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KAHN! I really hope their chest measurement for the long chambray is off. 
Still, I'm 6'2" and I'd want knee length robe vibes.
Figure I'm just gonna drop my store credit on another pocket sweater. How accurate are the colours online? Esp the jade? It just looks navy on my monitor, while the navy looks like 95%black, 5% navy. Is the jade much greener in person?
I would cop that regardless of fabric if it was about 6" longer.
Have there been any updates on a U.S. release for the white Innevas? My bro in Aus wants a pair now and I kind of want a 2nd pair tbh
I have a long history with Dicks.
Oops yeah that's what I meant.
There is nothing you can say about dicks that can't be turned to a joke so I just let it all hang out at this point (see). I made an exchange on some nike element sweats there last week, I've had them since September and the zip at the cuff broke last week so I took them back and they let me swap them out for a new pair no questions asked, I texted my wife about how much Dicks impress me. She was impressed too.
They run that big? I thought 52 = 34 in general.
He was not French (maybe French Canadian with an Americanized accent lol). Now that I think about I'm hoping he was just a bored bro fucking around.
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