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@GoldenTribe Yeah I get what you mean but if it's a low cost item then you're not out of pocket much and can always request a refund through PayPal if he doesn't ship. There's two things I want in there that I have asked questions about (a pair of shoes that has confusing sizes, he says on the front page it's a 13, the description says 12, the product photo shows 11, but it's not his photo) if ts 12 I want it but he won't answer. The other is a jacket for a really good...
You could buy it, if you think it fits it probably will. If not, relist it. I mean I agree that grailed has its issues, but if it's a shirt for cheap you won't be out much and there's a high chance it does fit.
Would you really.
It's not labor day yet.
Huh, I thought it would have been way more expensive. Thanks. Maybe it's just because I'm in a small town.
The sprays are only like $9, I figured that would be way cheaper than a cobbler or even a shoe tree stretcher thing.
Has anybody ever used a shoe stretching spray? Seems like there are a number of them, I have a pair of pebbled leather and suede creepers that are .5-1 size too tight, mostly in width and I never really wear them. I'm wondering if there is any legitimacy to them, Amazon reviews all seem to suggest it works.
I guess I'll keep an eye on the NNWA thread. The texture on the Inis looks way better than the current JE but the raw hem looks a lot better texturally, colour wise too, I'm wondering if it's wool or just a loose knit cotton.
@cyc wid it aren't they over now? It was NMWA right? I didn't know about them until saw yours I would have been in on one.
Is Suddenlee still absent or are they back up and running? I can't get the website to work.
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