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@Octopus72 Thanks man! Just ordered it! I really appreciate it.
The Celect Shop Curve just got their ms in too but I'm not sure what location they stock Geller at and they don't put much men's online.
I like those, I like OAMC version better though (which Need are also stocking).  
@thatoneguy Yeah I am interested in at least the tan (maybe both). Just don't have much luck with MM pants (they all fit too tight up top). If you wouldn't mind PMing me that would be cool, unless you'd prefer to go through grailed for some reason (I couldn't find them on B&S here).
15% off on Other Shop right now. Kind of want to kop pyjama shirt but I dunno about the sleeves.... also white wouldn't be my first choice for that cut.
@thatoneguy whats up with those Margiela trousers you're selling? They look nice, curious how relaxed or slim they are? Also thought you were in Melbs but shipping to the US is listed at $0?
Would you mind pm'ing me a pic? Sounds the same as mine but it wasn't "dark".
Where are good spots to find butteros? Even their e-shop doesn't seem to have much in the way boots (granted, I've been checking for about 18 months) and most places have sneakers and runners or the hybrid sneakerboots which I don't like.
@JackoDo   I know you said 48 but these could still work.   There's a navy 50 here: and a Dune 50 here:   I've been looking for a 52 or 54 of this in any colour since last year, Ssense was the only place I found that had it but they sold the 52 instore before...
  Kind of bummed there's no product notes for this seasons lookbook. I want to know what these trousers are and the black version of this jacket (linen denim jacket?) EDIT: Nvm, jacket is the jutte in off black
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