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Custom Aero Premier Half Belt in CXL Cordovan FQHH!   www.thurston-bros.com                  
 It's not looking good for this project and even a solo order would be too much for the extensive nature of this project.  However, we could use the base pattern of the Daytona to create a Daredevil-styled cafe' racer for solo orders:   
Our jacket (Daredevil) is the same fit as the Junya (aka Derby), except that we slimmed down the shoulders.  The Daredevil is scheduled to ship to us on Monday...we'll post up the detailed measurements once it arrives!
Custom Aero Two-Tone J106 in CXL Black and Brown FQHH!   www,thurston-bros.com              
 We have a size 38 in Octagon brown...it's $699.99 USD. Shipping is free!  If you want to place an order, please contact us at info@thurston-bros.com...
Custom Aero Cafe' Racer in Brown CXL Steerhide...if you'd like to get fitted for a custom Aero Cafe' Racer (base fit for Aero Sonoma, Fontana and Sheene styles), we have fit jackets ready to ship for custom fittings!  Contact us at info@thurston-bros.com to get your order started...   www.thurston-bros.com  
We are having a meeting with Vanson about this shortly...they are having problems with the prototyping process (namely, not enough staff to meet demand for custom design).  We will see what is realistic for this project...
Will do!  Can't wait to get our hands on them...
Aero Sheene in Seal Vicenza FQHH and OD green contrast stitching!   www.thurston-bros.com                      
 Absolutely!  These will be important sizes and we want to make sure all information is available to make ordering easy...
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