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Thought you all might like to see some more photos of the Carmina Suede Polo Boot.  I recieved them on Wednesday and took them out for their first spin today.  They're awesome.       More pictures here.
Ding Ding Ding - You're correct, you can't set conversion options on Discover. That's incredibly annoying.
I have looked absolutely everywhere I can seem to get to on the PayPal site and I can't figure out how to set it to use the CC conversion rate.  When I checked out in the past, there was an option to do so after selecting the CC as the funding source, but that option was not visible when I checked out on either of my two recent orders.   Are you guys seeing the new PayPal interface that seems generally dumbed down?  http://imgur.com/a/O7eTx Or the old classic interface?
I have my first two pairs of Carmina on order - one to be here soon.   What do you all typically do with regards to payment?   I attempted to figure out if PayPal or CC was a better deal and I ended up going with PayPal. I have a Discover which is transaction fee free, but sadly not accepted by Skoaktiebolaget.  My AMEX is 2.7% and my Chase Visa 3%.   I know PayPal at one time allowed using the CC as the exchange, but it doesn't seem like that's an option anymore....
 Those look awesome!  It's great to hear how well the situation was handled by both Richard and Tricker's.
 The Teak makeup I am participating in went with the W2298.  The black Tricker's x Superdenim boot it's inspired by was on the 4497 last. 
Out of curiosity.  What would be your preferred method of darkening the welt?
Ouch! I wonder if there's a better chance of avoiding it if done through RoyalMail...
FYI the teak GMTO is ending up at 412.50gbp. My understanding is that the discount doesn't apply to the Shell cost, just the base cost. Thanks again for the input everyone. I'm going with 9UK.
   Thank you both for the input.  Sounds like I should consider the 9UK.
New Posts  All Forums: