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I think these are my fav pair of Aldens, though that opinion seems to change a lot lol. Outdoor and indoor lighting.      
  Great choice today Don 
 Looks great! I really want some blazers in my wardrobe, not many times I ever feel appropriate to wear one.
 Not quite, does not dry clear. As you can tell by the white look of the treated boot. http://www.spillcontainment.com/ever-dry Pretty cool stuff though.
  I cold water washed and line dried, I have not noticed a fit change.
If I could squeeze my size 8's in these I would buy them in a heartbeat. 
  Yes! Those are amazing looking and rightfully sold out now, I think the olive/navy is a fantastic choice as well.
 That lime herringbone caught my eye right away. Congrats!
    I've looked at them too many times to count now, I was debating them for an upcoming outdoor wedding I am attending next month. I just keep hoping someone will grab them and it will force me to wear something I own already lol, I am a weak man and won't be able to hold out all weekend while the promo is running.
 Gotcha, I have the Maritime and didn't notice it was the same last. I went down to an 8D in them. Thanks! Might need the Camp Moc now too, looks great.
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