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So is everybody in this thread with a career either in the medical or financing field?   I guess I'll be a combination of both (finishing masters in Healthcare Management, essentially MBA with a focus on healthcare policies, probably should have just gone the MBA route).
Well yeah part of it is that I've never enjoyed "math", even though plenty of subjects with a heavy math element (ie/ chemistry) have always appealed to me.   The money aspect I understand for sure, as long as you like it. And I guess it probably gets a lot more interesting later on. I mean this class I'm taking is all confidence intervals and central limi theorem and basic probability. It's just boring when your homework is 50 questions of the exact same thing just...
tbh it's more so just the "feel" of it. Because it's just the shell it doesn't have the insulation from the rain, so even thought it is pretty water resistant you still "feel" kind of damp. But it's still not completely water proof and wearing it without something to layer underneath it would be pretty rare. All of this is assuming we're talking about last FW version.
So what do you make those charts and summaries off? Just data sets the other people have already written up for you?
I don't know how you bank/finance people live with yourselves. I have to take an entry level statistics class cos my Australian education apparently does count when it comes to math, and it is the most boring, tedious shit on the planet. I can see how it might be somewhat less tedious using excel or whatever other programs are out there instead of pen/paper, but still, how can you make a career out of numbers and not kill yourself.
Baldwin denim used to make them. Doesn't look like they do any more though.
 Does a good job keeping out wind, a less decent job keeping out rain. But when it gets real cold you definitely need a layer or two underneath, It's basically just a shell.
^^ That just sounds like freshman year of college with a meal plan. Like I already ate, but I have a meal plan so lets go to the dining hall and eat and bring a bunch back to the dorm even though it's going to be pizza and whatever the fuck a sloppy joe is again.
 ftfy. It's great for net a porter, it sucks for us.
Let's forget about it.
New Posts  All Forums: