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So for anybody that has ordered and received these, how would you feel about posting some additional fit pics to go with Dan's? Particularly any of you taller dudes.
Yeah that's Basically what they are. A waterproof ugg. I love my magistas and these are essentially magistas with faux fur lining. Apparently it's a micro ripstop upper but it looks and feels like a thin leather, and the lacing is pretty rad too. I just ordered the other cw for my wife.
What exactly is considered mainline now?   Villain hoody Villain Crew Flash Escobars  Crew U Neck Mercer 41 Overshirt? Kitos ?
Yeah OK I get it, but there has to be some limit, a lot of people are getting mad that discounts are getting taken away, then they still post those discounts in this thread. You can't have it both ways.
Footscape routes came in and they're amazing.
Lemaire is at some Canadian shops - SSense, Suspension Point and Michel Brisson
How about we just let people find this shit on their own. It's not hard.
Quality seems good to me. Nothing amazing. Leather heel on par with most nike, flyknit itself seems softer and "cushier" for lack of a better word than any other flyknit I've had (I don't have any of the FK 3's though so maybe this is normal now.)
@cyc wid it    PM'd.
Just got my mercurials. They are dope and the 11.5's fit ok on my size 12 feet. I'm just a little worried about my toe busting through though.
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