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ACE Style No. 900 Belts are back in stock in all colors and sizes!   http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!ace-western-belt/c12w5  
The main customizations for this style will probably be leather color, lining color/pattern, body length, sleeve length, and snap-on/snap-off fur collar
Sounds good...fit jacket will be headed out to you first thing on Mon.
We're open today, 12-6pm!  Stop on by to try on some excellent jackets!   www.thurston-bro.com   Aero Board Racer in Front Quarter Horsehide  
The Vicenza, even when new, feels quite soft...we can't wait to see some break-in photos from customers!  However, John Chapman from Good Wear Leather says the Vicenza Horsehide breaks in just like Shinki Horsehide...hopefully, customers will wear, wear, wear their jackets!      
  Thanks guys!
Black and Seal Women's Two-Tone Sunburst in Vicenza Italian Horsehide  
Hi Fok, Here we go: Jacket name:  Daredevil Jacket sizes:  XXS-XXL How to order as of 10/23/2014:  We're currently waiting for size grading to finish up.  This is taking a tad longer than expected because Vanson is doing a ton of design work right now, including a lot of new work for COMME des GARCONS.  StyleForum.net members are currently getting in line, through a deposit of $699.99 USD, to receive fit jackets for their custom builds.  Call Thurston Bros. at (206)...
I wonder if there's a way that @LA Guy could give Thurston Bros. access to edit the first post?  We sent him photos of the Daredevil, but I don't think he posted them up in the first post...
We'll have the sizing info. out as soon as the first batch, sizes XXS-XXL, is graded... Vanson is designing for COMME des GARCONS right now, so things are moving slowly...
New Posts  All Forums: