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NN, John Elliott wouldn't fit that bill. Classics aren't long (slightly longer than a reg tee I guess), u neck obv doesn't have a small neck and the mercer is also a looser neck. Take a look at the Isaora merinos. Size down and they'll be plenty slim with a regular neck but still plenty long. If you go tts the neck is a little looser though. Can't think of much else
What's the contrast like on the plaster flight jacket? It seems a lot more subtle and there's no colour listed (just "contrast weft").
He's talking about various sale prices at various different retailers. Not the JE web store sale.
Neither. 30% most of the site (mostly excluded permanent collection/essentials).
Hmmmmm. Thank you. There's a pair of 34's on grailed that I would love to buy but he measures the thigh at 11" which seems like a no go. But measurements don't always tell the whole story.
@VitaTimH you have the navy speckled suit from '13 or '14 right? How do the pants fit? Are they pretty slim or does the pleat give it some more room?
 What were the 8 items? It's a dead link now.
Stans and Lavers don't look anywhere near as clean on feet as Achilles. I still prefer Bballs and tournaments but I have no problem seeing the appeal of Achilles.
same as achilles. I wear 44's in all other CP models with varying comfort but took a 45 in the rg boots just for some extra room.
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