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I tried the XL and the shoulders were really narrow which made the chest fit weird and then the waist was really loose.
Lol, of course it is. Probably the exact same one i tried as well (from me porter, I think they still have it).
@cyc wid it What is it? I've been looking for something similar but the best I've found is LVC which fit me horribly.
Turtle necks are better when they are a loose, roll neck style. The our legacy and ami ones are pretty great. My favourite are the Nike funnel necks though 😬
Fuuuuuuuccckkkk the 52 B3 is still on NMWA at a hell of a price. Do I need to be the guy with 2 B3's?
So is all the nmwa stuff sold out? I've been trying to get on to the webshop on and off since Kyle gave the heads up and haven't got through yet.
Thanks, I'm just looking for both of their deodorant but just found an email and Baxter has 25% off their web store. Still need Aesop though. HOLIDAY25 for 25% off at Baxter of California.
I've been staying out of here during the sales but realize I need a few things and don't feel like going through the last 9 pages, so..... Can anybody tell me any spots that have Aesop and/or Baxter on sale? Pref east coast stores
Yeah I don't really know what else you could do. Fair enough feeling bad for the guy, I would too, but it's not your fault and based on what you said you couldn't have known. If vis don't have anything useful to say maybe somewhere like REI might know somebody that could do that kind of repair.
Why is that your problem? Is he trying to make you pay for the repairs or refund him or something? I'd tell him to contact visvim.
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