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Three days after inquiring about extra/leftover natural belts from previous runs, my belt came in. It's really nice. Two things to note thing to note however; the buckle is small, and the belt is quite thick. If you're between sizes/expecting to use hole 1-2, you might want to size up. I have a black bridle leather belt that I had made to  29 1/2", but due to the slight difference in thickness, and the short buckle, I'm on hole 2 on the 30" Gustin belt vs. hole 3 on my...
They run 0.5" larger than the size states unworn. My 29s measured exactly 14.5" across before I wore them. The recommendation is to measure your best fitting pair of jeans, and go by that. I'd probably subtract an inch from whatever fits best post wearing.
I backed the Heavy Japan. Should I soak them before hemming them? I didn't presoak my current pair (haven't washed them yet) before hemming (BlueLine2), but I've since heard that they may shrink a bit in the inseam from the first wash.   Edit: Also, is there any chance of another run of vegetable tanned belts, or should I look elsewhere?   Edit2: Nevermind, I was able to purchase one from a previous run.
Same size in both?
My Gap slims are much tighter in the thighs than Gustin slims. Is the waist on the Gap jeans measured post-wash? Mine were size 29, but the waist is closer to 31" The size 29 Gustins were much closer to TTS.
Any chance of a size 28? The 29 is slightly too large in the waist, but not so much that I get weird folds with a belt.
 The waist on my pair with cone mills denim didn't stretch too much. I would have liked a size 28, but I can just barely wear the 29s without a belt. They aren't skinny jeans... they are about as fitted as they can be without restricting movement. I'm not in love with the Cone Mills denim. I'll probably pick up another pair in a few months in one of the Japanese denim selections. I'm personally quite happy with the fit because they look good, and I can still go climbing or...
What size do you normally wear?
It's about every 4 days or so.
I took advantage of the free shipping to order a corduroy shirt and one of their synthetic undershirts. I'm looking for a good undershirt, and uniqlo stuff tends to fit shorter people pretty well.
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