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 Looks great! I really want some blazers in my wardrobe, not many times I ever feel appropriate to wear one.
 Not quite, does not dry clear. As you can tell by the white look of the treated boot. http://www.spillcontainment.com/ever-dry Pretty cool stuff though.
  I cold water washed and line dried, I have not noticed a fit change.
If I could squeeze my size 8's in these I would buy them in a heartbeat. 
  Yes! Those are amazing looking and rightfully sold out now, I think the olive/navy is a fantastic choice as well.
 That lime herringbone caught my eye right away. Congrats!
    I've looked at them too many times to count now, I was debating them for an upcoming outdoor wedding I am attending next month. I just keep hoping someone will grab them and it will force me to wear something I own already lol, I am a weak man and won't be able to hold out all weekend while the promo is running.
 Gotcha, I have the Maritime and didn't notice it was the same last. I went down to an 8D in them. Thanks! Might need the Camp Moc now too, looks great.
Can anyone comment on the fit and sizing recommendations of the Sea Island loafers?   @garland ?
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