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If I had a store to go to, I'd try on everything in my price range and see how each cut accentuates or detracts from my body type.You might want to start with the Napoli, though. Seems to be fuller in the shoulders and chest, but trimmer in the waist and legs.
 My grails, in another life 
FYI I just returned that brown/greyish suit to SF Bloomingdales in 40L. They also still had a few odd jackets left, but I didn't take a look closely at which ones or what sizes.
Thanks for the comparison, szeph. I like the way the Napoli and Lazio fit the best. I'm surprised you take the same size in Napoli and Havana, as the shoulder measurement is different by an inch. Do they feel the same to you?
I was able to try them on in Portland a couple weeks ago and really loved them. Almost bought them on the spot, but being new to Alden I decided to wait and have a look around.I think they will be one of my next purchases though, once I get some funds squared away. Also for the noob - what is vegano calf and is it different than other calf shoes?
    Thank you, both, for the feedback.  While thinking about whether the brown is too dark, I browsed some more sites to see if there were any better options.  My apologies if this is rehashing much of the beginning of this thread, but I am going through everything piecemeal and am just hitting on the tie discussion that started it all. Your .thoughts would be very helpful.  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks EliodA.  I'm trying to stretch it, for sure.  My conservative style has some to do with my CBD environment, but also mostly my colorblindness.  As such, I stick with solid ties and pin dots a lot, because I have a hard time matching colors and patterns.
Wondering what you guys' think about this tie for a CBD environment (navy or charcoal suit, solid white or blue shirt):   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/brown-self-tipped-silk-tie-cream-blue-prints.html   Looks too busy to me, but I'm not sure if it's just because it's out of my comfort zone (admittedly a very small comfort zone at the moment).
 lol, where is that one guy who used to bring this up all the time...forget his name.  chinningiskhan or something.
Hi Steve, with the shell shortage, there is no possibility for any shell gmto, correct? I would be interested in a cognac shell boot.
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