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whoa, i did not know you could get them to vibram it for you!
For PTB, brown is probably more versatile (and the color depth is insane). Although black is equally beautiful... You really can't go wrong with either
9.5 on Brannock. Don't have a pair of Barrie, but my TruBalance size is 9
Just got these the other day. Size 2 similar to 9.5.
Retails $625 at BiG. Size 40. Fits a small/medium. Navy. Worn a handful of times. Excellent condition.   Sleeves are just slightly too short for me, or else I'd keep it.
man that alex telfer lookbook is great. that photography... i certainly dont look anything like that when i put on my nigel cabourn. that dude is way more attractive than me to begin with but still.
Looking dope 
I hate you guys. Couldn't resist and got the Mallory in olive. Hopefully this 50 Mallory actually fits a medium, unlike my Nigel Cabourn Surface Jacket in 50 which fits a large and that I'm still trying to sell...
That jacket is beautiful
Can anyone comment on the sizing for the cameraman? I'm getting confused because some sources say that the 48 is a small whereas others say it's a medium. I'm a solid medium in most of my other clothes, so if anyone could give any comments or their experiences, I'd appreciate it.
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