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Splenda seems pretty OK. They've been studying it for about 50 years and all of the "bad" aspects that have come out in studies haven't held up in further studies. PubMed has an infinite amount of articles on it if you feel like reading. I wrote a paper on it a few years ago and from what I found there was nothing wrong with continued use, and the biggest gripe was about how artificial sweeteners "trick" your body and have the same effects as sugar since it tastes sweet,...
It seems like the dude who runs CYC and all their brands just doesn't have a fucking clue what he wants W+H to be anymore. Even their "staple" pieces aren't consistent. The black leather hi's are ill, because they are pretty much exactly the same as the have always been. Last fall/winter the mac coat, varsity, tweed chinos and bush pants and the tweed cap were all really good pieces. The moleskin bush pants looked good but moleskin is just a shitty fabric choice for...
Fuck. My right knuckles are all fucking busted, hopefully just a bad bruise and no breaks. Riding my father in laws bike and the right handle bar literally just snapped off and I basically punched the road haha wtf.
  It honestly depends on the fed you compete in. Some feds will green light everything, others don't even think about it until you're a good 3-4" below parallel. If you look around and ask different federations or even check their web sites if they have one you should be able to find a meet with a fed that you would be fine in.
Even the front delts?I've never had issues with the front and rear delts but didn't ever get much soreness (or even a pump) in medial delts until I started going much lighter on side raises (rule of thumb I was told is that you should be able to reverse the movement at any point, like get halfway down and then stop, pause, and start raising your arm again. Also learning to take the traps out of it helps) and using heavy partials for high reps.
Yeah for straight isolate I would prolly go true nutrition. You can choose how sweet they make it. Watermelon and strawberry kiwi are good flavors for the isolates. Just stay away from the natural flavors if you're sticking with isolates and other bitter proteins
Tried Bulgarians or sissy squats? There's a sissy squat type variation you can do on those angled hack squats with the shoulder pads that really light up my vmo. You basically stick your junk out so your butt is off the pad and stay on your toes throughout the whole movement.
45.5" according to my wife's measurement. Shirts generally need to be 23" pit to put so I guess that makes sense.
Bulk cooking is pretty fucking awesome. I just put 5lbs of chicken in the crock pot with stock and herbs/spices this morning and am eating some now. The eat part is if you leave it plain then you can just flavor it later based on what you're eating. Do the same thing with stew beef but almost always donut with Mexican spices and some crushed tomatoes. Every time I cook ground beef I cook 3lbs minimum. I pretty much only "cook" 3-4 times a week if you don't count breakfast...
Then you misinterpreted my statement (probably my fault). To clarify - I'm more likely to listen to people with a blend of both physical and mental talents than people who only possess one.And I never even broached the role of genetics - There is no doubting the genetics are the most important factor and I would never say otherwise.Actually, if anything, what I said about there being multiple ways to achieve something and basing macros on how you personally feel and how...
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