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We're open today at the shop from 12pm-6pm...come on by to browse our large selection of leather jackets or get fitted for a custom Aero! www.thurston-bros.com  
 Hi LaymanX, This is the 38 A-2 Contract, which is the slimmest cut of all the A-2 styles...here's a photo that shows the higher armholes a little better, as well as the tighter cut of the waist/hem area.  This A-2 has very little "blousing" in the back (straight fit from leather to knit at the bottom hem).  It's our most popular A-2 for due to this slimmer fit! 
Beautiful custom Aero A-2 in Dark Seal Italian FQHH!   www.thurston-bros.com  
Custom Aero jackets are starting to come through after the holiday break!  Here are a couple of Highwayman jackets with Lochcarron tartans...   www.thurston-bros.com      
  We don't have anything that has a more modern fit (slim) under $1,000.00.  Vanson has a collared jacket called the Enfield, but it doesn't work as a slim fit for most customers.  With Aero, we have a number of slim styles and since we use fit jackets to create the custom orders, it takes the guesswork and stress out of custom!  The Board Racer and the Premier Half Belt are two styles that would work for this...the Board Racer can even be done with a standard collar...
Aero Highwayman in brown CXL steerhide!   www.thurston-bros.com  
Detail shots of an Aero Half Belt in Italian veg-tanned FQHH!   lf you'd like to get a custom Aero order started, check out this link on our website for more details: Custom Aero    
And it gets even better after you've worn it just a few weeks!   We're open today from 12pm-6pm if you'd like to come on by to browse our Aero, Vanson, Thedi and vintage jackets! Now is the perfect time to get fitted for a custom Aero and get into our February production batch...www.thurston-bros.com 
For those who like really thick, heavy leather that develops tons of character...here's a custom Cordovan Chromexcel steerhide Aero Half Belt!    www.thurston-bros.com      
 Based on your height and weight, you'd want to go for the M/L for a tighter fit and the L for a more relaxed fit!
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