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 We have a few coming through in the next production batch...the Japanese Green Floral is really cool!
We can do a 21.25" chest, but it's $250.00 USD extra because it's a full pattern change...contact us via email if that will work for you...
Vanson Daredevil with Red Japanese Floral lining!  This was a very popular choice for custom orders, so we're just going to post this one...                            
We haven't seen too many Vanson Daredevil Jackets with the Japanese Blue Floral Liner...we like this color combo quite a bit!   Great custom jacket...Awesome quality!                            
1st run of custom Daredevils have arrived!   Paging @LaymanX!  Custom fit Daredevil with solid red lining (much more of a true red than what is shown in the photos below)--very 1960s British rocker!   Vanson Daredevil crosszip jackets are made right here in the US (Fall River, Massachusetts).  Each jacket is branded with a unique serial number (on the leather key fob and on the leather facing of an interior pocket) that is associated with all the specs for your custom...
This is actually a Thurston Bros. customer, but thanks nonetheless...the J107 is a cool configuration!
 We can also do the Aero J107 (see photo below--J107 in Horween CXL FQHH) with the slim shoulders and fit of the Aero Ridley...the Slimfit J107 is something that quite a few have been ordering in the past months... 
   You may want to check out our Vanson Daredevil thread here on StyleForum: http://www.styleforum.net/t/387175/vanson-styleforum-thurston-bros-slim-fit-japanese-double-rider-mto The Daredevil base price is $899.99 USD and we have a variety of lining and leather options (including several shades of blue) available for custom orders! 
 Your wait is almost over!  Your Daredevil, along with the rest of the May order batch, has just shipped out to us today--we should receive the jackets in about a week and we'll contact everyone who placed their order in the May batch once we've completed inspection!
Here's a sketch for a quilted version of the Vanson Daredevil (pattern is similar to quilting on Vanson Chopper).  If you'd like to get into our next batch of Daredevil orders (delivery is scheduled for October), contact us to order a Daredevil fit jacket at info@thurston-bros.com.  We have a variety of linings, leather colors, and other custom options available!   www.thurston-bros.com    
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