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That's where I ordered from. Just got shipping.
@ipractice cool. Give us an update when you get them. So far nobody on here has picked up the black denim (or if they have they haven't said anything about them).
In other news all I want is a khaki/olive/black bomber that fits me. Is there a way we can organise an SF pre-order for Geller shit so I can stop missing out on 52's since nobody ever orders them? If any interns read this please let me know.
Do it man. If they ever made an XL, or even of there was an L in stock somewhere I'd be all over it.
Some really good stuff at Gentry. Drops plus 30% off with MDAY30. If you're a small the Dominik coat is $397 Richard bomber is $313 if you're a 46 or 48.    http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/robert-geller
For you skinny SOB's - Type 1 black denim, size 30, on sale for $177.   http://www.revolveclothing.com/robert-geller-rg-denim-type-1-in-black/dp/ROBR-MJ1/?&d=Mens
Looks good, jealous you can wear it. NMWA have measurements, did you take a look at them? At least it would give you a better idea of what a 52 might fit like.   On another note I ordered the 5 year wash in a 34. I really hope they work out, then I can order the black type 3 as well.
Is coverchord still the best place to buy Nonnative? And is it run by the nonnative people (by far the biggest selection), I've only ever ordered from nth American stockists but there's so much good shit on Coverchord.
30% off at www.patrikervell.com (NO CODE - excludes selvedge denim, high summer collection and seemingly, the hats)     20% off denim with WASH20 at www.notre-shop.com
The camel bomber with the shearling neck? Yeah, it's pretty rad. I got one last fall but it was too cropped (I'm 6'2"), also would have been better with welt pockets or something. He's done a version of it at least twice already though so I wouldn't be surprised if it comes back this winter.
New Posts  All Forums: