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 I kind of want a burgundy Dundee now, already have brown and they are a fav of mine.
How did I know these Patroits were going to be caked in polish... this is going to take some serious work to get it all off. 
My burgundy Patriot seconds arrived!   No idea what the flaw is, came with out a seconds stamp and even have cordovan shoe bags. What a steal at $325 and the wheeled edge on the Patriot is a nice touch. They are a bit tight on the instep but feel good everywhere else right out of the box. I suspect they will stretch a little along with the cork settling and they should be a perfect fit.      
    Thanks guys, I cannot wait to see them in person. Should be here hopefully by the end of next week.
    I won the recrafting package from AE on Instagram but my collection is only around 1.5 years old I had no shoes actually needing a recrafting. I decided to send in the sun faded Leeds as I was already debating changing to a more casual welt and sole. AE was more than accommodating with all my requests. 
Got an email this morning saying my Leeds are done recrafting.  I am told the uppers look darker in the finished pic only because of lighting and they did not touch the uppers as I requested, either way I think it turned out fantastic.     What do you guys think?      
 I'm a sucker for that collar roll on the Ivy, nice to see them side by side.
 Got any pics?  I saw the pic of the pink Madras in here with the soft ivy and thought it looked pretty good on the casual fabric.
 My OCBDs will be the Soft Ivy, soft placket and one button cuff, angled pocket and center box pleat. Pretty standard makeup and I am liking it for casual wear, I might stick to the same specs for the flannels. Debating a non buttoned collar though, maybe the soft president or maybe just a smaller collar like the Colorado BD.
 That's true. I hesitated on a Madras and before I knew it, it was sold out. I won't be making that mistake again, waiting on my latest shirt to arrive hopefully by the end of the week or early next week. If I have the size locked down I am buying my top 2 flannel choices for sure.  You guys have any style preferences for flannel? Collar style, pockets, pleats etc?
New Posts  All Forums: