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OK, that makes more sense.   On another note I have to watch this documentary series - Weight of the Nation - for this midterm assessment I have coming up and I cannot believe the amount of shit crammed into 4.5 hours.
Yeah, the way you worded it before it sounded like you were eating the fruits/nuts/yogurt during the 16 hour fast, which would make it not a fast.
How does eating fruits and nuts and yogurt count as fasting? I don't mean that to sound accusatory and actually think what you're doing is better than true fasting (which i think is pretty awful for body comp), I'm just curious why you refer to your plan as some kind of intermediate fasting.
What?!? I'm having a hard time even picturing that, but I'll happily wait for it.
@monteyo Thanks, if I'd seen your post earlier I probably would've picked it up, oh well.   @mulan thanks for the link, good read. 
I used to think that way, but am less worried about it now. We bought our first house 2 years ago, we will be selling it in another 1-2 years and moving south where we will buy again. We aren't going to lose any money (should make money) so I don't really see any issue with it. I never felt "locked down".   I'd prefer to live in something that is mine, without sharing a wall with some noisy dirtbag in an apartment. The only thing I miss is having a good landlord who...
Cool, thank you. That actually makes a lot of sense.
I don't have a ton of experience with EG, but picked up a few things from last FW (mostly pants and knits/sweats) and am eyeing a few things from SS (just ordered the chambray E1's). So I'm sure this has been covered, but why do so many places not sell EG online (only phone orders)? And is there, generally, much difference between L and XL in the shirting? I'm trying to find the blue oxford band collar, Haven has the white and measures the chest at 22.5" which would be...
Fair point. I just felt like the idea of saying "don't do this" is silly. There are (usually) always other (often better) options, but it doesn't mean something isn't worth doing.
 This is missing the point. He said they were high rep, obv very low weight, specifically to get blood flow up. They weren't a staple heavy movement in his program, just rehab.
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