess I can join in, just found you guys here. I picked up the Bambino 2 from Massdrop a few months back with the white face and rose gold hands. I had been wanting one for so long and when I heard it was $99 on Massdrop with very reasonable shipping rates to Canada I jumped on it. I originally wanted the blue hands version and later did see Massdrop did that version like a week ago haha, oh well. My impatient nature got the best of me, I still love the version I got...
Nah I just put them on and let the creases come where they want. I only have around 5 wearings on them so far, lots of rolls to come.Yep the chambray Bowery slim. Very nice, also very light for the warm weather.
Leffot Dovers today. I think the rolls on these are going to be insane with some miles on them. This pair has quite a shine compared to my other color 8 stuff and though I view them as pretty casual I have had a few comments on them being very dressy because of the shine. One person even asking if they were patent leather smh.
 The pics look like the Leeds look lined but the navy suede Patriots look unlined to me.  I have been eyeing the Patriots for a while, hoping that they go clearance soon and I might pick them up.
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