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You both had me worried before I looked but I like a lot of that. The rose print shirts Loose, cream pants and suit Round collar blazer/jacket hybrid thing is awesome Some Really nice knitwear and long coats too. So far all the designers I give a shit about have put on amazing shows. On another note I was really annoyed to see that the black suede boots from this SS17 are already out of stock in my size on mr porter, I would have had enough cash from them by the end...
Are the raw silk shirts still worth it in black? I have white, I like it a lot. Just wondering if it's wasted on the black. I feel like the dye process used on the silk shirts would make the texture a non-factor. Side note: The purple silk from this season looks epic, so maybe it's not lost on darker colours.
SFTM sale is live: https://songforthemute.com/shop/product-category/menswear/ Since it will inevitably come up; prices are in AUD.
Dope! That actually seems to fit pretty well. Even though OAMC can be print heavy and colourful there is definitely a strong element of minimalism that would fit with Jil.
Yeah SS16 so far is pretty miss. I'm sure it will pick up once more than just graphic tee's roll in though. And I do like the floral cuban collar shirt on End. If it wasn't below freezing right now I probably would've bought it.
Sold, tenatively.
I definitely need to get in on those boots at least from @SuspensionPoint   @Octopus72 The Lemaire webshop itself takes pre-orders occasionally but it works a little differently; at the start of the season they will post a lot of stuff but not everything is in stock, the stuff that isn't in stock is what they'll take a pre-order for. So you don't get to chose any different fabrics or colours other than what is offered, but I've never actually asked them about that...
I couldn't catch much from the live stream, but the images rolling in now look really good. Overcoats and knitwear in particular are what I've been looking out for. I like the strap derby that was used a lot. Those trousers with the hem tab and (zipper?) seam are dope but I can't really see the complete fit since they were all under long coats.
https://nowfashion.com/oamc-menswear-fall-winter-2017-paris-20727   1pm EST
I kind of like those white wallabee's actually....
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