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 We would estimate that batch will finish production around mid August!
Reserve your Vanson Daredevil fit jacket and get your custom Daredevil delivered this Fall!  We have most sizes from XXS-XXL available for fittings...  Contact us at info@thurston-bros.com to order a fit jacket!   You can choose a custom liner for $50.00 (standard is black rayon):             You can also get a snap-off black fur collar for $150.00:  
Here's a photo from a customer Vanson Daredevil fitting this week!  The fit is great through the upper body, but he's going to need a taper of about 2-2.5 inches through the torso, down to the bottom hem, to get the right fit for his body type.  It's no problem to determine if a split-fit is necessary using the fit jacket process and it takes the guesswork out of measurements!  
Here are two blue leather samples that are going out to a customer receiving a Daredevil fit jacket!  These brighter colors would well with the standard black rayon lining or with the red tartan lining...   www.thurston-bros.com  
 That's a Vanson C2 in Octagon brown...totally different fit from the Derby and the Daredevil.  The C2 has a more "relaxed" build with wider arms/sleeves.  The Derby is more fitted than the C2 through the arms and body.  The Daredevil has similar fit to the Derby, except that it's tighter through the shoulders.  The Octagon color is available for any of these styles--we just had a limited batch of Octagon Vanson Model Bs come in and the color is even better than the photos...
It's tough to find a good riding jacket that isn't heavily branded and isn't cluttered with non-essential seams and "features!"  We have a few additions to our catalog that are true motorcycle jackets that work well both on and off the bike, so we thought we'd post a few up here...  All of these jackets are available in over 30 leather options and can be custom fitted!   Vanson Daredevil: This jacket is a slim-fitting crosszip made with Vanson's Z150 cowhide (similar...
We were in the shop today and paired the Green Floral with Vanson's Dark Brown cowhide for customer order!  The Dark Brown is available for special order and it's a beautiful leather--similar feel to Z150 and it has a nice amount of grain that indicates a high quality, expensive leather!  Samples of the Dark Brown cowhide are available--just send a request to info@thurston-bros.com    
We're just about to submit our second production batch, so if you'd like to get your Vanson Daredevil order into the queue, contact us at info@thurston-bros.com to get a fit jacket!   www.thurston-bros.com  
The feedback we've received from customers who have actually used our fit jacket process is that the measurements work well...some people have opted to size up for more room, but most have chosen to just break in the jacket (which allows it to stretch out and become more comfortable).  We will not be changing the measurements of the chest...this and the sleeve width are the only items that are not customizable.   Please keep in mind that a 21.5 chest on one jacket does...
Vanson Daredevil fit jackets are available for most sizes...just contact us at info@thurston-bros.com for help with sizing and to reserve your fit jacket!    The fits are coming through great on stock sizing...          
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