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Did anyone have their "Japan Royal IDs" ship out yet?   were supposed to be out by early April and I'm wondering what's gong on 
beautiful photo!
 yesss currently wearing mine...I can feel my sperm count decreasing 
off topic I know, but do ESF oxfords come in collar sizes larger than 17? I think they used to. thanks
thanks man
QUESTION: I got the Heavy American from the grab bag in 35 slim. My first serious raw denim. I can button them all the way, but they are super tight around my upper thighs and butt. The waist isn't tight though - its actually pretty loose. Should I just accept that these jeans are cut for me - someone with a small waist and pretty big thighs./ butt? Thank you
Anyone have experience getting a BB corporate discount card sent to Canada?   I applied for one online with a code form some random site and it never came.
Do they make these in neck sizes larger than 17? 
Would anyone care to measure the thigh of their Slim Fit size 36 or 35s for me as shown below, rather than 2 inches down from the crotch as described in their 'Fit Guide'? Would be much appreciated.
 Thanks for the response! just ordered!
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