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Those are all great (esp magistas). Decided all I'm buying from Nike from now on is mercs and magistas.
If this seasons chambray are like last summers then they are awesome (they look the same), but it took a few washes to get the stiffness out so they drape well.
@gettoasty Nice. Definitely let me know how they are. Where did you order from?
Anywhere outside of Denver... Evergreen is close and cool but also kinda kitschy. Red rocks obv. If you have a full day then the sand dunes (iirc it's like 4 hour drive from Denver). Basically just head for the mountains.
Small sizes for black Scamosciato highs for $360 http://www.ateliernewyork.com/men-footwear-ann-demeulemeester-men-shoes-scamosciato-black-151-4294-302-099/dp/15476
Nah not weathermen, this was an older one before def jux. It was The Orphanage, they never did anything official, just a few long songs and shows as a loose collective.
@artishard116 shot it for no man walks alone. There was a photo posted a while ago of art in his, he said he sized up, it looks awesome. I forget who modelled for the editorial, but he's on the forum too.
@wurlwyde There's a 50 here: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/garment-washed-bomber-olive-green-cotton.html SF10 for 10% off I definitely think it would look good sized up
Is it somebody here selling these cropped Richards: https://www.ebay.com/itm/191880053083 Are they really that small (fits small to medium)? Also according to the Totokaelo dudes I should order a large in that jumpsuit, not XL. Did anybody get one? There's somebody that was interested in the concrete one on FWRD (skitlets maybe?).
Really? Wow that's fucked up, is nothing on sale for Canada?
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