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Another great jacket in brown CXL steerhide!   Classic Aero Highwayman in brown CXL steerhide...this is an all-around great jacket for year-round use and it can be spec'd with zip sleeves for safer (and warmer) motorcycle riding! We have these in-stock in a variety of sizes and leathers, so reserve one today for either an off-the-rack sale or a custom Aero fitting...we still have 12 production slots available for our October production at the Aero...
Aero A-2 in CXL Front Quarter Horsehide   www.thurston-bros.com  
Aero Premier / Premium Half Belt in Brown CXL Steerhide   www.thurston-bros.com                
A one-off, custom build is $50.00 USD extra.  The Japanese Florals are a $50.00 USD upcharge.  Therefore, let's say someone orders a Daredevil, Size S, Red Japanese Floral Liner, and no chest pocket....this is a $699.99 + $50 one-off charge + $50 Japanese Floral = $799.99 USD Total
Remember that Japanese Florals are available for liners on custom orders!       Red Japanese Floral     Green Japanese Floral     Blue Japanese Floral  
1 month and we should have it, so not long...
Unfortunately, we won't be doing a LXL...
This is correct...we should have all the sizes relatively soon and we'll put measurements up... For sizing, the L is a 44 chest, the ML is a 42.5 chest, the M is a 41 chest, the MS is a 39.5 chest, and the S is a 38 chest.  We'll be adding sizes XXS, XS, XL, and XXL down the road...
AMEN!  This goatskin rivals chromexcel...very nice stuff!
        We have the new Daredevil page here:  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!vanson-daredevil/c1wvt
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