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  Those are the ultimate jeans boot, simply amazing. Congrats!
 I actually have McAllisters in both calf and cordovan in 8.5D, I found both to be very similar in fit. I would say it's worth trying another set, explain to the SA about the sizing discrepancy compared to your calf pair and I am sure they would waive the restocking fee. If you need a SA to talk to about that just send me a PM, I bet mine would be more than happy to help.
Looks like a Gunboat day, I feel like I should contribute.       
Gotta shoutout @BootSpell for these amazing pair of chukkas and my first pair of Alden suede. It really is like wearing slippers haha      
 Yea they still give off a bit of bloom after walking around. I kept them pretty well hydrated with VSC during the lightening process.
  Well damn now I have to add another boot to my want list, thanks lol
  That is the regular brown CXL Bayfield, still great looking though. 
A couple more pics of my Leeds since I cleaned them up last night and wearing them today. Going to love to see how these age, I will be using them as my go to all fall/winter when I need a casual shoe.       
 One of the first tassel loafers that makes me consider getting a pair. I think they look fantastic.
 Thanks, it took a lot of time in the windows of my house to get to that color haha. I may still play around with it more using polish and maybe more window time. If I could get them to lean a bit more brown I would be very happy.  The piping is black.
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