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975 is awesome and I have a retailer locally that carries them so I might snag a pair sometime next year. I have debated the Leffot version but with the excgange rate, shipping and duties I would be paying about a $200 premium for the antique edge. I think it's worth sticking to when they may need a resole and using the $200 to restore them and change to antique at that time.   I am having the same debate about the 990 as they carry it as well, but the unlined Leffot...
 Pretty sure black EC is a closeout from last winter.  They did not bring that color back. I actually got my Tan pair about a year ago for $129 when they originally went closeout and I could not tell what the flaw was. Keep in mind the 2 last runs narrow so I would go up a width in the EC, I have had to stretch mine a bit to be more comfortable.
 Probably my best bet.
 I was looking at that but looks like the thigh is smaller than the Rivet in the same size, that is the part getting the tightest on my current pairs. To much time in the weight room.
 Looks like some calf type creasing on the left shoe. I would guess they aren't cordovan.
I feel like my perfect style pant would be based off the Rivet but with a slightly higher rise, more thigh room and a narrower leg opening. Something like the bold changes below compared to the stock size 33.   I think the Rudy but tapering the leg opening maybe would be perfect. Might have to try a MTO Rudy in the future.   33 33.5" 11" (12) 35.5" 12.5" (13) 8.75" 7.75" (7.5)
 Thanks Duck, I believe that they are full sole but the I could be wrong. I did specify that I owned many pairs of shoes without removable insole and had requested the slimmest version possible that they could do. I bought some half insole Powersteps while I waited and I have had some decent luck with the fitting in most my shoes but the toe area concerns me. I am also a bit worried about a few bals that I own as they will probably be the one I notice them in the most. My...
Picking up my orthotic insoles on Tuesday, super nervous that I will have to purge all my shoes and figure out new sizing from scratch again. 
 Damn, would have grabbed a LWB or LHS had they been in my size. Great prices though.
 I found Harry Rosen knew enough about the shoes but they are terribly stuck up and could only bring myself to go there a few times. Nordstrom opened up here and I saw the AE section but didn't get a chance to stop and take a look. I would love to see an AE store come to Calgary, I would probably apply to work there PT haha.
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