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 Good to know!
Saw these on the bay and I don't care how much you guys like the Rogue, the pattern on these is so much better. AE needs to bring these back asap imo. No idea what the are though.  
 Are they going to have a split or flat welt? Seriously considering them as my first venture into the Plaza last
 Not a ton, feels pretty similar to Barrie in the toes or maybe a hair tighter, these being brand new and stiff could the main thing causing that though. Trubalance has more toe room than the 2030 imo. I am sure these are going to be extra comfy once they break in and the CXL gives a little. The 2030 is a roomier fit in the width of the boot from the toes back. I have pretty narrow heels so that is probably the only concern for me fit wise but it's nothing major and won't...
 Thanks! I liked those two tone laces but agree it was hard to get them laced up tight.   I think the general suggestion is half size down from Brannock or your Alden Barrie and Trubalance sizing. I went with those suggestions and my new pair fits great.
Some semi decent pics I was able to snap of the new Boondockers, switched up the laces for some brown TZ laces I had kicking around. Will probably keep them like this for now and see how I like them.          
 I kind of suspect it's a blemish on the hide itself. It's not on the toe so it won't bother me if I can't reduce it at all.
 Will check it out, I have added some suede items as of late so need to get some supplies soon.
 Ohhh god point, I actually have a medium brown and black from TZ laces at home that I will have to try out. Their laces are extra tough which would suit these great, thanks for the suggestion   Thanks, been waiting so too long to get a 7.5, not many purchases are this exciting haha. I think my Leffot Tanker was the last time I felt this excited about a purchase. Four months with nothing is insane hopefully you have some preorders cooking.
One of my grails and my first Viberg arrived finally today after some customs delays this week.   They are damn near flawless apart from a small leather blemish and some stitching pen marks. The pen marks should fade quickly and the blemish should blend away soon enough with some wear. Will try a suede brush on it though see if I can even it out a little.   Probably going to try a pair of flat waxed laces in them though. Not sure if the Alden ones would be too thin. I...
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