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Oh ok I was thinking he was a small. Turns out the parka is gone now anyway, there is an Ervell field coat though (small). http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=261818829096
There was (maybe still is) an Ervell parka in eBay in small for like $150.
@Coldsnap Why are doing like 3 overhead press variations though?
Yeh my bad I'm on my phone
SPRING15 for 15% off at Assembly, says it works on Geller
Spring15 15% off entire site at Assembly. Go for Geller, stay for the in-house linen shorts and collarless shirt.
Lol. Neutral to pronated. Aka twist press.
I do really slight incline. Like either lowest setting on an adjustable bench, but more often just a 45 bumper stuck under the head. That's my primary angle for benching, I rarely do flat. Low decline neutral-to-primates are also really good. There are EMG studies showing low incline to be the best angle (by a considerable amount) for chest development and flat bench is usually somewhere around 5th or 6th. Moral - Flatt bb is pretty shit for chest development.
At least there is somewhere for all of mr P'a leftover sale stuff instead of it just sitting Ina warehouse until 80% off time.
Now we just have to wait 12 days for them to start shipping.
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