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Yeah I guess so. I mean they've even got their Nike stuff so they can't be doing bad. I hits mean there aren't many stockists or much mention in North America.
Has anybody picked up the flannel popover long shirt yet? How's the fit compared to the SS linen/handkerchief long shirts? And are they thick/warm/soft enough for 40f fall days as a single layer?
Sacai is super underrated I feel. Roden Gray also have some pretty great buys this season of Sacai and OAMC. I love Union though especially since XL's are always bought.
Oh yeah I remember the shiny ones, Acrimony still had a pair a few months ago. I must have just been lucky to find a random pair or two at Barneys then if those were 2012.
SO CONFLICTED!        I want both, I have to wait til Monday anyway so, black, unless my mind changes by then.
Haha true. It's like not buying these because it's $15 shipping.
So much good stuff this FW. Add Tim Coppens to the last of insanity, especially that drop at Union LA (kimono coat... How long does something gave to be around before I can legit call it a grail?).
I was hoping Notre would get them to use the SF discount maybe east Dane will run a code soon but they don't take PayPal. I wouldn't count on markdowns though, most places seem to have pretty shallow buys.
What year were those black suede with the black crepe sole? They had like a really soft, floppy, unstructured frame? Aw14 I thought. Those were like 655. Edit: these. $621 according to forward, or are these the desert boots?. I thought they were a crepe sole, unless I'm thinking of a different year. I remember seeing them in Barneys in NYC but they only had small sizes. Either way yeah the price difference isn't really that much when your talking about 2/3k vs 3/4k lol
weren't the last side zips only in 2014? Have CP's really gone up that much since then? Anyway Meyvn in Chicago also picked up the black side zips (not online yet though).
New Posts  All Forums: