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Custom Aero Bootlegger in Russet Goatskin!   www.thurston-bros.com  
 The Daredevil is a stock jacket for us, so we should have all the sizes in stock at any given time!  You are welcome to come in to our store, but we open the shop by Saturday appointments only these days...our internet sales take up all of our time right now!  Just give us a call or send us a message about two weeks in advance to arrange an appointment and we can make sure that the jacket styles/sizes you want to see will be in the shop (rather than shipped out for...
Aero Aeromarine in the new Russet Goatskin...this new goatskin is beautifully supple and we love the new shade of Russet!  Product page: http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!aero-aeromarine/c18ro www.thurston-bros.com          
Vanson Daredevil!  $899.99 USD             Vanson Daredevil Measurements   Size XXS: Shoulder Width—14.75 inches Chest—16.25 inches Back Length—23.75 inches Front Length—20.25 inches Sleeve Length—24.5 inches Mid-section—14.5 inches Hem—15.25 inches Bicep—6.25 inches Elbow—5.5 inches Cuff—4.25 inches   Size XS: Shoulder Width—15.75 inches Chest—17.5 inches Back Length—24.25 inches Front Length—21 inches Sleeve Length—25...
Vanson Daredevil teaser...more photos and information tomorrow!  
 Unfortunately, Aero is no longer offering CXL bison as a leather choice.  After making a few jackets, Aero decided that the hides were too scarred and stretchy to continue ordering the leather for stock.  We had a couple of jackets come through in the CXL bison and it's very similar to heavy CXL Steerhide.  Customers who wanted CXL bison are now ordering CXL Steerhide, but we ask Aero for the very heaviest hides (brown and cordovan) for these custom orders! Here are a...
We have a couple of Vanson House Jackets in stock right now...this jacket is a standard Model B with white-red-white stripes on the biceps!   Check out our ebay listing for the sizes in stock (we can also special order any sizes 32-48 for this style!)--http://www.ebay.com/itm/181730154428?var=&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649  
Custom Aero Sonoma Cafe' Racer in Black Vicenza FQHH!  You can check out this page on our website to learn more about our custom Aero jacket order process: http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!custom-aero/cvnh                    
 The Premier Half Belt has the slimmest back and sleeves and has higher armholes.  The 1930s Half Belt is a more relaxed fit than the Premier Half Belt and the 1950s Half Belt is a "regular" fit compared to the other two styles!
Our ACE belts are built to last a lifetime and they just get better with wear!  Check out this link on our site for more information and to order for fast delivery: ACE Belts      
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