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Oh hell no. I try to break it down into sets of 4, rest about 1 min at the start and then keep extending the rest until 3mins between sets. 4x15, 4x12, 4x10, 4x8 .... I have done the 100kg x 100 reps in 1 "set", as in never racking the bar, took like 14 mins though haha
It's not, when I first got into lifting my brother told me I should work up to 100kg x 100 reps. After I got there I moved to the US and everything is in pounds, so the 100kg milestone is 225lbs, so I figured I'd try that for 225 reps. I'm not even sure if it's possible, after 100 reps the pump is ridiculous and you start cramping hard, if you rest too long then you start feeling sick, if you don't rest long enough then you get all kinds of crazy spasms at the bottom. I'm...
Lol, my lifting goals are fucking weird. - Weighted pull-ups with 100lb x 10 - squat 225lbs for 225 reps (I have been trying to get this for ever and have never made it beyond 162, I usuallt attempt it about once every 4-6 months) - Bulgarian split squats with 120's x 10 - legit iron cross for at least 10 seconds
ime Trickers generally run 1 full size big. If you're a 10, take a 9 in Trickers.
End works for me, but End code apparently only works for "valued customers" at the moment. It's a "pre-sale", so I'm guessing the first 24 hours or so is only for people with registered accounts and order history, basically, if you didn't get an email from End it won't work until it's general sale.
Usually in places with some kind of commission/bonus you can just tell whoever cashes you out that somebody helped you (just point if you don't know their name), most of the time they actually ask you something like "did anybody help you out today?".
Uh, they did an additional % off sale last winter and last summer. It's not a code, just an automatic discount added at checkout, they're doing it right now on the warehouse site but they did it for the main site during the last two major sale periods. EDIT: fuck, maybe I'm thinking of the Warehouse. I ordered during both those sale periods and could have sworn it was the mainsite though.
I might be wrong. But I think markdowns end at 60, maybe 70%, but then they do an "additional x% off sale" at some point.
PS Trader Joe's had some thin sliced adobo marinated chicken for $2/lb and I bought all 11lbs they had. I cooked 5lbs yesterday, eating some now and it's pretty fucking delicious, I usually have to add a ton of stuff to make this kind of thing taste good. I wish there were more than 1 TJ's in my area so I could go and buy out all the other stores.
But it apparently has a strong carry over to bench and teaches a lot of the skills that are needed for other lifts (brace the core, squeeze glutes, upper back tightness, pack the neck etc). Every PLer I know except for one of them uses the OHP as one of their core bench accessory lifts.   All I really meant was I think there are better ways to hit shoulders if your goal is hypertrophy, if that's not your primary goal then I can see a strong argument for its use. 
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