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Thanks so much for checking us out...between Vanson and Aero, we have a ton of options for premium leather jackets!  Here's a photo of the Vanson Enfield in Brown Octagon leather from our friends at Jalana in Japan.  The Octagon is once again is stock and people love it!  Also, keep in mind that you will want to size down one size in the Enfield design to get the fit that is displayed in the photo.  The Enfield is a modified half belt design, so it's good to keep the Aero...
Great looking Aero Maxwell photo from one of our customers!  This Maxwell was specified in Horween Brown CXL Front Quarter Horsehide and it looks amazing...what a great looking leather jacket!   Learn more about the Aero Maxwell here:  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!aero-maxwell/c22sz    
  A lot of times we get taller customers who are in need of very long Cafe' Racers...custom Aero and Vanson are definitely the way to go here...check out this customer at 6'5" getting the perfect fit!    Great front quarter horsehide leather jacket!   Learn more about the custom Aero process here:  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!custom-aero/cvnh  
Don't forget your Vanson Model BH Deluxe for Spring!  Great, sporty jacket in Vanson's Comp. Weight Leather!   www.thurston-bros.com     Also, we've been in touch with Vanson about some old Vanson / Designer designs that StyleForum.net members have been interested in and most are available!  Contact us for details!
Our Aero, Vanson, and Pacific Cycle Leathers look outstanding with ACE Style No. 900 Belts!   Learn more about our Aero J106 (shown below in black and brown two-tone front quarter horsehide) and ACE Western Belts at www.thurston-bros.com!  
Good lookin' Highwayman! You're correct...the wait for Aero in North America is now significantly less...most of our customers only have to wait 1-2 months until delivery of their custom Aero, so that's quite nice!  Also, we try to keep a good amount of Aero in stock for off-the-rack sales!
Great customer photo!  Aero 1930s Slimfit Half Belt Jacket in Black Horween Chromexcel CXL Front Quarter Horsehide!  Great looking leather jacket...  
Great Aero Maxwell Leather Jacket in Cordovan Front Quarter Horsehide headed to an East Coast customer!   Learn more about the Aero Maxwell here:  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!aero-maxwell/c22sz  
We use a product called Dr. Jackson's Hide Rejuvenator to keep our vintage jackets in good shape.  Cracking is caused by the hide becoming dry.  Dr. Jackson's is really good stuff...we've restored original 1930s jackets that were as hard as cardboard with it! Aero is unsure about carrying the Shinki Hides because they look so much like their existing A-2 leathers--their "Jerky Horsehide"
Cracking usually stems from not taking care of the leather properly while "browning" or "greying" comes from good wear and use.  Most quality leathers will "brown" and "grey" over time because people are putting them to a lot of use.  "Browning" and "greying" happens with jackets that are drum dyed (i.e. Vanson) as well as with jackets that are "spray" tanned (i.e. Chromexcel from Aero)...  Even if both sides and the leather are dyed, it still will happen...You can see the...
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