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Custom Aero Cafe' Racer in Brown Chromexcel Steerhide!   www.thurston-bros.com      
Update from Vanson--Z150 leather has arrived and passed inspection!  Production on the Daredevils is set to begin next week...
Vanson Model B in Octagon! We have just received a limited number of Model B and  Model B Deluxe  jackets in Octagon...just contact us to inquire about stock availability and custom options! www.thurston-bros.com                                          
Custom Aero Long Half Belt in Brown CXL FQHH!    www.thurston-bros.com          
These cuffs are not stock on the Premier Half Belt (they are stock on the Sunburst Half Belt), but they look perfect on this style!
Custom Aero Premier Half Belt in Dark Seal Vicenza FQHH!   www.thurston-bros.com                      
Here's a serious winter jacket for the last of the East Coast snow...custom Aero Bootlegger in heavy Brown CXL Steerhide with a shearling liner!  However, Spring is on the way, so if you want to get fitted for a custom Aero for the upcoming warm weather, we're sending out fit jackets for Board Racers, Cafe' Racers, Sheenes, and a wide variety of Half Belt jackets...   www.thurston-bros.com      
Custom Aero Premier Half Belt in Black Vicenza FQHH with OD green subtle contrast stitching!   www.thurston-bros.com                      
Update on the Vanson Daredevil production--as of yesterday, the Z150 is being finished at the tannery.  We'll give another update once the jackets are actually in production!  We know many people would like the measurements, but we won't have the complete set of measurements until the entire size run of jackets are delivered to us...
Great Vanson Derby!  This is actually the base design that we used to create the Daredevil and it's a style that's available for $729.00.  If you are interested in ordering the Derby, please contact us at info@thurston-bros.com.   Here's the Derby in Z150--     And you can order it in variety of colors (here's the blue on a person):  
New Posts  All Forums: