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 This is a great overall fit...you have the right amount of room to layer underneath if you want, but it looks good with just a t-shirt!  Both the body and sleeve lengths look good with no adjustment necessary...
 There are many other colors available, but unfortunately Vanson no longer has a burgundy/oxblood color option (they called it Wine)...we do have a version of this color available through Aero (they have Cordovan and Russet in both horsehide and steerhide).  Vanson does have a beautiful dark brown that has been a popular custom order for us!
 The Z150 will stretch a little at pressure points (elbows, chest and shoulders) and it is water resistant like the Comp. Weight...the finish is very similar, so we sometimes refer to it as a lighter weight Comp. Weight cowhide!
 That's looking really great!  That leather has just gotten better with wear!
 It probably needs some moisturizing to soften it up from drying out in storage...a standard leather lotion should work just fine and this will help soften up the creases as you start to wear it again.  Trying to actually flatten out (remove) creases in the leather without damaging the leather would be tricky...it would be best to use a few coats of leather lotion and just wear it!
 The gussets start a little further in at the top of the shoulder (rather than right at the seam where the arm meets the shoulder), so this does tighten up the features to make the shoulders appear more narrow.  This is done so that there aren't so many seams coming together at the same point.  However, we've also only seen smaller fit jackets thus far, so they would naturally appear more narrow.  The size large, for example, doesn't look this way...  Regarding moving the...
 The leather used is Z150...it has a similar finish to Vanson's standard Comp. Weight cowhide, but it's somewhat lighter in weight and much more flexible.  It will break in quickly, but it's still really durable...it looks better the more you "abuse" it!
 Nice!!  Thanks for putting this thread up on the main page--we hope to see more fit photos showing a wider range of sizes in the next few days!
 The fit looks really good!!  It's a slightly looser fit that looks great zipped and still keeps its shape unzipped.  The length works well too...it's a little longer than what's considered a classic crosszip length (which tends to end around the belt line), but that's what gives this style a sleek look...it's more of a cafe' racer silhouette than a shorter "rocker" look. Regarding the lining, the extra cost for this is $50.00.  The shipping cost back to us is separate and...
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