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AMI usually has some good shearling coats and jackets. And they usually make it to sale. And Kimonoboy makes me think of Kramer...
Anybody know anything about Baartman and Siegel in terms of quality/fit etc? Never heard of them prior to it going up on Nomad, but it looks pretty nice for cold NorthEastern winters.   http://store.nomadshop.net/collections/baartman-siegel?page=1
Yeah, I was pretty lucky getting them, unless I get a cancellation later. I'm sure they'll get a NA release though. The Olympic ones came out in Jan, so maybe it's the same for these.
I sized up. It depends what you want them for. If you want true support then go tts or size down, I just wear them to keep my knees warm until I get to the work sets, so I sized up.
That cashmere stretch denim
Not much. He's still competing and still finishing 2nd to Heath.
 Ordered! Can't wait.
Started adding random things to my conditioning days; 45sec jigsaw plank straight into 50m bear crawls. After 4 sets I was wasted. Brutal.
Thanks guys! And yeah I was wondering about sizing. I'm generally XL, occasionally L, measurements looks good in an XL on NMWA. Cheers
What's everybody's thoughts on Niche? NMWA has a short sleeve sweater that I always thought could be pretty awesome.   [[SPOILER]]  They sold out of the colour I wanted in my size a long time ago, but for the price I might pick this up.Has anybody here picked anything up from them? Or maybe the NMWA dudes could speak on it?
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