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 Same here, the Dundee is a fantastic looking boot. 
 Congrats on the purchase, a great price for a great boot. It will soften up with time, My Dundees took almost 20-30 wears to break in but now they are my most comfortable pair of AE. My Alden Indys also did this and I just made sure to not wear them too often at first as to keep aggravating the same spot. I also found I could fold my sock down and double up in the spot that was rubbing and that worked well while it broke in.
  Sounds great to me, I think sizing should be locked down with these upcoming shirts and I will be ready for the Oxfords.
Is that the C3-K collar?    I love it on my flannel and am excited for my other two that are coming.        On a side note, I was wondering how/if you guys keep changes to the custom measurements on the website for customers? I made a few changes via email to my 2 incoming flannels and even a change to the first one before it went into production. Now when it comes time to order my next shirts it seems as though the website still only has my original measurements...
  They look great! I wonder if the style/leather/sole selection of shoe would have been more suited for Barrie though.
  Cannot wait for these in MTM, they look great!
  Great pick up, would love to find out exactly what they had in 8.5D shell. Anyone care to proxy something to Canada?
  I think someone mentioned the crooked bows the other day but really offered no help in getting them straight for you Uncle Mac. The easiest fix without changing everything would probably be to reverse your starting knot. My laces looked like yours and always seemed to come undone until I figured out where I was going wrong. Here is a little further reading for you, cheers and great looking NST today! http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/grannyknot.htm
 I am curious to see what they may have upcoming, wish I wasn't all the way in Calgary
    Hahaha lost it
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