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 Thanks but they are not suede, they are Alden reverse chamois that are a year old or so. Bought them second hand but here is how they looked with only a few wears from the original owner. The new batches from the recent run from Leffot are really heavily oiled all over as @tifosi can attest. 
 110:   2045:   2030: 
Just got word that Rivet & Hide are getting a restock of the 2030 Boondocker in April. I really want a pair but just not sure I can justify the upcharge to buy from them. Hard buying from so far away when Viberg is just one province over haha. I wish they took walk in MTO still, I would send a friend in to order them for me.
Duck Canvas Rivet Chinos today, the fit is so damn good I can't wait to grab some more. I might taper the leg opening, they are heading to the tailor after the next washing to be hemmed and I can decide if I should take it down to 7.25" or not.      
  Those are sweet, is the oils from the reverse chamois bleeding into the suede?
 Those look great, reminds me of the C&J for RL Marlow PTB which is a grail for me. 
 Yeah the new ones look heavily oiled, I like the look of mine so doubt I will be using any oil on it unless I notice any dryness.
 Horween got back to me on this and suggested just brushing and a light application of neatsfoot oil for maintenance. They did not mention anything for cleaning though.
In case anyone else was curious like I was, I emailed Horween to see about caring for reverse chamois and they emailed back saying to just brush it and apply neatsfoot oil sparingly.
Happily joining the Greenwich crew today with these reverse chamois that arrived from the market. A little preview into the future for the guys who just got new pairs. I brushed them up a bit and will clean up the edges with some AEdressing tonight, also maybe throw on some flat waxed laces.    I love these boots and have now crossed off 2 of my 2015 wants. The Leffot Dover preorder being the other so far.      
New Posts  All Forums: