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Right, I know it's a common saying. I didn't realize "bear" was the correct usage as in my rage of dealing with another delay all I could picture were a couple of grizzly bears scratching their back on a tree together.   anywayyyyyyy still pissed that this UPS guy won't deliver shit. I gave him my number last winter and told him if there's an issue getting down our road just call me and i'll meet him to pick it up in town.
Well shit, I just spoke to my wife (English teacher) and this is apparently a cultural thing. In the US "bear with me" is apparently the correct usage. I feel like an idiot.
I hate my UPS guy. 3rd day in a row he has claimed to not be able to deliver my package due to severe weather, there is no severe weather. I called the local branch to complain and they told me to use the online chat function (wtf?). I logged on and the guy asked me to "bear" with him. 
Schneider     Andersen-Andersen
Also found this one in a womens 40 (which is mens 50, correct?).   EDIT: forgot link https://www.theline.com/shop/product/kaftan_coat_grey_marl   What's his following like among women? Is he a lot more known on the womens side of things?
I might have to do that, I want to go tts and get a 52 so it will be truly oversized but if that's the only option I'll do it.
Give me it. Dammit I want one so bad.
Yes.. Boring. Please just buy it or stop talking about it though. What I really came here for: "Final reductions" at www.havenshop.ca Up to 50% off
I realize that, it's just not my thing. Tri colour Geller knit on the other hand? - how hasn't that thing sold out 10x over at that price? I wish he'd start making 54's or at least bigger 52's. All you regular humans need to buy that.
Took a look at NMWA now that I'm not on my phone and I assume you're referring to the IM undyed ecru knit with the bulls wool comment. Honestly, the buttons kill it for me, but those reverse seam Esemplare ones are interesting esp with the fact they have BIG sizes.
New Posts  All Forums: