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I bought FBT's last summer from TBS with one of these 20% off codes and it worked fine. Maybe I just got lucky then?
Is it working on Vis for anybody? It says "exclusions may apply" but there's no further information. 
Whatever the black one is. Appregio? My mum and dad still have one of the older ones (I have vertuoline), the black one is the only one I drink when I'm at their place. I think it also depends how you're drinking it though (milk etc.)
What a dick. Sounds like jawn envy.
Do RDL's. A lot. Even just an empty barbell. Nothing works as well for strength, stretching, mobility or whatever you wanna call it. It just helps a ton with "feeling" your glutes/hams.
RE: core training and back issues. Reason I asked is that it seemed like nobody had mentioned it. I was born with 2 vertebrae in the T-spine fused together. I had chronic lower back pain and scapula numbness until I was 14 and started "working out" - basically just doing a ton of anti-rotational work for my core and lost of reverse hypers...and arms, of course. I literally had a hunch back and extremely rounded shoulders until I was 15-16 and all that core stuff started...
East Dane got like 1-2 things. I'm pretty sure Neighbour got a bunch but haven't put it online yet, same as Maas and Stacks. It's coming....
Aros definitely aren't loose/relaxed in the thigh. Unless they have completely changed the cut since last FW they are pretty damn slim. Thanks, I'll take a look. All of the looser Barena's I've come accross seem to have cuffed ankles.
Need some more "anti fit" pants in a winter weight (looking for wool/tweed etc). I've bern wearing Dana Lee stock chinos and W+H Tokyo chino a lot, but they are all relatively lightweight cotton. Any body got any leads or brands I might check into? Just loose thigh, longer rise and a real aggressive taper I know people ask a lot for pants that will fit their gargantuan thigh, I'm just looking for non-slim pants with a taper and with more substantial fabric for the winter...
So I take it sweetu is the owner?I've never been, I don't even really know how I know about it. They just have carried a brand I liked or something, but anyway. I follow them on IG and stuff and they post a lot of gear that looks pretty good. Nothing out of the ordinary but super clean basics. Any idea if they will bring the online shop back?
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