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how many posts on this forum until you have access to your full profile?
  Hmm, it is a matter of opinion, but in my situation the first thought to come to my head wouldn't be to chop up my only bank card. Kind of reckless, no?   More of a last resort if self control flees from me.
  My student card has an expiry date on it, for when I finished my degree.   That's how the buggers catch me out every time I try to use it.   It's a cruel world
  You know, as over the top as that may sound I might be forced to actually do that. Shopping is such an addiction that once it grabs me, rather than ending up with more clothes, I'm more likely to end up with not a scrap of material to my name. I've heard debt collectors can be harsh...   Globetrotter is it? Might have to take that hit for the greater good
Meggings are the worst creation known to man.
What's pissing me off? The fact that as a new graduate from university the first thing I lose is my student discount. There goes all potential celebratory shopping sprees. Compiled with that my bank suddenly made my account a graduate account, with an overdraft of 2k! I didn't ask for that. It's like everything is trying to compel me to fly into debt. Added to that I have a little voice in my ear, which is never content, always asking for an addition to my current...
  I think that you guys a being a tad too harsh. If I felt like I was wasting my time and didn't enjoy the work I would leave without a doubt in my mind, be hopeful and gamble that my personality and credentials will move me forward into a better job. I'm currently interning at an advertising company, but know that the company is not the right fit for me so looking to move my attention elsewhere. People are telling me to accept this opportunity and grind it out even if I...
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