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Those are awful, don't buy them.
Not to derail this thread but I'm genuinely curious as to how conforming to gov't regulation forces a small domestic bootmaker to ship boots with defects? That's a non-sequitur; I see a massive gap in the logic. Fill me in, I'm way too curious to learn if this is actually an issue.
I can't imagine a sale would change things this quickly. Reading through this thread I see qc issues going back some time. That said, regardless of corporate profit seeking and company culture, shipping a pair of boots with different height heels is a bad miss. That needs to be corrected. The glue marks are shitty as well but the heel height is just staggering.
If you keep replacing topys until you get to the point where you've destroyed an outsole from the inside, you've destroyed the shoes entirely. I.e it's time to replace the shoe not get a resole.
Any plans for a restock of that brown CXL Carmina jodhpur boots from spring in the future? I see a calf jodhpur coming up for fall any future plans for the CXL?
It sounds like the shoe maybe too large from your description of what's happening.
Go back and read the post. The standard oil/smooth leathers are listed as no liner necessary. It wouldn't make sense if they needed a liner as smokejumpers are unlined as the standard configuration.
No idea. I have one pair of lined flannels and they just used the same satin fabric to the knee as they do for the waistband lining.
Thick winter wools for warmth and sheer linens and cotton to add opacity. Anything middleweight doesn't really need it but someone's lining is nice as it's smooth and even fine wools can be a little scratchy.
Square toed? I'd say so. Regardless, they're not at all attractive.
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