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 Those look awesome!  It's great to hear how well the situation was handled by both Richard and Tricker's.
 The Teak makeup I am participating in went with the W2298.  The black Tricker's x Superdenim boot it's inspired by was on the 4497 last. 
Out of curiosity.  What would be your preferred method of darkening the welt?
Ouch! I wonder if there's a better chance of avoiding it if done through RoyalMail...
FYI the teak GMTO is ending up at 412.50gbp. My understanding is that the discount doesn't apply to the Shell cost, just the base cost. Thanks again for the input everyone. I'm going with 9UK.
   Thank you both for the input.  Sounds like I should consider the 9UK.
Hi zipphy.  Thanks for the reply.  Do you think it's best to go with 9UK?  I can wear the 9US Barrie, though maybe a bit tighter than ideal when wearing thick socks.
I'm participating in a /r/goodyearwelt boot GMTO for what will be my first pair of Trickers.  We've settled on the sleeker W2298 last w/ 5 fitting, but I'm having a bit of a hard time determining size so I'm hoping some of you could help me out.   I'm an average of 10D measure on a Brannock device.  (A smidge under 10 on the left foot and a over on the right, midway between D/E looking at the ball measurement.) I wear a 9.5D in AE 5 last that fit pretty well, but the...
 I picked up the 9.5D Bluchers in Navy CXL w/ Gum Camp Sole.  Thank you for posting this!They are my first pair of Quoddy's but they are excellent and extremely comfortable. More photos here http://imgur.com/a/6gRxc#0
Thanks for the input guys. I love them, but you know how it goes some times... Just thought I'd ask this extremely knowledgable group!
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