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Yeah it is different stock, but I can still order from Europe so thanks.
@wakiem Thanks but it still says "sold out" for me. I'm on the wait list of they do come back in stock though.
Is this why my debit card isn't working? the first time I actually have money and I can't use it
Fuck. I am hopeless.
I dunno wtf I was looking at earlier but yeah, I looked again and it says 34 = 34" waist so cool. I also need something to replace my 2 pairs of +J (if anybody is selling the relaxed wool +J in a 35 send me a PM, any colours).
So do the wool pleated pants really run as small as the measurements online say? Eg, size 34 has a 31" waist.
http://www.lindelepalais.com/en-US/men/new?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=promousa Judging from the link it's only for the US but I could be wrong.
@Synthese maybe Eidos? http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/eidos/products/thompson-belted-shawl
If you find that sweater again and it's 2 sizes too big send me a pm 😉
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