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  Title goes to the Dundee for me, would love a pair in burgundy, natty and bottle green shell. Strand and McAllister are amazing to me but find their way into my rotation far less. The Dundee is my most worn and most comfortable pair of AE, happen to be wearing them today.  
 It does say all smooth leather. I used it so far on my AE cordovan Bayfields once (only got the product a week ago) and it worked great and did not darken the cordovan. I noticed the vamp might have needed two coats though, will touch it up and give them another go on the next rainy day. I originally heard of the product from a post on Instagram from Leather Healer and thought I would give it a try. 
 Check out Woly Waterstop. I bought some for my cordovan shoes as it seemed to be similar to Alden Leather Defender but more readily available here in Canada. Unlike ALD though it can also be used on suede. Could be an all in one treatment for your boot should you choose. http://www.woly.com/en/products/shoe-care/natura/Produkt/waterstop/details/?tx_mvproducts_pi1%5Bcontroller%5D=Product& 
  Yes, this would be so helpful!  Thank you.
Has anyone have real life or maybe a promotional picture of the Cavanaugh in snuff suede?   I see a pair in the shoebank in my size but no pic and I can speculate what it will look like but curious about the edge trim. Need to decide if I like Loden Green better or maybe go for this snuff pair.       Edit: Took me deep on google image search to find a pic of the snuff pair. Seem to be sold here along with the loden green (which looks much more forest green in this...
Blurry pic from this morning heading out for work. Tan suede LHS.  
 Thanks, that's very helpful!
 Very versatile and I find I can pair it with just about anything, the PTB with dark edge are even more versatile imo    
Can anyone comment on sizing of the Cavanaugh? I think I may have fallen in love with the Loden Green pair on for $199 right now.   Maybe comparing to the 5 last or the 1 last. I am debating between an 8D or 8.5D   I am an 8.25D roughly on brannock 8.5D or 8D work for me in the 5 Last 8.5D works for me in the 1 last 8D fit me great in the new last the Rogue is on 8D Kenwood was a snug but ok fit when I tried it 8D Patriot is a bit too tight for me    
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