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I actually like the 750 boosts a lot, have they released photos of the all blacks for them or is it all just conjecture?
More drops on Am Rag. Denim/chambray long shirt for ~$180
Slimmer cut, but it will have stretch now. It seems like sizing up will work better too since the waist won't be so exaggerated.
Just wait for August 22
So far I've only seen new stuff at Matches, Ssense, Bergdorf, Nordstrom and Mr Porter. It seems like the smaller boutiques are getting theres a bit later. Ssense has the grey denim iirc.
Geller website has all the looks. Sorry everybody. I fucked up and should have known better and honestly don't know what to say right now.
Just got an email from the Acrimony buyer saying the first shipment of Geller is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I also know that Nomad has received some.
New stuff trickling in to stores. Two versions of the top coat (DB and a soft lapel) both look good. these pants are hella good though, might be my favorite piece so far. Drop rise and cropped with a cuff. I haven't seen any of th carrot fit or non-cropped version yet though. https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/ami-alexandre-mattiussi/black-twill-relaxed-trousers/1275673
Budget Qasa's that are safe for driving?   I got my Qasa's ~2 weeks ago and honestly, driving is in them is sketchy as hell. Obviously I just take them off when I get in the car now but it's something I never anticipated with a pair of shoes. Climachill sonic boost  
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