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Forgot about this shop, they use to stock Geller but since they stopped I don't think I've been to the webshop. Lots of A Wang. 50% off everything. No exclusions. ITSLIT www.blkmkt.us
Crossarmed is probably the easiest work around, followed by this: But yeah just doing the movement will help a lot. Make sure the bar is sitting where it should and not rolling onto your delts (push your elbows UP), and try using different hand placement/width. It will be easier with a wider grip and only a few fingers on the bar. As you get better at it you can move your hands in a little bit and starting getting more fingers on.
Yeah but people do it because it's so easy. I've had it happen 4 times, I lost twice.
Yeah, some people won't have a problem from day 1, other people will find it impossible. Practice and repetition and it will get easier and easier. Just hold an empty bar in the rack position every day for a minute will help too.
Yeah I was just about to say Curcumin. That and a good fish oil.
15OFF for 15% Off at www.thebusinessfashion.co.uk No mention of exclusions but I haven't really looked yet. Decent selection of EG, Lanvin, RO...
Black denim in all 3 fits at maas and stacks - http://www.maasandstacks.com/collections/robert-geller
I had some of the tan suede tennis classic SP's from about 18 months ago. They were awesome, but I lost them.
It's the same one that he did last fall in grey and navy, ecole just has a lot of stuff from last fall for some reason. It's nice, I got it from Ssense for like 50% off. It's cut slightly short though, similar to the dip dyes from last fall.
45 if you want the right length and can deal with some tightness in the width (this will break in an stretch to an extent), 46 if you don't want to deal with them pressing on your toes and can deal with some extra length. @Bertdinner2 is 12.5 and wears 45's, I'm a 12 and wear 44's in Achilles.
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