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My charcoal villain definitely fits bigger than my black and grey from the very first run.
I have 2 pairs of the grey and 2 white, they all fit a little differently (I just hot wash and dry T-shirts), but generally speaking they are all still XL's and fit me well. I'm 6'2", 210, 47" chest, size 33-34 pants.
Bread and boxers "relaxed" or "loose" fit are pretty money. I'm 6'2" and the XL hits mid-ass, sleeves are lower bicep, neckline is looser, raw hem lines, $28 msrp.they also have a standard fit which is still supposed to be longer, just has a regular crew neck and finished hems but I haven't tried them.
Cool. I'll probably end up getting a pair for work shit either way but if they are as sleek as the cemented ones I'll be happy.
I want obsidians though, I'd cop the greys but not for that much.
Did anybody order the black calf side zips or was this round still all tan suede variants?
Ah OK, my frame of reference here is ebay, NT and a few of the other major sneaker forums. I'll try and check that FB page. $450 for obsidians would be doable, just like a new pair of CP's.
Are you still selling these? I noticed you had two listings and the other one is closed.
I'm a 12 and initial resale was >1k, now it's ~700. I'd think about it at $400 Really? based on anything or just a feeling?
I still really want some free mercurials, resale price has come down to ~700. Somebody just be a champ and sell them to me for retail please.
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