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 This jacket is available now...just order the Vanson Derby from us at (206) 550-3545 and size one size differently from Junya...for example, if you're a size M in Junya, please order the size S Derby... The Derby is $649.99 USD
Yes...it's the same collar...
The Aero Half Belts are a good option for a Fall jacket in Horsehide or Goatskin...   Learn more about Aero here:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/384450/insurrection-thurston-bros-aero-leather-jackets-north-america-official-affiliate-thread  
For the standard Junya fit, Derby jackets are always available!  Just be sure to size down one size from Junya...for example, if you're a size M in Junya, please order a size S in the Derby (that way you'll get the same sizing)...  Great looking Blue custom jacket!  
It will be 18.75 inches.
Don't forget your Aero Half Belt for Fall!   www.thurston-bros.com    
Most likely...we may have it a tad sooner, but not by much...Summer is always really, really busy....
Aero Plainsman Full Grain Horsehide Vegetable Tanned Traditional Tuscan method of slow tanning (pit tanning) using only natural vegetable extract Thickness: 1,1 – 1,2 mm Color: Seal www.thurston-bros.com                      
Pacific Cycle Leathers are in stock again in sizes 38!  We're open today 12-6pm, so stop on by to say, "Hi!"   http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!pacific-cycle-leathers-four-pocket-racer/cg72    
Beautiful Aero Maxwell in CXL cordovan horsehide!   www.thurston-bros.com   www.insurrectionperformance.com  
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