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So with all the Ravello NST talk starting to die down, who has the Whiskey Indy on preorder? Alden Madision just posted this pic on their page saying they arrived. Some lucky people in the past 30 days or so, lots of great make ups dropping.    
 Wow that sucks for the rest of us. Glad you were able to snag a few pairs.
Came in to like 80 new posts, knew something was up haha. Congrats to those picking up seconds, sadly I don't even get the list most of the time. I got them a few times but that's it and now it seems all I get is random 10% off emails from TSM. Literally the last seconds list I got was in November.    Probably for the best since they don't ship to Canada and I doubt I would ever find a proxy in time to snag a pair of something unique. 
 Yeah that would work well
 Love it but have the burgundy Leeds, the PTB from Alden in Whiskey, natty CXL and the Alden #8 Dover on the way. Just too many PTB in my collection at the moment. Come to think of it the Oak Steet in natural CXL might be a good choice on the 5 last.
 Interesting, the B34 last footbed is a great shape but that toe box is just so rugged and work boot styled. 
 I have not tried the B34 last, is the Odenwald one of the only things on it? It looks like a pretty nice shape indeed.
 Wow that's great to hear, I will for sure be grabbing a bottle soon.
 Sorry to hear that, I am sure AE will make things right if it comes down to it. Maybe contact them and let them know the situation and what you may do to condition it and see what they say. Better to have them aware of the problem from the beginning in this case.  BTW, those boots are fantastic!
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