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We're offering the standard fit right now....however, we're slimming the shoulder-to shoulder by 2 inches from the Junya fits...   What that means is that the shoulder-to-shoulder on the StyleForum.net fits will be   18.5" for size XL (46/48) 18" for size L (44) 17.5" for size M (40//42) 17" for size S (38) 16.5" for size XS (34/36) 16" for size XXS (32)
The Daredevil sample sold already...we'll have more in when the second prototype is finished.  However, we have a ton of Aero and Vanson in stock, so stop on by this coming weekend to check things out!  We're open Sat. 12-6 and Sun. 12-4
Get your Aero Plainsman today!   www.thurston-bros.com      
You can view measurements on listings here (however, we don't have the Derby up because it's not in stock): Thurston Bros. Ebay Listings We'll try to get Derby jackets up soon!
Aero Cafe' Racer in Front Quarter Horsehide!   www.thurston-bros.com  
Don't forget to ask for CXL Steerhide with your hide samples and Aero fit jacket for your Fall Aero purchase...the CXL Steerhide is approximately 25% thicker than Aero's CXL Front Quarter Horsehide!   www.thuston-bros.com  
You'll have to periodically post up some photos of your Italian Horsehide Aero...it should age beautifully!
Amazing veg-tanned Italian horsehide!   www.thurston-bros.com   www.insurrectionperformance.com  
You can order a Vanson like that...it's no problem...just call us and ask for a Custom Enfield.
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