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Started adding random things to my conditioning days; 45sec jigsaw plank straight into 50m bear crawls. After 4 sets I was wasted. Brutal.
Thanks guys! And yeah I was wondering about sizing. I'm generally XL, occasionally L, measurements looks good in an XL on NMWA. Cheers
What's everybody's thoughts on Niche? NMWA has a short sleeve sweater that I always thought could be pretty awesome.   [[SPOILER]]  They sold out of the colour I wanted in my size a long time ago, but for the price I might pick this up.Has anybody here picked anything up from them? Or maybe the NMWA dudes could speak on it?
[[SPOILER]]  Dude! Do you mind me asking where you get your Margiela?I don't know if I just don't know the right stockists or what but that knit is amazing. I never see the MMM stuff like that anywhere.
Why not just use a barbell for lunges? That's what I do at the gym. I do walking bb lunges for 6-10 reps at the gym and use DB's or kb's at home for 15+ reps No need for wraps, and 60lb/hand would be 120 total bar weight which shouldn't be an issue even of you need to clean it overhead. Or switch to lunges using a front rack position which is killer with a barbell or kettlebell.
@Neighbour Hi, I just sent an email regarding price matching, I'm not sure which you check more regularly but figured I'd post in here too since I'm online. So, do you guys offer price matching in any form? 
Fuck. Just got out of the chiro, had something called the "Graston technique" on some bicep tendonisis. I've had a LOT of ART done in the past, first time I've had this done. I don't know which hurts/feels awesome more. It's basically a blunt straight razor that they shave your muscle with extremely hard.
 This, or UpperA/LowerA/UpperB/LowerB etcdepends how much time you have.Or, yeah, doing the Boring but Big plan for 5/3/1 would work.
New Posts  All Forums: