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Coast in a few sizes for $220 (275) - http://www.machusonline.com/collections/sale/products/the-cast   Stadium jacket in S,M,L,XL for $439 (675) - http://www.revolveclothing.com/john-elliott-co-stadium-jacket-in-blackwhite/dp/JELL-MO19/?&d=Mens   I would cop stadium jacket if it was XXL dammit.
Yeah, I mean he still does do different things but it's almost always fabric/print oriented. Like the watercolour prints this year and the ocean print last year. It's still on a standard button up or cotton T though.
Ervell has always been conservative. His "core" has basically been the same few things his whole career (button ups, 5-pockets, pocket sweaters) with different prints and fabrics. He has 1-2 different things each season but for the most part his line is just basic staples. I have no problem with that though, Ervell is one of my favourite designers but I can't remember him being anything other than conservative, or "classic" if you prefer that term.
 I've never seen a pair that would threaten to stab your balls with every step.
  I mean.....
Yes, but they do run a 10% code for SF members. Check the affiliate thread, its SF10 or something.
That begs the question; how did he propose to his first wife.
Just got my Ivory/dove pocket sweater from Notre so I figured I would provide some info on fit compared to last season since people are always curious how it changes. Long story short it is basically the same fit as FW. Longer sleeves and an over all slouching fit. This versions a bit boxier but that's mostly because the supima isn't as "heavy" Ashe alpaca so the knit doesn't stretch and deal the same. Other than that it's practically identical as far as i can see and I'm...
If you have regular thighs/ass sizing down seems to be the way to go. If you have big thighs then def true to size. I have the 34x34 and am 6'2", usually a 34, with big thighs.
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