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Also it really applies to shirts only. I got a pair of pants in 11 days once but it was an anomaly. Even on a ore existing pattern I expect about 4 weeks give or take a week.
Your hip measurement should be larger than the front hip unless you have had your glutes surgically removed.
Yes, you can have no or almost no break and still have narrow leg openings. Otherwise you'll show socks standing up.
I have some black shell boots. They're awesome but they are tricky to wear since they're totally inappropriate with the greys and blues that go with dressier black shoes but look loke crap with more casual brown and khaki colors. Green pants are the best combo--a little bit of subtle military influence, which looks good with shiny black boots. Colored pants work too as long as they're not too light, then the boots stick out like a sore thumb or gaudy party piece, which is...
The bar for what constitutes a rugged workboot is riduclously high in this corner of the internet. I mean it is a thread about boots designed for woodland firefighting, logging, ranching, and all manner of jobs that grind mud abusively into footwear. In the real world an Indy boot is chunky as hell but there's something to be said about ludicrously overbuilt boots.
What is a blasters boot? Are you talking about the lace-to-toe.
I'd say the second one. Dark enough to contrast the blue but in a good brown shade to play off the other two pair.
It depends what you're comparing them to--heavy is relative and means different things to different people--but in the grand scheme of shoes they are not particularly heavy.
Really close. I have belts that are otherwise identical in aussie nut and bergundy and they're hard to tell apart in indoor light.
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