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$500 for FBT's still too much? Fuck it. KAWPED.
 Fuck yes these are ill. Remind me of the inneva for some reason, pity the inneva hasn't had a decent colourway in a while though. Any info an a release date?
 tech shirts are at End now in grey and blue.
I asked this before but didn't get an answer, so I'm assuming that means a "no", especially since it wasn't listed in that tentative release schedule from a few pages back, but; Are the denim jackets going to production at all?
What's the consensus on Gant (particularly the Bastian line) shirting. TTS? Size Down? I only rugger outerwear and all of that is pretty much TTS but on the slim side, they have good sale prices on basic shirting but only have XL, which might be perfect or might be too big. Thanks.
Thanks man, think it'd be a bit too small in the chest but I might end up trying it anyway. I'll let you know.
Always thought Hard Graft make some pretty interesting wallets. I'm looking for one myself for coins/card/cash. Ilike the CDG 3100 but dimensions are still too big.  I'm probably gonna give one of these a try. http://www.hardgraft.com/collections/wallets/products/boxcardcase-heritage http://www.hardgraft.com/collections/wallets/products/coinfoldwallet-heritage
Awesome to see you guys on here. I have a question for you though, did you guys stop carrying Wings + Horns? Or just nothing presently in stock?
I always just go buy a cheap 3-pack of hanes undershirts and rock those until the crocking is pretty much done. Side bonus is you can get some pretty sick contrast on the undershirt too after a while. I did that with the indigo crew fleece from a few seasons ago and an indigo hoody from united arrows.
Good thing you don't have to worry. It's just been rescheduled.
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