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I actually really like that Eidos robe/cardigan. Definitely buy it. The w+h robe koy might be thinking of is probably the cabin fleece one which was limited to like 20 pieces. I have that one. They are two very different things though, get the Eidos Napoli for sure.
Just ordered some navy Montana shorts and the Jazz trousers. Are they basically the same cut? Just no panelling on the jazz and obviously one is shorts
Drop tee ✔️ Ripple jersey mercer ✔️ Was hoping for some more knitwear though.
Sweet. Thanks. Now I just need to find some prisoners that aren't dust (or whatever that washed out brown/grey is called).
Is that your usual size? All the Rick I've tried has run small, but again, that's mostly hoodies and shit.
How do the prisoners fit? I have a pair of 2 year old pods (fleece) in a 50. Waist is tightish but the 52's were just too big overall. I am usually a 34/50/L bottom but most of my Rick experience is hoodies and sweaters. Those pods are really my only experience with his bottoms.
Visiting NYC for a few days and just went in to Barneys. Hypebeast kid demanded his mom Buy home Fear Of God sleeveless flannel. -"it's got no sleeves though?" -"fuck mom! I wear it over a tee!"
@cyc Ervell web store is on sale too. You should be able to find them around. I have a short sleeve textured cotton from club Monaco of all places that is legitimately amazing. Though it's a popover. C'H'C'M' did some nice Oxford and poplin ones but I dunno what sizes are left, they're always small runs. EG did some but I can't remember if this season was poplin, weren't what did call crisp though.
Go full Lemaire... I think Regis would get by just fine in pretty much any offers environment (I have no idea what he does for work).
Crisp white band collar - Ervell On sale at Maas now. Although tbf maybe more of a stand collar.
New Posts  All Forums: