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I could be interested. In fact, I wanted to propose a single monk gmto, but was waiting for shell to be an option again. However, some medium briwn calf might be okay. Any pics of the two different shades?Also, I need to nail down my rain fit. Hoping to do so with an mto I'm waiting on. Steve, any news about the snuff rain captoe boots? When we ordered I think it was for a sept or oct delivery.
Beautiful shine! Where are these from?
 Yeah those are walnut shell.  Both darker and it was night time with really bad lighting.  I'll be posting up pics in more natural lighting as I work on cleaning/buffing them. 
Do suits from SS come with different garment bags depending on whether you buy instore or online? The ones I get through the mail work great for their packaging, but are a little cumbersome to use and for my closet.    I'll have the chance to visit a store next week and was wondering if I could bring my garment back in to exchange for a better one, if it exists.  
 Ah, thanks for this. I looked at my shoes this morning and they weren't sticky anymore.  Still dull though, so I think some brushing is in order as I watch the US open!   And yes, they are AE.  I got a bunch of dark brown crap off with the GK conditioner/cleaner, so I think am down to the shell.  I'll get some renomat too to keep in my back pocket in case I need to start over.
Thanks Pliny - it's suit supply.
Interesting. I recently just wiped down a pair of shell boots with a damp cloth, applied a thin coat of GK conditioner, and now for the life of me can't get a shine. The shell feels sticky.How should I fix this? Reno and buff? If so, I'll have to get some renovateur.
Please excuse the photo - not sure why it's coming out grainy.  
 Thanks kentyman and Cold Iron! Despite my complaints, I am still really happy that I got them, especially after waffling about them for several months.   Here is a picture straight out of the box.  This is in low light, but it shows how dark they are compared to others.    Also, how is shell supposed to feel? The right boot is smooth and seemed to have a little shine, so I just brushed them.  The left, however, I thought had bloom after kentyman's comment. I wiped them...
I snagged the last walnut shell dalton from Pelle Line.  Ultimately, I'm happy with the purchase, but a couple of small things bugged me:   1. The left shoe was obviously worn, as there were creases just proximal to the wingtip and some minor scuff marks on the bottom of the heel. Likely just tried on and around the store, but still irked me a little, as the right shoe was deadstock.   2. Either an AE or Pelle Line thing, but the shoes had a bunch of grime and dust...
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