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I don't see any need to cycle it or load it.
For people with Mercer tanks: Is the pocket just sewn on simply? Would a seam ripper take it off without any issues?
Yeah I've looked at Washington, oregon and even BC (but that seems even crazier cost wise). I don't know much of CA outside of SF, LA and Monterey.
@lonermatt im assuming you are not a teacher and were just looking at that as an example pay scale. My wife is a teacher though. Do not move to the U.S. if you want to teach it's a fucking joke both monetarily and in practice. And yeah even though I wasn't at the beach daily or even weekly in Sydney I could look out my window and see the ocean, I got ocean breezes playing ball in my front yard, and if I wanted it was a 5 min drive away. I live on Denver before this and...
I'm in Central New York now. Like 5 hours from NYC, 2.5 hours from Canada/Niagara Falls. pretty rural. Beautiful in spring and fall, absolute asshole in winter. And I really miss having the ocean around. Been thinking of moving to UK as well (I have citizenship/eu passport). I wouldn't want to live in downtown SF or LA, but I wouldn't want to commute more than 30-40 mins either.
Lol, housing costs are basically the only thing stopping me from moving back to Sydney. Guess I won't be moving to CA either.
What's "H bar row"? Definitely get a landmine (cheap and a lot of uses). Pullup and dip bar I couldn't live without either.
Well that's why I was asking. I can't imagine somebody from somewhere with a lower income and lower cost of housing making that move successfully without already having a job in place and established equity. I'm from Sydney, my parents just sold my childhood home for 1.6mil and bought a new house for 1.1, my brother bought a run down 1960's house about 1.5 hours outside the city for 600k, meanwhile I bought a new home built in 2006 for considerably less than half that. Now...
So all you dudes spending insane money on housing in CA, are you all born and raised in the area (thus cost is not as jarring and I'm assuming pay is relatively higher)?
I cut my own hair (or let it grow for months at a time. I think the last time I paid for a cut must have been like 6 years ago. If only my son would let me use clippers on him...
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