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 The Premier Half Belt is a lot like the 1950s Half Belt, but it has slimmer biceps and shoulders with smaller armholes.  For a neat fit, the Premier is an excellent choice.  However, if someone want a roomier fit, the Premier might not be what someone's looking for... Here's a stock photo of the Premier: 
Fall weather is officially moving in!  It's a perfect time to come in (or call) and get a nice leather jacket that can take the rain and chill...and look even cooler after all the wear-and-tear!  We're at the shop today from 12-6 and tomorrow (Sunday) 12-4, so come on in to try on a variety of jackets that will take you through the colder weather...   The Vanson Comet PLU-3 Cafe' Racer and the Aero Cafe' Racer are great jackets for lookin' good season after...
Aero jackets are now available in Italian Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Horsehide, which is a lot lighter and softer compared to Aero's CXL FQHH...  I've attached some photos below to show you the Italian Horsehide in Seal.  It's also available in Dark Seal, Russet, and Black...  The Italian Horsehide is soft and supple, right from the beginning and ages/patinas in amazing fashion!               
Here are a few shots of that:   It's really nice stuff!
Another great jacket in brown CXL steerhide!   Classic Aero Highwayman in brown CXL steerhide...this is an all-around great jacket for year-round use and it can be spec'd with zip sleeves for safer (and warmer) motorcycle riding! We have these in-stock in a variety of sizes and leathers, so reserve one today for either an off-the-rack sale or a custom Aero fitting...we still have 12 production slots available for our October production at the Aero...
Aero A-2 in CXL Front Quarter Horsehide   www.thurston-bros.com  
Aero Premier / Premium Half Belt in Brown CXL Steerhide   www.thurston-bros.com                
A one-off, custom build is $50.00 USD extra.  The Japanese Florals are a $50.00 USD upcharge.  Therefore, let's say someone orders a Daredevil, Size S, Red Japanese Floral Liner, and no chest pocket....this is a $699.99 + $50 one-off charge + $50 Japanese Floral = $799.99 USD Total
Remember that Japanese Florals are available for liners on custom orders!       Red Japanese Floral     Green Japanese Floral     Blue Japanese Floral  
1 month and we should have it, so not long...
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