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 That's correct...Aero only has a limited amount of this goat suede!  It's really beautiful stuff...has a more refined finish than the typical suede.
     To clarify, the original inquiry was for the Aero 1950s College Jacket, but with the requested modifications, it turned into a standard Aero A-2 jacket (changes to collar and pockets).  Aero's A-2 jackets have a base price of $899.99.  If a customer wanted the 1950s College Jacket exactly as it is styled but with custom body and sleeve length, then the price would be $649.99.   
 We can do that as long as the jacket isn't reserved for someone else for a fitting...  We pay the shipping on the fit jacket and the final jacket, but not the return shipping.
 The payment of $899.99 includes shipping of the fit jacket (even internationally) as well as the shipping of the final jacket!  We've had a few international customers opt to place an order without getting a fit jacket, but most people have chosen to use the fit jacket to verify their final sizing...
We have fit jackets for most sizes right now, so if you'd like to get into the next production batch and get your Daredevil by Fall!    Here's a link to the Daredevil measurement chart:!vanson-daredevil-measurements/c1id5  
Our Daredevil pattern and the Junya pattern are exactly the same...the only difference is that the shoulder width was taken in. 
Regarding the shape of the collar, this is the intentional profile of the collar as the finished styling of the jacket when it has completed production.  However, the collar can be re-shaped to some degree by the wearer to sit a little lower and closer to the body of the jacket.    We like the intended collar profile a lot because it adds to the slim (elongated) profile of the Daredevil as a cafe'-racer-influenced crosszip.  The spread-out flatter collar of crosszips...
 It averages about 0.9mm...but the finish allows to break in very quickly compared to other leathers of the same thickness!
 That would be $75.00.
 They are the same for this model...we measured this.  If you'd like a fit recommendation, you are welcome to email us directly at
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