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Yes, we have all sizes XXS-XXL (black rayon liners) in stock...people can purchase off-the-rack today and we ship tomorrow.  If people want custom, we can do that too!
 Great slim fit on this one!
 Lookin' good Peter...taking the contour out of the mid-section worked well for your body type!  Wear it, wear it, wear one year this jacket is going to be even better!
We just received this size Medium Vanson Daredevil that's available for an off-the-rack purchase!  It has a red plaid lining (specifically Royal Stewart tartan) and black hardware, so it's a customized jacket for a stock price of $899.99 USD!   Here are the measurements for the size Medium Daredevil:   Shoulder width--17 inches Chest width--19.5 inches Back length--25 inches Front length--21.5 inches Sleeve length--25.75 inches Mid-section--18.5 inches Bottom...
One thing we've been surprised at is that few talk about how good the new Veg.-Tanned Vicenza Horsehide smells (we absolutely love it!)...however, we always get raves about the smell of Horween's CXL Steerhide and Horsehide... We need smell-o-vision!  ;)
More than one customer who thought he was between sizes ML and L turned out to be a L up top and a ML in the waist...
The Vanson Daredevil with stock black rayon lining!  If you'd like to get fitted for the Vanson Daredevil, we have all sizes XXS-XXL in stock for fitting (and off-the-rack purchase).  Contact us at to reserve a fit jacket and start your Daredevil order!   Check out the Daredevil product page on our website for more information:!vanson-daredevil/c1wvt                              
Vanson Daredevil with Blue Japanese Floral lining and Snap-off Black Fur Collar!                                  
This Vanson Daredevil was spec'd with Black hardware, giving it a cool monochromatic look!                                      
 We're still working on the emails...however, I think your jacket was in this batch...we're just sorting and performing our QC on this production batch this morning...
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