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Acrimony stuff is up. Still waiting on somewhere to get those pleated pants in a 50 or 52
Yeah, a white short sleeve spread collar button up and dark blue (?) long sleeve collarless button up.
They said online soon, with more to come. They emailed me some photos but I wouldn't feel right posting them up. If you're talking about the pants off eBay I have a very bad photo (they need to be hemmed, the hems are raw and the lining which only goes to the knee is loose, they weren't "new with tags" like it said but for the price I paid I'm pretty happy. )
I got the pants off eBay. I still have no clue what they are but they are pretty great. Other shop just got their first few pieces for the Summer, said they'd be online soon but there is a collarless button up that looks pretty great.
Yeah that would have been the newer ones with the thicker, bulky midsole.
I have a strange and sudden desire for some CP track shoes. Are the newer ones really uncomfortable with the thicker sole?
Yeah the fisherman looked pretty loose weave and long in the sleeves and body on Totokaelo
Maybe try washing it a bunch. It's garment dyed, my cargos are a really rad faded charcoal after a half a dozen washes. I'm pretty sure that's the same fabric as the cargos/Sebastian/baracuda/onesie etc. I really wanted the cargos in the brick colour but afaik only @keanswon got a pair.
A few of the jp stores had it styled well too.
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