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@conceptionist I Had those Marni's briefly and returned them. There is just something "off" about them on feet, which is a shame because the leather was really soft and nice and I loved the wedge crepe sole. I don't mind those Millers but the side profile makes them look really unbalanced. I really like these AKOG ones though so maybe you will too. I've debated picking them up several times but rarely wear derbies and already have 3 pairs, though nothing that...
Thanks for the tips guys.
@ChetB They just went up on kith. Fsr.
Yeah both. That sucks yours didn't but the navy 44's were all sold out at one point, so the pair you got would have been returned. Somebody out there is wearing dust bags on their feet fastened with laces.
@flowcharts thanks but I already picked that up earlier this season. I did get the green knit sweater though earlier today
Anybody interested in some Olive esco's, large, worn maybe twice?
Barney's followed suit and just dropped basically everything.
For the most part the pants fit large in the waist, I don't necessarily think you need to size down on everything (I go TTS) but you often can get away with going down a size, unless it's the suit pants or a slimmer leg.   So I'm still looking at the white denim, everywhere makes it look too white though, and I want more of an ecru, but the product shots at Just One Eye make it look like a really nice cream/off-white so now I'm debating them again (coincidentally the...
Well this would be a pair of finished jeans that are just too optic white, whereas I want more of an ecru colour. So the dye wouldn't hold? Maybe that's why the suggestions I found were for coffee as it would be more a "stain" than dye.
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