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Yeah I feel you. I need the blue insert roll neck and only 2 places ordered it in my size, and only 1 place ordered the mohair panel crewneck in the couloir I want in my size. I'm checking those 3 shops multiple times a day, waiting to pounce.
@Maxwellll the compression boots went up on dope factory a few days ago. EDIT: And the black ones are at collette, along with the bonded wool coat from the look you posted.
Geller chelseas sold out reeeeaaallll quick http://nomadshop.net/collections/common-projects/products/rg-cp-chelsea-waxed-suede-sand
The matches codes being discussed ARE referral links ($150 off your first order of $500 or more). It is not region specific, the money values just change (eg/ 50gbp off 300gbp or more)
The cropped patch pants look reaallllly good. I'm waiting for the insert rollneck first, which they told me will be delivered late July/early august. Once I've got that I can figure out what else I need, but cropped patch pants, flight sweater, flight pants, mohair panel sweatshirt are all musts. The articulated shirt jacket is amazing but is probably too much money for me.
@Mojo1990 it's this one: http://www.yoox.com/us/37899658TD/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80_m&cod10=37899658TD&sizeId=   And I agree the over shirts look great. I really regret missing out on last FW's collarless overshirt so I need one this time.
@conceptionist Here's an old fit from last winter with my flannel version (also the old buckle back suit pants).
Usually a 52, 54 maybe 1/3 of the time of its available. I need minimum 23" pit to pit, I'll measure chest and shoulders of mine when I ge home and pm you.
I have a 52 and the fit is ok. If he made a 54 I would buy that though. Mine is a flannel though so I always wear it over a t-shirt because it's itchy. The arms are slightly cropped by design, but it's more noticeable on tall guys like us. If you want I can take measurements of mine?
I'm a 34 and have 2 pairs of 50's, so I think you'll be fine but it's dependent on where/how you want to wear them. They sit fairly high on my hips and are fine with no belt.
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