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Kinda like the monogramming on the soles. Was that extra?
Very smooth process.  Walnut shell boot was in my cart, then gone!  Congrats to whoever got it.  
Got my two trousers last night from the sale. Thanks epaulet for the super fast shipping! Also, looking to get some feedback on the russet tweed walts. What kind of blazer are y'all pairing with it? cuffs or no?
Thanks guys.  Definitely too much shirt cuff showing.  I'll try the L and see how it goes!
Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some fit feedback from you all.  I'd love to get your opinion on whether 1 of the following 2 suits could be a good starting point to be tailored to a good fit.  Please excuse the other aspects of the outfit, as I'm starting from scratch to build up a wardrobe.   Napoli 40R: Sleeve needs lengthening by 1/2-3/4" inch. I would also need to see if the pant legs could be let out a little, as it's too tight.  Otherwise, the jacket may be a tad...
Thanks, Steve, those look great!  The 7.5UK that is on your site is tempting me, but I'm debating on the fit.  
Wow, missed this until now and there are no more sizes for me in the duck canvas.  I was still able to get a couple of good things though: Russet UK Tweed and Steel Steep Twill. 
Anybody have action shots of the tobacco suede austerity brogue?  I would love to see what kind of outfits you are wearing them with.  
299 for this macneils is great! However, not sure if it's the camera angle, but that left wing tip being off center bothers the crap out of me haha
Can seconds be returned to regular ae stores? I thought no, but the shoe bank website implies yes. Anybody with real life experience?
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