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Shoes crease, but these are enormous on you. Get better fitting shoes. Between the large size of these boots, the shape of the toe and your narrow pants you've nailed the "clown shoes" look.
There is no hope for these at the tailor. Sell them and start again.
Just do plain white.
Black derbies are 100% appropriate for those kinds of occasions, in some ways more appropriate.
They shouldn't shut all the way, the eyelet tabs shouldn't smash into each other so as to allow adjustment. But what you've shown is far too much; the shoes do not fit.
My vote is for bourbon with a different tie.
It's a bit busy but that's loads better. And as for 'something more eye catching than white' there's few shades more eye catching than white. A well chosen tie and white square look excellent. Patterned squares can look great but don't go down that road because of an ill-placed desire to be different, go there when it's most appropriate with the nature of the outfit.
Neither. Get a lighter square. The color should be light to stand out from the jacket and the pattern and colors should contrast the tie not blend with it.
depends on how you wear them and how you care for them. If you regularly clean and buff them the scratches and scuffs will fade and the leather will patinate. If you're constantly kicking them around and abuse them and keep them dirty then any shoe will look like shit. Also the Indy is nowhere near a dress boot. It's 100% casual, wear it as such.
Those are pretty bizarre, they're like a sneaker with a bon welt. They'll work with jeans, don't wear them with anything dressy they will stick out as completely out of place to most everyone, not only nitpickers.
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