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Custom Aero Maxwell in Black Vicenza Horsehide with Royal Stewart cotton lining and leather futbol buttons!   www.thurston-bros.com                      
Vanson Comet PLU customer!  This classic cafe' racer style is easy to wear both on and off a motorcycle--black Comp. Weight leather with extra body length (and a double-ended zipper)!    Check out the Comet PLU product page on our website: http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!vanson-comet-plu-3-cafe-racer/c15yb     
   You may want to check out our Vanson Daredevil thread here on StyleForum: http://www.styleforum.net/t/387175/vanson-styleforum-thurston-bros-slim-fit-japanese-double-rider-mto The Daredevil base price is $899.99 USD and we have a variety of lining and leather options (including several shades of blue) available for custom orders! 
 Agreed!  Part of the fun of ordering a custom Aero is selecting from the 800+ lining options...
Custom Aero 1930s Half Belt in Seal Vicenza Horsehide!   www.thurston-bros.com                          
 Your wait is almost over!  Your Daredevil, along with the rest of the May order batch, has just shipped out to us today--we should receive the jackets in about a week and we'll contact everyone who placed their order in the May batch once we've completed inspection!
Great shot of a Vanson Model B in Black Comp. Weight leather from #vansonleather!  We have these in stock in Black Comp. Weight leather and Octagon brown...   You can check out the details about this style on the product page on our website: http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!vanson-model-b/cpla      
Custom Aero Sheene in Dark Seal Vicenza Horsehide with Olive Drab stitching and Olive cotton drill lining!   www.thurston-bros.com                          
Time to think about your Fall jacket order! The Aero 1930s Half Belt is a classic choice, but there are also many other variations on this style to choose from (Dustbowl, Sunburst, Premier, Maxwell, etc.). If you'd like to get fitted for the Aero 1930s Half Belt or another Aero jacket style, contact us at info@thurston-bros.com to reserve a fit jacket and start your custom order! We're closing our August production batch in two days and will immediately start to fill up...
Here's a sketch for a quilted version of the Vanson Daredevil (pattern is similar to quilting on Vanson Chopper).  If you'd like to get into our next batch of Daredevil orders (delivery is scheduled for October), contact us to order a Daredevil fit jacket at info@thurston-bros.com.  We have a variety of linings, leather colors, and other custom options available!   www.thurston-bros.com    
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