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Let's forget about it.
 This is a pretty true statement. Though I don't think it "doesn't mean anything", maybe it doesn't necessarily mean anything. I think it means you are getting used to the stress and you're no longer getting (as) sore.  I don't think it means the exercise and/or set/rep scheme is useless or even less effective. Soreness and progress are not mutually exclusive, they are also not mutually restricted.
True, but it's also the fact that strength sports focus on specific movements. If you're a PLer you squat-bench-dead. You have to, that's the sport. If you took one of those movements out of your training for a prolonged period it wouldn't be a great idea. If you're a bber then you can completely ignore those movements or only do variations that train only a specific portion of that movement and there is no legality involved, if a bber with ridiculous quads doesn't hit...
 Yeah. Everything you said I agree with completely.Anybody can get sore, it's not the be all end all. But to completely ignore it or write it off completely would be dumb. If you're still unclear on any point I've attempted to make then go back and read my previous posts. Saying anything further isn't going to help since I already attempted to explain it at least 3 times. You're second paragraph is just you misinterpreting things or inferring things that weren't said.
You have serious comprehension issues man.
NO! For fakes sake. I'm saying your original quote that using soreness as a measure of progress is stupid is as equally fucking stupid.   Soreness clearly means something to how successfully you stressed a muscle. That's it. CLEARLY, not maybe. OBVIOUSLY.
I would, but I guess I already know the answer (not as much demand/won't sell as well). If you think it's a worthwhile question though, sure.
If he's a 52 why is that such a rare size for the brand? It seems like the majority of tops go up to 50, only a few ever get made in a 52 and when they do they are extremely limited.
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