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Yeah. That was the advice when I got the gift card too. I'm just not a huge fan of most of the brands they carry.
Ts(s) jacket - link http://unionmadegoods.com/product/tss-wool-beaver-cloth-tailored-jacket-in-dark-navy/     Kapital jacket - link http://unionmadegoods.com/product/kapital-wool-hospital-jacket-in-brown/     Or none. I have a giftcard at Unionmade that is burning a hole in my pocket. I was waiting for Our Legacy delivery but they didn't get much and didn't get a 52 in the wool classic coat. Should I just keep waiting for more winter stuff to roll in?
Only those 2 cws for now? I know Atmos has them up for pre-order. I might grab the black if I'm able locally but still hanging out for the other cws.
I think it also depends how long you've been there. The longer you stay at 8% the easier it's going to be to stay there.
Yeah I really shouldn't do it anymore.Long story short, about 7 or 8 years ago when I competed in strong man I had a guy called Shelby Starnes doing my diet. That was the way he had me counting macros. I'm sure he's probably changed his methods and there's probably a lot of nuances that I have gradually forgotten over time, and my goals nowadays are completely different to then as well, I should just track it all.From what i remember, the main reasoning was that I wasn't a...
Oh and yeah the difference in scale I'm aware of. I try to always use the surgeons scale (thing with the little weight increments that you slide up and down until the bat is balanced) first thing on a Monday morning. Buy even so, shifting 5lbs one way or the other could mean 100 different things without actually being a result of fat/muscle gain/loss. It's just kind of hit me that I've been sitting at the same general weight for about 3 years. Thinking I should make more...
Well. Yes and no.I only count singular macros for the most part. Eg/ a cup of oats has 8-10g of protein, but I only count the carbs. 200g of chicken has 8-12g fat, I only count the protein etc. junk foods that are heavy on multiple macros I usually count more. But yeah a margarheta pizza I'm only counting carbs, fat and cals, not protein. So yeah you're right it's probably closer to 150g of protein, it's just the way intend to count macros combined with the fact that I...
Either my metabolism is fucked or I've been sitting at the same weight too long.   5 weeks ago I weighed 204lb, I went home for 3 weeks and didn't train at all and ate a whole bunch of nostalgic awesomeness (like 2-3 chocolate bars/day, donuts, pizza, fish and chips, 2-3 bowls of cereal/day, all kinds of pastries and cakes, about 2/day) and very little protein (30g in a shake in the morning and some kind of fish/meat at dinner). I tracked a few days just to see what I...
Has anybody here picked up any of the Seth trousers? Curious about the inseam and whether or not the waist is TTS or vanity. thanks
I hope yours is better than mine. I got the mid range one ($149 on sale) and it's a piece of shit. You have to blend for like 3 mins to get it anywhere near smooth. Inused to have a $50 Oster that was 10 x better.
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