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Looks good, jealous you can wear it. NMWA have measurements, did you take a look at them? At least it would give you a better idea of what a 52 might fit like.   On another note I ordered the 5 year wash in a 34. I really hope they work out, then I can order the black type 3 as well.
Is coverchord still the best place to buy Nonnative? And is it run by the nonnative people (by far the biggest selection), I've only ever ordered from nth American stockists but there's so much good shit on Coverchord.
30% off at www.patrikervell.com (NO CODE - excludes selvedge denim, high summer collection and seemingly, the hats)     20% off denim with WASH20 at www.notre-shop.com
The camel bomber with the shearling neck? Yeah, it's pretty rad. I got one last fall but it was too cropped (I'm 6'2"), also would have been better with welt pockets or something. He's done a version of it at least twice already though so I wouldn't be surprised if it comes back this winter.
RSFT: Are @brad-t and @max-t bros?
Geller? https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/robert-geller/black-wool-dominik-hat/1087703Mm Maybe Nonnative or Camo or Etudes as well.
Thanks. I guess I'll just explore the non-clothes aspect, enjoy being somewhere that isn't a cultural wasteland, and eat a bunch of poutine.
Decent stuff on sale at www.nordstrom.com   Mostly 40% off   "Decent" as in mostly basics from Sunspel, Bread & Boxers ("relaxed" shirts are the shit. Loose neck opening - longish - unfinished hem) and a few decent more designer things (AMI, Public School, BoO, Rag and Bone). Nothing major but figured it's worth mentioning, I got some Sunspel stuff.
Simple basics and tailoring. Strong points are in the volume fits of the trousers and denim and his outerwear. Figured he should have his own thread, if only for my own appeasement. One of my favourite designers for simple things like chinos and sweaters and top coats. He also makes some pretty great but under-acknowledged derbies.     LOOKS             STOCKISTS   Official e-commerce Site...
Don't they have LaDuree in Melbs now? I know they aren't amazing but if you happen to catch them fresh then some of the reg flavours are pretty awesome (I've only had them in Sydney and London though, maybe it varies heavily by location). And a quick search shows this place: http://labellemiette.com.au/mac/
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