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Close outs can't get the mto treatment even at regular price?
Where should your suit jacket pockets hit, relative to your waist and hips?
 Thanks for your help.  Sounds like Rain D would be good for me, but not better than Simpson, as my heels are super narrow.  
Those tobacco chukkas are beautiful.  Congrats!
  What fields are you applying in?  I am a surgical resident and agree that walnut strands would not be the best choice for the interview day especially in general surgery, though honestly I barely even pay attention to what someone is wearing.  What you say and how you act are much more important.  Of course, the less sleep-deprived attendings who will actually be doing the majority of the decision-making and applicant judging might care more about dress and grooming....
 In case anybody was interested in this: I went back to the local boutique and compared my two Simpson last oxfords.  Both were indeed the same size - 8UK.  The austerity brogues fit great.  The captoe oxfords fit great in the ball and toebox, but there was much more room in the instep and heel.  Seems like there is just more variation than I expected between different styles in the same last and size, despite both being oxfords.  
Any of you take a rain last in the narrow offering? Wondering how that compares to simpson in an oxford.   Also, so many MTOs but so little money! I'm waiting to see how the grain 973 captoes look when they come in.  
 That might be it. I remember double-checking the box and shoe, but my memory may deceive me.  I'll have to go back in to confirm.  Would be a pretty stupid mistake on my part if that's the case 
 I had a similar encounter.  Going to send you a PM about it.   Edit: I didn't want to put the store on blast, but thought I'd get some feedback on this too. I went to a local department store (probably the same one, given your location Tim Whatley) and tried on a Simpson balmoral austerity brogue in what the SA told me was "narrow Simpson."  It fit like a dream (little bit of separation in the V of the vamp and heel was perfectly snug), but since I confirmed on here and...
  Thanks guys.  Can't wait for the first wear.  
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