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Seal Italian Horsehide is IN STOCK!  Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned!   Full Grain Horsehide Vegetable Tanned Traditional Tuscan method of slow tanning (pit tanning) using only natural vegetable extract Thickness: 1,1 – 1,2 mm Color: Seal                                     www.thurston-bros.com
Aero Highwayman customer photo!   www.thurston-bros.com   www.insurrectionperformance.com    
It's very, very nice...we'll put photos up early next week!  The fit is the same as the Junya DR jackets, so a very slim, fitted look!  Liner choices will be Japanese Florals in Red, Blue, and Green; Black Rayon; Red Rayon; Red Quilted; and Black Quilted.  If people like this, we'll do a cafe' racer StyleForum.net Model as well...
Aero Three-Pocket Cafe' Racer in brown CXL horsehide!    www.thurston-bros.com   www.insurrectionperformance.com        
Here are a few photos to show a very popular Aero style, the Sunburst Half Belt, in our new Italian veg-tanned FQHH.  This color is the Russet, which comes through as a medium brown with a lightly marbled tone and beautiful grainy texture.  This hide is light and soft, and both the color and texture will change with wear...veg-tanned hides have a unique aging process and are valued for...
Absolutely!  We're going to keep a size run available in the shop for off-the-rack sales and personal fittings.  We're thinking we're going to keep the off-the-rack jackets in stock with black Rayon linings...  Keep in mind for planning your visit to come in Sat. 12-6pm or Sun. 12-4pm.  Also, we are available any day during the week as long as a fitting appt. is made... 
Liners have passed the stress test!  ...and prototype is in transit to our shop!      
Aero 1930s Slimfit Half Belt in Tumbled Brown CXL Horsehide!   www.thurston-bros.com   www.insurrectionperformance.com                
Aero Original Hercules in Brown Front Quarter Horsehide--   www.thurston-bros.com            
Our veg. tanned leathers, save the black are just dyed on a single side.  That's mainly what we've seen from the higher end Mixed and Veg.-Tanned leathers.  I'm sure there are some great brown leathers that are Veg.-Tanned and dyed all the way through, but we haven't found them yet.  Vanson's Firenze and Comp. Weight Leathers are about the best Chrome-Tanned Leathers that we've seen!  (both of these are vat dyed)... The natural feel of the Veg. Tanned product, in my...
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