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 That is not the case...large changes like body and sleeve length remain $90.00.  If you would like a custom order priced out with all changes, both large and small, we are happy to do it...please contact us at
 We don't...this jacket was never made with brass hardware (unless it was a custom order).  However, brass hardware paired with black leather is an early vintage look (1950s and older), so it's a classic look that you'll see on a lot of vintage repro jackets!
 Yes, you can...this is a large change, so the charge for this would be $180.00.
 Yes, it's possible to do this...the charge for a smaller change like this would be about $25.00.
Don't forget the floral lining options for the Vanson Daredevil--it's just $50.00 extra to get a floral lining in red, blue or green!        
 The overall fit looks awesome!  The body length looks good and should be fine on the'd want to sit on the bike and test it out, because it does depend on your bike's particular riding position.  If you do add length (say, 1-2 inches), we wouldn't recommend messing with the width of the bottom'd need a little extra width as the jacket goes down over the hips and you don't want to make it super snug there.  It will drape better and won't be binding when...
 You can tighten them, but we don't recommend doing this...
 It's no problem to have the rear buckles removed on a special order!
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