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  As is, the pit-to-pit on size M will be 21.75.  As is, the shoulder-to-shoulder will be 19.25.  As is, the pit-to-pit on size S is 20.75.  As is, the shoulder-to-shoulder will be 18.75. If we change it, the pit-to-pit on the size M will be 21.75 and the shoulder-to-shoulder will be 18.25. If we change it, the pit-to-pit on the size S will be 20.75 and the shoulder-to-shoulder will be 17.75. If we bring the shoulders in, the shoulders won't be too small for people, but...
It looks like people want slimmer shoulders on the DR...will people want shoulders slimmer than the Junya fits on the cafe' racer?
I think we'll decrease the shoulder-to-shoulder by .75 inches or 1 inch.  This will make the jacket considerable slimmer through the shoulders compared to the Junya and make it more of a fashion fit.
We're concerned as well about decreasing the shoulder-to-shoulder.  Everyone likes the Junya fits...so we're a bit hesitant to change them...thoughts?
It's a really deep rugged brown...we don't quite know the descriptor, but maybe a closeup...  So far, for people who have received hide samples with their fit jackets, the Seal is the most popular.
This is how this fit pattern fits someone who is a bit smaller.  You can see that we have some room to decrease the shoulder width...however, then we'll have a jacket slimmer than the Junya...the fit was done with a bit of a "V" to help with a nice body silhouette...  
@LA Guy--Do you think we should go smaller in the shoulders than the Junya jackets?
Here are our suggestions for the jacket:   1) Decrease sleeve length by 1.25 inches 2) Increase sleeve gusset zip length by .5 inches to 6.5 inches 3) Decrease shoulder-to-shoulder measurement by 1 inch.  This means the jacket will be 1 inch slimmer from the Junya jackets in the shoulders.    
We don't recommend slimming the arms...we think most will like the arms as is...
Every quality leather jacket will stand up a bit in the shoulders out of the box.  Because of the higher quality cowhide, the jacket needs to break in to a wearer's body.  After break-in the jacket relaxes, laying nicely on the shoulders.
New Posts  All Forums: