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A StyleForum member gave us this, so this is what we're going off of--  
Yes...the standard Daredevil is the standard Junya fit...
If you're a M in Junya, you're a S in this sizing...  The waists are pretty good on the Junya jackets...take a look around...
Yes, entire chest circumference in inches
How did the fit work out?
The Measurements on the Standard Size Small Daredevil are: 41.5" Chest19" Shoulder37" Waist*This is the standard Junya sizing The Slimfit Daredevil in Size Small will be the same, but with a Shoulder measurement of 17"
Absolutely...that's no problem!
That exact jacket...the size L?
For the larger shoulder-to-shoulder, order the standard Daredevil.  For the slim shoulder-to-shoulder, order the Slimfit Daredevil.
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