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Yeah it is, I can't tell if Ssense has the black version or if it's something slightly different, but I want the colour above.
@Arnold Grape AKOG is great, nothing amazing from a design standpoint but hardware, materials, cut and everything else is really really good on everything I have.
So aside from the flower print photog shirt (that seems like nobody has really ordered) I'm still waiting on: Lapelless blazer - Coat - Bomber - Blazer (?) -
True, I swear they told me they would have this season though. And a bunch of Dries and Jil and shit made it to 80% off too.
Wtf, that sucks.
Where should I check out in Sydney for jawnssss? I usually only really go to Supply Store (to buy) and Harrolds (to look), is there anywhere else worth going? Doesn't have to be CBD either, Chatswood/Ryde kind of area would be ideal.
Has anybody stopped by either Totokaelo lately and seen any new season stuff?
Yeah makes sense. I still don't own a convertible collar shirt (I'm waiting for one in his "dune" or "chalk" colours). And I really liked those SS17 trousers with the cinch details. Has anybody seen the popover overshirt thing yet? It's not in stock on the webstore yet (just product shots) but it seems like everything arrives at stockists first and then goes on the webstore a bit later.
Is the rope belt around at any other North American shops? SSense must have sold out and I can't get he order to through at 7 store.
Oh ok, it's too traditional or something?
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