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 Bottom line is I would never give my hard earned money to someone unwilling to help me. Just move on and buy from someone who offers better service. I have worked in sales most of my life and I can say a lot of SA have a sort of mental cutoff in their mind where they think the commission is just not worth the amount of time invested. Not saying it's right but it happens, these people fail to look past the initial sale instead of trying to gain a long term customer. They...
 Does look a bit more up turned compared to the last, not by much though. https://vibergboot.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/lasts/    No where near the 310 obviously though.   2030: 
 Awesome! Sounds good to me haha. Glad someone here was able to get a pair. Figured I would pass along the info since a PSA here is exactly how I was able to get my whiskey LHS last year.   
PSA: Harrision LTD posted on IG that they have some sizes of Ravello LHS available, so get calling if you are in the market for a pair.  
The current heat wave has a couple of days left here so figured it was a good time for a maiden voyage of my GH Bass Fenmore loafers. This color of Loden Green is stunning, couldn't of asked for a better shade. These were a steal at around $125 when they were on sale a few months ago.    
 Thanks but they are not suede, they are Alden reverse chamois that are a year old or so. Bought them second hand but here is how they looked with only a few wears from the original owner. The new batches from the recent run from Leffot are really heavily oiled all over as @tifosi can attest. 
 110:   2045:   2030: 
Just got word that Rivet & Hide are getting a restock of the 2030 Boondocker in April. I really want a pair but just not sure I can justify the upcharge to buy from them. Hard buying from so far away when Viberg is just one province over haha. I wish they took walk in MTO still, I would send a friend in to order them for me.
Duck Canvas Rivet Chinos today, the fit is so damn good I can't wait to grab some more. I might taper the leg opening, they are heading to the tailor after the next washing to be hemmed and I can decide if I should take it down to 7.25" or not.      
  Those are sweet, is the oils from the reverse chamois bleeding into the suede?
New Posts  All Forums: