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Eggplant and Indigo. The 975s are truly king, such a versatile piece of footwear.    
PSA    Not my auction but a cigar LHS in size 8D popped up on the bay, very reasonable BIN price too. I had to seriously consider pulling the trigger as I think I can make and 8D work, my 7.5D whiskey LHS really only can be worn sockless or a thin sock...
It's no shell cordovan for $49 haha but I did manage to grab AE wide basic belts in bitter chocolate and milkshake suede on sale for $45 CAD at my local Nordstrom. Might be worth checking out if you guys are in need of a belt. Should be even a lower price in the US if they are on sale there.    
More belt upgrades for me today, was at the local Nordstrom and they had a few belts on sale including some AE wide basic belts in suede for $45 CAD.  Could not have come at a better time as I am sending back my Epaulet light tan suede belt and wanted one to work with my Alden tan suede. They had a good amount in store though mainly 38-42 sizes left as they said the sale started a few weeks ago on them. Could be worth checking your local store or Nordstrom Rack if you are...
 I agree, the Loden is a nice compliment to the loafers. Finally got a better pic of them with the loafers as well as next to natural CXL, shows some of the olive tones. It's a fantastic color and could easily be worn with a lot of other brown casual shoes.  
The Loden is still the best match I have found. It looks closer in real life, color was hard to photograph. I think just the tan suede is going back but will take a look at the Loden again before mailing anything back.Wearing the navy CXL with the boat shoes today and love it.
X Post from the EP thread. Picked up the light tan suede belt that Epaulet has thinking of using it with my tan suede LHS but it ended up not being a great match, thinking of returning it. The belt itself is amazing but I was hoping for a better color match.   Anyone know of a better match for tan suede? (I just emailed Kathy to see if she has anything, Mike mentioned she might)         Also picked up the Snuff belt, a little lighter than my chukkas but close...
Ok here is some better pics of the belts that arrived today with the shoes they are for.   The Loden Green has much more olive tone in real life and the pics on the EP website do it justice, clearly though my Rancourts are just really green so it is making the belt look brown. The Tan suede belt is actually not a great match at all and I am unsure it will pass the 3 foot rule well enough. So far debating if the Loden and Tan should go back and the hunt continue on those...
  Oh my... I am going to need to make sure my wallet is more prepared this time around so I can get something haha.  Thanks for popping in Paul!
 Had the belts shipped to my work but will post up some pics with the Alden tan suede tonight. I have been using a natty CXL belt from AE (or I would have snagged one from EP with this order) and actually the natty CXL goes great with the snuff suede. I have been using the natty CXL with my tan suede loafers as well as they match the antique edge quite well.   EP snuff and AE Sun River Natural CXL under office and direct light.    
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