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  Barrie boots seem to fit slightly narrow compared to Barrie shoes. At least it does comparing my Tanker to my LWB
In case it hasn't been posted, the Rancourt made Weejuns are on 40% off right now. Down to $177    http://www.ghbass.com/product/fenmore+weejuns.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=fn
I'm afraid to be added to the email list, for my bank accounts sake.
 What?! I assume this was a private email for only the elite Alden wearers haha
Depending on the angle and the lighting my brown cordovan Strands show some great variation in color, I love it. Once the AE polish is off the natural color really starts to pop.    
 This^ Gotta be another preorder happening soon I hope. I think it's been almost a year now since they last ran them. 
 Awesome! A nice little reminder as to why they are high up on my want list.
Saw on Instagram that Leffot will be releasing unlined NATCXL chukkas along with unlined brown and navy CXL LHS. All of them looked awesome.
 Actually thinking of cancelling my cigar sneaker preorder and just getting those olive sweats instead haha. I like them 
 Very soft and mid weight, pretty sold for the $95 price tag. Both seem to be the same in terms of feel and weight. Could not imagine how those new $150 flannels feel though, must be unreal.
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