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 Sounds pretty great, been thinking of something in snuff and this might just be perfect.
Damn, exactly what I am looking for but need a 7.5E or maybe an 8D. Good luck with the sale.
  That install is so clean I totally didn't even notice it until the last pic. They look fantastic!
 2030 last just seems to fill a perfect balance of workboot and style imo, will be a greatt jean and chino boot for me I think. I have been lusting after that boot before I even knew about the various lasts it came on, I was pissed when I found out the 2030 was the one I like the most. Has been pretty tricky to find in a 7.5. Hoping they arrive when I am home on Monday and can grab some nice pics before I feel the need to jump in them and start wearing them haha
2030 Boondocker inbound from Rivet & Hide        I'm just a little excited haha, should be here Monday.
 I think so, that's $60 that could go towards something else. I honestly do not see myself ever buying firsts again outside of some crazy clearance sales.
 I've ordered around 10 pairs of seconds now and never returned any of them. I am pretty good with most issues unless it's something glaring on the toe or vamp. Depends on how tolerable you are to flaw imo, most I got and could hardly tell the issue but one pair had the issue below, still kept them though since you can't tell when you wear them. 
  Damn those are a stunning casual boot, congrats on the purchase!   Whiskey Wednesday for me too, PTB with J Crew socks and EP duck canvas Rivet chinos 
 Thanks, sucks you missed out on the McCallums. Hopefully the next time around they will be yours. I used to think I was never going to be able to get a pair of these PTB in my size and then within a two week period a brand new pair and a used pair both presented themselves.  Needed to snag a couple more quick pics out in the sun.  
Got a pair of one of my grail shoes on the bay for a great price, they looked pretty heavily creased but I figured I could work with them. Super excited that they arrived today and was able to hit them with some Mike Method to try and reduce the creasing, I think they turned out great. Laces were in bad shape so will throw some new ones in when I get home after work.     Fit feels spot on in an 8D, I wear a snug 7.5D in the Barrie and am just over an 8D on the...
New Posts  All Forums: