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Block the number?
For those desperate enough Pre order of the tan Chelsea's are available here : http://www.thebusinessfashion.co.uk/collections/common-projects-1 Apparently a June delivery. I'll cop at Mr P or somewhere else but figured some people, especially in the UK, might be interested.
Yeah the fact they stock it is making me feel like a douche by association but im trying not to be a snob here.
Yeah. Actually just found it on urban outfitters so free shipping/returns lol. Worth a shot. Still in the lookout for something "better" though.
I actually have the EG long band collar in the white linen handkerchief but I might return it (a bit tight, a bit too sheer, pretty much have to wear it unbuttoned, plus I want short sleeves) Nonnative is always on my radar but I bought and returned one of the type writer shirts from this season because the size 4 was too small. Maybe the dr shirts are sized bigger? I will take a look at the Mohawk ones (are they online? I'm on my phone now). Basically I love everything...
Thanks dudes. I've actually been keeping an eye on that Steven Alan one, I think I posted it in this thread a few weeks ago actually, but it's not elongated which is one of the keys I'm looking for.
    PROS  - SS no collar long shirt/tunic pretty much exactly like I've been searching for - Linen/cotton blend so as not to be too sheer. - Relaxed fit, so it will actually fit my chest/back   CONS - Would prefer popover - Shades of Grey (I have no clue about this brand, but apparently it used be to called "Shades of Greige" which is about as obnoxious as you can get. - $120 for a brand I have no clue about and no experience with.   If anybody knows of...
I only really see a problem with locking out if you are violently extended your knees. With that said, constant tension squats are amazing.
Luckily for me (unluckily?) all alcohol tastes like shit except scotch. The only time I ever drink is on the long ass flight from the west coast to sydney, 1 scotch and ginger ale and I'm out for about 6 hours. 
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