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 They were all buffed and brushed when I left the house this morning, I always brush before and after wearing. This pair really loves to crease up though.
 The deer bone is nice to have on hand to help smooth out any small scuffs, but you could always use the back of a spoon combined with a little VSC in a pinch.
 Thanks, I agree. One of my fav models across all makers and they are aging very nicely. I recently conditioned them with a Lexol/VSC combo so they are showing some heavy whitish bloom in the creases, more so than normal today. They feel well conditioned and supple though.
I took so much time deer boning and brushing out creases on a few pairs, as soon as you take your first steps they are going to crease exactly how they were before. I gave up and just embrace the creases as they come now, just buffing and brushing quickly before and after wear (along with a damp cloth wipe down). Some pairs of mine show almost no creasing at all, some have beautiful roll creases and some have ugly creases. It's the luck of the draw based on the individual...
 I went from a 7.5D in my Barrie and Trubalance to an 8E in the Leydon, the fit is great.
 I do still like the idea of darker, I guess tough to tell from phone pics like you said though. I picked the C82 as it reminds me a lot in that pic of a donegal tweed jacket in a similar colour that I would love to have a pair of trousers in, maybe a hair darker.     
Keeping it casual today as I have to leave the office early.
  Oh my, these are fantastic. I reeeaaallllyyy love the C82 from that pic, more true burgundy rather than leaning red would be more versatile.  I think the C41 is a great choice for the navy. I like the C40 or even the C39 but only because I have quite a few true navy trousers already so the shade lighter shades would be great.
 Awesome news all around! 
I still can't stop thinking of new oxfords, madras shirts, and the possibility of a burgundy flannel trouser for the Fall haha. I cannot wait to see a fabric sample of that trouser if it's still happening.
New Posts  All Forums: