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They are Bourbon Strands, my office is really bright so they look a bit lighter in the picture.
Does anyone have the list of shoes and styles included in the current 2 for 250 sale for the size 9D.   Please PM me or post up. TIA   (I emailed them yesterday but have yet hear back)
I just got my Manistee Belt in walnut but it is in no way close in color to my shoes. It is marked walnut but looks more like bourbon or a generic dark brown. (The tips of the shoe just seem darker due to the shadow from the window frame.)   Is this a common issue? Should I reach out to AE and see what can be done?  
    I wasn't planning on getting my suit tailored to be so tight. My pants are not that short either. (The lower picture is the suit I own and will be wearing) I also want to wear socks, as I think it is classless to go to a wedding without them.   The main thing I was wondering about was shirt, tie, and socks as stated in the original post. I think a pale yellow will work, but not sure if a silver/grayish tie will work with my suit.  
  So what would you change? What is wrong with the look? Could you elaborate a bit more?
Looking for some advice... I am going to a wedding at the end of this month and trying to pull off this look.     I currently have this suit below and Allen Edmonds McAllistors in Walnut       The questions I have: What tie would go with a light yellow shirt? Should I stick with a black and white checkered pocket square? Is it ok to go to a wedding without socks... if not what color socks should I pair up?   Thanks 
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