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@Aidan K Yeah good work. Only thing that immediately caught my attention was how many steps you took to get ready to squat.
Everybody seems to be getting on those ervells. They look nice, but, how is the thigh? And is it a really fine mesh backed with a cotton or poly or something?
Thanks man.
What size did you get from Nomad? I want the 44's but don't have the dough right now. If that's what you got and you change your mind let me know.
yup. Four pins has those some pics and some info up too.   Down for those super long esco's, off white denim, long johns and bomber.... Speaking of bomber is that mesh track jacket thing still coming?
Typically wear tagged 33's and 34's that measure 17-17.5"
  Just saw the "collections" tab on the website. No idea how I've missed that all of these times.   Does all of the runway stuff generally make production? Both of those bombers (black and ivory) look great and those zipped cargo cuffed pant things like pretty interesting too.  I guess I'll keep my store credit instead of grabbing another pair of the track pants.
Carbon arrived today. I'm actually pretty stoked with the fit. Thigh is tight as expected but definitely wearable, and if it stretches a bit it will be perfect. Waist is loose because I sized up to a 34 to accommodate the thigh which also makes the low rise a little awkward but should work out as it stretches with some wear. Overall pretty happy for $160 (Roden Gray) and makes me feel like the coast will work with the newer fit.Denim itself is pretty nice. Soft and light...
Hooded wool coat is so fucking good I can't even handle it.
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