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  We had put this up earlier, several times...here it is again:   The Slimfit Daredevil is finished and we're photographing it today or tomorrow...it turned out very, very nice! 
He just got some photos of himself in the Board Racer..it's not his...good lookin' jacket!
The perfect combination--cool bikes, good friends, and great leather jackets! Both guys are sporting custom Aero jackets... Come on by the shop today to check out what's new from Aero and Vanson...we're open today 12-6 and Sunday 12-4 for browsing, sales, and getting fitted for a custom jacket! www.insurrectionperformance.com www.thurston-bros.com  
We're open from 12-6 today....stop on by to say, "Hi!" and to try on tons and tons of horsehide jackets!   Aero Board Racer Cafe' Racer in Horween CXL Front Quarter Horsehide.   www.thurston-bros.com      
This is what brown Chromexcel leather looks like in a jacket after the break-in...and it just keeps getting better!   www.thurston-bros.com  
Here are some good shots of the Aero Board Racer in Horween CXL Front Quarter Horsehide.  Great looking cafe' racer for Fall! www.thurston-bros.com       
Just received this awesome photo from a customer this morning...Aero J107 in black Chromexcel FQHH! www.thurston-bros.com www.insurrectionperformance.com  
We'll get more shots up as they come in...  You can get this jacket, just like any of the other Aero styles, in the length you want.  We do find that some folks like to wear it pretty long, whereas others prefer a short fit ending about at their belt loops.  The collar of the Board Racer is actually a little wider (about 1/4 inch) than the standard Aero Cafe' Racer collar and it's cut to be a little more "open" (neck hole is the same width, but the collar doesn't come in...
Aero Bootlegger Half Belt in Front Quarter Horsehide...great looking horsehide leather jacket!   www.thruston-bros.com  
This Aero 1950s Half Belt in front quarter horsehide looks completely stunning!   www.thurston-bros.com  
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