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If anybody feels like copping me a pair of size 12 SFAF1's today that would be swell. I'll pay $200 + shipping (to NY). I'll be on a plane when they release. Pm me.
Other Shop has/had the palette trousers too.
OAMC Lemaire Dries
I finally got the Daniel pants last night (took over 3 weeks because it got sent to Canada and Canada Post is having serious delays). They are pretty dope, a lot slimmer than I had thought. I couldn't even get my foot through without unzipping the hem. The side zips at the waist are in place of a regular zip/button fly. It makes sense and is so obvious but for whatever reason I had assumed there was a standard fly as well as the two side zips. I will probably get some...
Alright thanks.   Yeah I can't say I'm super excited for it. For many reasons.
@Timbaland I PM'd you.
Yeah I'm still hoping somebody returns the 52, I have the navy one and love it but I wish I knew there would be an ivory one, the only options for pre-order on the Lemaire store were navy and the grey cashmere blend. Ssense is the only place I've seen the white. Unrelated. FW15 black wool soft jacket FW14 60/40 wool/cotton gab one pleats
Is anybody here from Greenville, SC? I'm gonna be there for 2 weeks at the end of Jan if anybody has recommendations or wants to hang out, please let me know.
Yeah please let me know how the v-neck is. They look like they run small. I just got my first soft jacket after wanting one for a while (black wool from FW15), are the arm holes usually pretty high? It fits fine and I like it a lot, the only "blazers" I ever wear are Geller Richard jackets and one suit for interviews so it's completely possible I'm just not used to how a blazer should fit. I'm wondering if I should keep an eye out for a 54 though since he seems to make...
Is somebody here selling this Peir Wu? https://www.ebay.com/itm/201737469384
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