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 Hi Mulan, I think you may have Vanson and Aero mixed up.  Vanson sometimes has issues with leather supply and this slows down production.  Too many imperfections or leather that's too thin will get a batch rejected.  Vanson only uses cowhide and they buy in very large batches, so they have to keep very strict quality control.  The batch of Z150 that did not pass inspection had too many imperfections.  However, the new batch is now finished and production will now begin on...
Custom Aero A-1 in Russet Goatskin!   www.thurston-bros.com      
 The design for the stock Daredevil has already gone through the final prototype phase...any changes to the design would have to done through a custom order! 
 It will probably be about 3 weeks, but that would be the ideal!  We'll have a better idea next week and we'll give a new update at that time...
Custom Aero Cafe' Racer in Brown Chromexcel Steerhide!   www.thurston-bros.com      
Update from Vanson--Z150 leather has arrived and passed inspection!  Production on the Daredevils is set to begin next week...
Vanson Model B in Octagon! We have just received a limited number of Model B and  Model B Deluxe  jackets in Octagon...just contact us to inquire about stock availability and custom options! www.thurston-bros.com                                          
Custom Aero Long Half Belt in Brown CXL FQHH!    www.thurston-bros.com          
These cuffs are not stock on the Premier Half Belt (they are stock on the Sunburst Half Belt), but they look perfect on this style!
Custom Aero Premier Half Belt in Dark Seal Vicenza FQHH!   www.thurston-bros.com                      
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