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AE Dundee in brown cordovan, had these for over a few years now and they are only getting better with each wear. Looks like the edge trim could use a clean up though.    
Was a double EP day for me, Rivet chinos at work and then mocha trainers on my trip home from the gym, sorry for the sloppy tie job. They have become my go to casual shoe now that the weather has cooled down, a spot previously held by boat shoes and camp mocs.     
Dovers for me today, Gold Delapre    
  The hopsack I think would be a great choice, I really have no clue but I was eyeing that one. http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/5412_blue_hopsack___contemporary_fit  I bought some a few years back and they are great, sadly I don't wear ties much so they sit around most of the time. I think Rick is planning some new ones with input from the guys here and that might include some color block styles, in which case I might try out wearing ties again haha.
 Shared and PM'd, another great promo Rick!  Washed and ironed up all the new oxfords, man they feel even better than the previous batch. It's like they are slightly softer. Seriously amazing and am forever looking out for the next round of colors. Sorry for the quick bathroom pic.  
The Shoe Mart just made one on trubalance very recently. You could contact them and see if you can get on a list for a future run.
 Wait, you'd wear them?
Great pics and story @Siepi, pics are working fine for me. I think the forum as a whole was having image issues earlier as I couldn't see them when you first posted. Also, congrats on the wedding!          Just received the oxfords, looking forward to wearing all of them next week haha. Shoutout to Canada Post, who for the first time delivered my shipment in the same week it was sent out. I was not expecting them until Monday.
 Wow those Indys are great, best batch of Cigar I have seen in a long while too. Congrats to everyone fortunate to snag a pair.
 They were from Alden SF a couple of years back but I don't believe they are running them anymore. I did see a few people this year have new pairs posted in the thread but I am not sure where they came from, I want to say The Shoe Mart but could be wrong. Once you find out which retailer has plans to run them again you could contact them and see if you are able to get on a waiting list.
New Posts  All Forums: