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We're open today from 12-6pm!  Stop on by to try on some excellent leather jackets!   www.insurrectionperformance.com              
Aero's CXL Horween Steerhide is available in every color that the Horsehide is available in, which is Cordovan, Brown, Cherry, and Black.  It's thicker that the FQHH and it grains more with age...below are some photos of the CXL Steer...   
Aero Seal Vicenza Horsehide Half Belt   www.thurston-bros.com             Worn vs. Unworn Seal Vicenza Horsehide  
Hi asaa1000, Here is how Italian Horsehide ages:  Here's how Aero's CXL leathers age:  Here's how Vanson's Z150 and Comp. Weight age:  Here's how Aero's Euro Steer ages: 
The Vanson Chopper is one good looking jacket.  Learn more about the Vanson Chopper here:   http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!vanson-chopper/c2p3   Vanson Chopper jackets are in stock and ready to ship!  
The base price is $1199.99 USD.  You can learn more about the Aero Ridley here: http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!aero-ridley-jacket/c4yr
We spoke to Vanson about this today...they're saying mid-December...
We're restocked on ACE No. 900 Belts...all sizes and colors back in stock!   Check out ACE Belts here:  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!ace-western-belt/c12w5  
Hi konadog, This is the Russet Goatskin...very good looking!
We're up and running with the new Premier Highwayman. This jacket is a slim 1930s edition of the Standard 1950s Highwayman, with slimmer biceps and shoulders as well as higher armholes! Call us today at (206) 550-3545 and we'll get you going with an Aero fit jacket for your new Premier Highwayman. www.thurston-bros.com                  
New Posts  All Forums: