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The Seal Jerky is Chrome Tanned, while the Seal Vicenza is Vegetable Tanned.  Both are a very dark brown, almost black in some lights.  The Vicenza will patina a ton more, so if you're looking for that rugged, "patina-ed" look, the Vicenza will be the ticket!  The Vicenza will spot in the rain, due to it being Vegetable Tanned, but it dries, un-spots, and this really adds to the patina of the leather...
 Hi Beane, That's no problem!
Think about the Premier Half Belt,,,this is quite nice...it's simple...and it looks good in all of our leathers! http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!product/prd1/2767378381/the-aero-premier-1930s-half-belt 
That's the battered Brown Horsehide...it's quite nice!
The upper jacket is Seal and the lower jacket is Dark Seal.  The Dark Seal is a very dark brown and it looks incredible with contrast stitching...
Hi Louys, Aero's CXL leathers can take up to a year to break in.  Once broken in, the CXL leathers are quite soft, but they aren't quite as soft as the Italian.  Some people like the stiffness of Aero's CXL leathers (I do!), but others like the Italian better.  In short, they're really different leathers and they're tough to compare...it's like comparing a Mercedes to a Porsche...both are great cars, but they're totally different types of cars...
We wanted to post the new Aero Slimfit Ridley up here.  This jacket is available now with liner choices in excess of 700!  This jacket is available in all of our leathers, including our Italian Vicenza horsehide and our Horween CXL Front Quarter Horsehide              
This is the Portland jacket...it's $769.99 USD and there's a 3 month wait for it...if you'd like to purchase this, you can give us a call at (206) 550-3545 and we can get you going with a Vanson fit jacket to verify your sizing...
Aero Seal Vicenza Horsehide   www.thurston-bros.com                    
Hi Arethusa, Here's an Aero customer's shot in the 1938 A-2 Contract: 
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