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 I picked up the 9.5D Bluchers in Navy CXL w/ Gum Camp Sole.  Thank you for posting this!They are my first pair of Quoddy's but they are excellent and extremely comfortable. More photos here http://imgur.com/a/6gRxc#0
Thanks for the input guys. I love them, but you know how it goes some times... Just thought I'd ask this extremely knowledgable group!
Hi all. After a multi month wait I've just received my first pair of Alden (and cordovan) shoes! They are the Alden cap toe cordovan boots for JCrew. As an owner of several pairs of AE shoes I am very impressed by the craftsmanship of these boots. They are simply beautiful. I was a little afraid on the sizing as I've never tried a shoe on in this last, but from first try on they feel as though they will fit great. Phew! Two pictures and associated questions. ...
Can I put Renovateur on over the AE polish or would it end up just removing the polish? Also will it affect the walnut or bourbon color?
What would you recommend for a care routine for new black Park Aves that will only be worn on average 6 times a year?   I have shoe trees in them and they're currently in the supplied bags.
Hi All.  I signed up to share my experience with acquiring my first two pairs of AEs.   The Nordstrom sale has pushed me over the edge to giving AE shoes a try.  I've always loved the look of the Walnut Strands and I was in need of a better quality black dress shoe so naturally the Park Ave fit the bill.   I tried them on several weeks ago working out my size (9.5D), but by the time the sale rolled around they only had a pair of the Black Park Aves in stock and...
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