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Also: Photo is too shit for WDYWT but; Breezy Pierre, navy dusters, American Girl Doll.
Mine is something like 70/30 linen/cotton. I only have one though so I don't know what other variations like the striped mesh are made of.
Where has @ManofKent been? Is it just too damn hot in Kent for fit pics?
I don't own dock pants but just fyi, the Duster pants have served me well in 85 degree weather.
Snowman Walks Alone?
@gdl203 and @conceptual 4est are Geller pre-orders a no go this season? I am actually prepared for them this time around but if they aren't happening then I can go broke on other stuff.
 If the price is good it shouldn't be hard to flip if you end up not liking it.But I don't think you would be disappointed. I don't own one, so I have no personal experience with them in the cold, but I've handled the one that I think you're referring to and the loose weave of it just gives it a great drape, it is still dense and heavy enough to keep you pretty warm.
leaf print is this season. You can see it on look 29   EDIT: Here  
All of the Ssense stuff looks really really good. Looking at the runway stuff I was fairly certain it was my favorite Geller season and this delivery isn't making me think any different. I really like the Cupro shirt, I would wear the Sean Suit (RG is probably the only designer where I would be ok with a 100% poly suit), the shadow stripe shirt is really nice, the zip shirt is also awesome but I feel like people will really sleep on that one. I would buy Robert pants...
If anybody goes to this and can proxy please pm me.
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