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  Retired them a long while back but bringing them out reminds me that I should start wearing them again. Going to reinforce the crotch and get back to wearing them soon. (I think they have four crotch patches already, feels like riding a saddle lol)  I did go with the same size, they look much more narrow but I tried them on quick and they felt fine. I was worried about hearing a lot of people sized up a width, the suede should give if required though. I sized my LHS to...
  Found my old Samurai 710xx 19oz in my dresser yesterday. 2+ years of wear, two crotch repairs and I think two washes. I probably bought these 6-7 years ago I think, back in my denim nerd phase. Proxy'd straight from Japan.   [[SPOILER]]
Tan loafers arrived, they look great. I always thought I wanted snuff but Tan is going to be the perfect summer loafer. A quick office pic with my shoe of the day. I need some more shoe tress haha.    
Thought this would be a good place to share.    These are my old Samurai 710xx 19oz, proxy'd them from Japan so I could have the tab and pocket details, back when Blue in Green was only selling pairs without any pocket details. I wore them for about 2+ years and they went through 2 crotch repairs and I think 2 washes. They still fit pretty good after trying them on today, a little more snug in the thighs as I lift more now. I may touch up the crotch repairs as they are...
 I just use my brown CXL Rancourt belt, actually wearing both today since it's raining here. Once the 3 foot rule applies it's close enough for me.         Could maybe try the Torino medium brown suede, might not be enough red undertone though. http://www.torinoleather.com/display.asp?id=760&sra=13 
 Best news I have heard all week. Fingers crossed for natty or golden brown CXL. Natural especially so I can fill the void of a natural shell Dundee in my heart haha. They just better not mess them up with red dainite, brick or vibram soles. Natty CXLchili split weltdouble leather or double butyllight transparent edgeDone 
  Those are stunning!
 Nice! Hope you are enjoying them. Small world indeed and great pick up with the walnut shell Dalton.
 Hahaha, Toss them in the sun for a few months if you want to get to a similar color.
 Owned a pair in whiskey cordovan briefly, sold them as they were a bit too roomy for my liking. They were and 8.5D and that size works for me in the 1 last and 5 last but I think sizing down to an 8D or maybe 8.5C would have been best in the 7 last for me. Overall just too much room. I also had  2 pairs of Macneils in 8.5D that I sold off as well. Brannock size is just over an 8 for me.    
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