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 All of Vanson's jacket are under $1,000.00, but there are a several that we sell a lot of...the Chopper, the Comet PLU, the Model B and Model B Deluxe.  They are all quite different in style and cut, so it depends on what you're looking for and what will have the best cut for you.  Feel free to email us at info@thurston-bros.com and we can give you some sizing info!
Custom Aero Highwayman with a Lochcarron tartan!   www.thurston-bros.com      
Busy!  It's been a good winter for us...we usually just post on our own thread, but the mention of repros always piques our interest!  This Aero, in the black Vicenza with a tartan liner, runs about $1,260.00.  That's with a fit jacket, so the body and sleeve lengths are custom.  There's a lot out there under $1000, but Vanson and Scott are probably the best in the repro market.  We're trying to get the Vanson Daredevil finally finished up with Vanson...hopefully the...
 This is a custom jacket, so it's up to the customer what type of liner they'd like in the jacket...we have a number of cotton drills and cotton sateens that would offer a more modern, understated choice.  The traditional tartan is a historically accurate choice, but then again so is a simple black drill lining!  It's always best to choose something you believe you'll love forever...
Custom Aero Ridley in Black Vicenza FQHH!   www.thurston-bros.com                  
Custom Aero Board Racer in Seal Goatskin...a perfect jacket if you want a soft yet durable leather and a slim fit cafe' racer!   www.thurston-bros.com  
Custom Aero Wayfarer in Chromexcel Tumbled Cordovan FQHH!      
Here's a nice custom Aero 1920s Work Coat in Dark Seal Vicenza that just came through!  If you'd like to order a custom Aero in the Italian veg-tanned horsehide, just contact us to reserve a fit jacket...   www.thurston-bros.com                      
 This jacket turned out really well with all the custom details!  Don't worry about the fit...the heavy leather will make it feel snugger at the beginning, but the feeling of the fit will change as you break it in and it will only get better with wear! 
Custom Aero 1930s Half Belt with contrast stitching and a bright Lochcarron tartan!   www.thurston-bros.com    
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