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You guys really made me love double monks with these.       
 I can't think of specific details like sole and welt but maybe flat welt, some type of rubber sole. Hidro Walnut suede?Jasper suede?Tabacco suede?Sienna Hatch Grain?Dark Brown Hatch Grain?Inca 6120?Inca 6127? I am open to hearing make ups in any mid to dark brown really and suggestions on specifics but I would love to do something. I will try and narrow down my excitement haha.    Edit: Ok I think my top choices would be a mid or dark brown suede, or a dark hatch grain. 
   Well it looks like it's time for me to unsubscribe, I don't think I can handle the incoming onslaught of pictures of these pairs  
 Might be my fav purchase of 2016, I love mine as well.
 They actually fit quite well, no issues with fit. I hair more snug compared to my 975.
Ravello for me today.  
Hey Rick,    What size jacket do you wear? Since we are the same shirt size I would be curious. I currently only own one sportcoat, an unstructured Ludlow one from J Crew in 40R that I never wear lol, but I would be interested in something versatile for fall/winter or possibly an unstructured chino fabric as others mentioned.
Delapre Dovers for this casual Saturday.
Gotcha. I'm pretty sure I'd be fine with a clean back going forward. Wore the marine blue cotton/linen yesterday and was actually thinking how I liked the clean back and fit on it.Almost too bad the incoming big batch of new oxfords won't have the clean back since I'm eyeing like 3-4 of them.
I'd be down to check them out with a clean back. The madras, linen, and cotton/linens from this year with clean backs fit me really well.My only concern would be that I probably wouldn't buy doubles so the colors I have from you with the box pleat won't get replaced. So I guess it comes down to the line of colors you come out with in the clean back.
New Posts  All Forums: