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Do orders shipped via Fedex International Economy to the US require signature?  Up until now I've assumed yes, but from looking at the shipment facts I've noticed that it's not listed.   Basically i'm trying to decide if I need to redirect it to a pickup location or if FedEx will just leave it for me at my home.  Not really concerned with the package being stolen.
No worries. Thanks for the thoughts on the lasts and the fitting info. Very helpful.
@Leaves I think @Xristo was curious about the suede chukka vs the patina model chukka. They're both on 160, correct?
I see what you mean from that photo. See this one Patrik just put on Instagram for another view. suppose the patina calf model could still be a bit different but this is a nice top down view of the 160 last.
Those look great @Leaves!  Several are going to be very tempting.
 Were those Carlos Santos 167 or 160 last? I'm hoping the patina Jodhpurs (160 last) aren't too large then as I went with 1 size down from my US Brannock or the same as my typical Carmina size.
The 7991 is the model number for that chukka. If you look in the details text on the page, that chukka is made on the 160 last.
Agreed! I've got a pair of the Jodhpurs in Guimaraes on order!
Black shoes would be too formal for the direction we're going, dark brown more likely.  Point taken that these may well be too informal. :-) Think ceremony outdoors on a hill top in rural countryside with the reception in converted stables.
Okay.  You got me... I'm in for the Plymouths in the Mayflower patina.  Exchanged an email with Gabriel over the weekend on these.  A first, unique, pair of Edward Greens! I'm contemplating wearing them on my wedding day with a blue (not dark navy) donegal tweed suit.  I'll have to wait to see them in person to know if it will work!
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