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I used a couple tee shirts and copious amounts of saphir Renovateur lol, not the most cost effective method but after working on my Dundees for probably 3-4 rounds over the first couple weeks of wear I was finally happy with them.Renovateur will not condition them too well if you decide to try that method so I suggest some VSC after each round of gunk stripping.
I agree, my loafers were great in that way too. In terms of condition, finish and dryness I'd have to rank them like this based on my experience.Alden> Rancourt> C&J> AEMy Lindrick boots were quite dry and took some work to get to a manageable day to day finish. All my AE's have been just caked in their cordovan cream I believe. Layers of terrible polish that needed to be stripped off to bring out a beautiful finish and shine.
Broke out a cotton/linen from last year today and the material and fit are amazing. Hope to see some more cotton/linen this year in button down collars though. I would have loved the light blue and that blue stripe from last year.
Looking sharp man, love the color combo of that tie.
 Oooh yeah I was eyeing that one too
Shantung silk in some solids or block stripes similar to what you just did. I'd buy a navy/green and navy/beige(or grey) block stripe without hesitation.Some low shine solid knits, maybe cotton, wool or a silk blend. 6.5-7.5cm wide, no skinny knits.Lastly Madder if we aren't including grenadine as a choice. I'm least interested in Madder but I've seen some that are very nice.
Happy to help @mdubs, they are quite the special pair.
That there is my grail Galway brother, you need to keep that one. Classic Galway make up and such a great shade of dark oak.
Great news to start the week!Any preview pics? Will this mean we just take our normal size on the first batch?
Hoping to find a few new jackets for my closet, let me know if you have something sitting in your closet that might need a new home. SIze 40/50 or M would be best likely, I have not tried any of these brands yet in person but size charts lead me to those sizes.   Open to seeing various materials in either the Eidos Ragosta Field Jacket, Valstar Safari Jacket, or Valstar Bomber coat. Open to other brands of similar styles as well. P
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