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Does anybody have one of these coats from ss13? Or anything in this colour?
They do, tried them at Barneys last week. They only had the tan in my size though and I'm pretty sure I want black.
Slips and Velcros on Ssense:   I like those slips but I like the grosgrain derby from last season more, and I still haven't bought a pair...
Damn I was waiting for those. For some reason I keep blanking on RG Denim when the pre-orders roll around. I still need off-white type 3's.
My office is usually 3 people, including me, if everybody shows up on a given day then we would still only have 7 total. I worked out of the S Carolina office for two weeks in Feb and there were 30 people every day and nobody did shit. But yeah I only work from home if it's a blizzard or something because I barely do any work if I stay home, even today it's me and 2 others and even though I'm on SF right now I'm still way more productive simply from being here. The...
No in store, online next week. New shit, and looking at the product photos there's a bunch of other stuff they haven't put online yet. They've had the Velcro highs online for a while but they are listed under CP's. Also Meyvn got the blue leopard photographer shirt, not my size of course They also got the blue/black striped short sleeve and a super rad cupro colour blocked short sleeve "taped shirt" Anybody seen that plaid pleat shirt anywhere else in a 52?
Assuming stretching = static stretches then yeah, to me it's always seemed like a pointless, border-line dangerous thing to do before training.   However I do see a lot of value in having a good, quick warm up that is actually relevant to what you're going to be doing.
Which chino do you have? The knee patch "worker" trousers from last few season or something closer to the current one?  I don't even remember chino's since like 2014 unless you're referring to the suit pants? I really wanted a pair of this seasons but after seeing them in retailers I'm torn. They look like absolute shit at Other Shop but they look pretty decent at Totokaelo, assuming it's the same pair.
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