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There are a lot of estate sales with some nice things, too, but also with numerous people looking for those same nice things.
  Good purchase. I'm with you - in Seattle, not enough time to work CL. I'd rather buy something on eBay for a decent price plus shipping than weed through all the CL stuff. Deals are near impossible.
  I didn't like the fit (they call it slim, it isn't), the obvious and somewhat gaudy selvedge placement, and the use of, what, 4 different thread colors per pair? They claim to be simple, and the cuts are "regular," but there's quite a bit of ornamentation. I'd prefer better cuts and less brand-identity details.
I got in on the first order of belts. They're ok. Nothing amazing, but ok for the money. I'd possibly get it again, which is more than I can say about the two pairs of jeans I got from Gustin. Not at all impressed by them - the hit in cut, and the multiple thread colors, aren't worth the lower price to me.
  This is the exact opposite of true.
Not the N&F - different ID.  
But that's bad people not bad structure. I know American developers that spend far more time screwing around on the internet than working. That doesn't mean I think that the class of American Developer as a whole is outdated, it just means I know people that need to be canned in order to change a bad culture in the group.  
I'm going to disagree with Medwed. Harshly. For a few reasons: Lower level employees may have more technical skills, but for many roles that hardly matters. They lack experience, which matters more Lower level employees don't have insight into the upper-level workings of the company. It's usually impossible to have this insight and actually do a day-to-day job. But, without that insight, one often can't prioritize Lower level employees don't have the...
  From bschool? Possibly. It really teaches you how to be something far more than how to do anything.
Pay close attention to whether they're judging you or pitching you.  
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