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 That Cognac longwing on dainite has been calling my name. Oh my, or I found a Cognac PTB on dainite...
I just wanted to stop in and say that I really love Viberg makeups and the new cordovan offerings are awesome. $1100 is no where in my realm of a shoe budget at the moment, hopefully I can check back in 5 years to be able to put a pair in my collection (though by then I am sure they will be $1500).   Congrats to those who grabbed the no 8 boots and to those who are planning the for the upcoming release in Brandy. The brandy pair would be my preference, I love idea of the...
 Curious about what denim you are wearing in this pic DV
  What the heck is faded denim... You must have had that pair of raw denim for ten years to get them looking that way      In all seriousness I think it looks great together, those are some awesome boots. The color seems lighter than most Alden no 8, closer to the intended Horween color.
    This is the wrong thread to be annoying in, time to go.
 They all look great haha
 Found this buried in the thread: 
 Nice, got any real life pics of those ones? They are my fav of the bunch, it has me thinking of sanding down my MacNeils haha. What's the harm in trying I suppose, I could always re-apply the black dressing again if it didn't work.
Has Leffot done various versions of the antique edge LWB?    I looked it up online and saw three versions. I actually kind of dig the dark welt and lighter edge.   Dark storm welt and light edge:     Light edge and flat welt:     Light storm welt and edge:
 I would have loved those cappuccino Leeds had I discovered shell in time for when you sold.  Sizing confuses me so much, so tough to gauge without trying on, though I have learned a lot about my feet in the past year. Seems you are an 8D in most AE lasts along with and 8D in the Barrie last iirc. Somehow because of my in between size, low vamp and narrow heel I have found the best sizes to be all over the map. I measure around 8.25 on the brannock, slightly shorter on my...
New Posts  All Forums: