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  Unless the policy has changed that should not be the case, I had these done last year.   
 Amazing shoe and even in my size... sadly I just had two preorders land.  I hope it makes it to the MP so I can see some pics haha, good luck with the sale.
  Fantastic purchase, I think they look great on that last but I see what you mean with the fuller toe. The Barrie vs. Trubalance comparison seems like a good analogy.
Sun is out for now and I cannot sit on new shoes like some of you guys so it's Maiden Voyage day!   Looks like these will crease heavily and beautifully right up to the toe cap reinforcement, not fighting the rolls on this pair with the Mike Method as it is going to be a losing battle. This will be an "embrace the rolls" pair for sure.             Bonus Horween stamps  
 Ahh I see, decisions decisions. 
  Awesome! I am quite jealous of the flat laces. They were out of them when the Rivet & Hide pairs shipped so we only got two pairs of leather laces but I always like the stock flat laces.    Actually just got paperwork today from UPS and have filled out and gathered all the info stating they are made in Canada. I just have to mail it off tomorrow, so we shall see if I get the money back or not. The UPS customer service seemed to agree that I shouldn't have been charged...
Need some better lighting ASAP haha, these look gorgeous. They are looking like the perfect shade of dark eggplant, the color is going to be amazing when they crease I think.      
 Yeah I need to stop doing mine by hand haha, might need to borrow a sander from a friend for this project.
Rick, will the speckled chambray or slub be making it to OTR slim fits?    I am waiting for the OTR Madras (ETA on those?) so I can grab a bundle and try out the 16 slim but now and thinking I really need that chambray too
  Love the color those edges turned out, I think they look great. I have been having a hard time sanding down my Patriots, seems to take so long to get down where the leather is clean. What did you use for the edge color? 
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