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C'mon. I've been waiting to sell a few things before grabbing the long plaid grey shirt, and now I finally sold some stuff and had cash and both spots that had 52's are now sold out (Nomad and Forward). Anybody seen them around in a 52? Mass and Stacks maybe (site is down now)?
They'll just wait until this "remaster" thing and the drop the cement 3's again.
I'll give you props just for referring to the Lyrical Jesus.
But yeah the whole kip thing is weird. I'm so used to doing dead hang pull-ups with a pause. All slow and deliberate, the muscle up is all momentum and technique. It would take a while to just separate the 2 movements and start getting really explosive with the pull. I dunno, I kind of want to get it now that I've started but it's just as likely I'll never even bother trying again lol.
I don't even know anymore. I'm so confused. Now every time I think of a name for more than 3 seconds it's pretty horrible.
Yeah, I've never really thought about them. But I have rings in my garage and don't do much on them other than some L sits, leg raises, the occasional pull up, dip, push up or inverted row. Walking by them today I figured is try them, and I only kept going because after the first few attempts I thought is be able to get it with some practice.
The way this conversation has gone, the only decent usernames are apparently the ppl who use their birth names. Or Japanese names.
Yeah Nonnative is pretty cool. Actually don't mind Bedwin and the Heartbreakers, for some reason it Just kind of works, even though ppl mostly just call it "Bedwin". Sacai is dope too.
How many of you guys can do muscle ups? Figured I'd give them a try for the first time today after my conditioning and I just couldn't get the transition down. I spent like 20 mins trying. Getting above the rings wasn't a problem, and a few times I locked out my elbows but it didn't seem like a true muscle up. Anybody got tips? I tried on my pull up bar and rings, the rings felt easier since they rotated, but the false grip felt awkward. Is it just a practice thing?
New Posts  All Forums: