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Quote: In the beginning there was the Ownensia and the Manhattan. Solely for the benefit of archive-searchers: that model name is spelled Onwentsia.
Depends on the thickness of the shirt, and the presence and color of any chest hair. I think most of us can agree that you don't want to have distracting outlines etc. showing up under your shirt front. For me, that usually translates to a white crewneck T. I don't understand the tanks/wife-beaters/"A"-shirts, frankly, since anything sleeveless puts your armpits in direct contact with your dress shirt.
Sellers would do well to steer entirely clear of politics, IMO...why alienate half your potential market? Always puzzled me to see Bush or Kerry signs outside gas stations, shops, restaurants, etc.
Well, in my experience...safari/cargo-type shorts + DARK socks + athletic shoes or sandals = German, Danish, Dutch, etc. (I normally expect white crew socks (or NO socks) with this kind of garb here in the States.)
Hello, hello, operator? Yes, we're trying to get the fire brigade... No, the fire brigade. Yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes...what?.? Size 13. Yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... No, of course not. Yes... yes...
I'm very pleased to see a good discussion of belts. What do people here think of the offerings from AE? I have 2 in basic black and 'chili', and they're holding up quite well so far.
Quote: But seriously, how many straight guys do you know care about interior design? Always bugged me that we straight guys are supposed to validate our virility by preferring to live in a damp concrete basement lit by a bare bulb hanging from a rope. Our surroundings can be nicer than that, of course, but we're never supposed to care that they are, or take steps to ensure such circumstances beyond giving the little woman a blank check...
You know, some of us just ate lunch, here, and we'd prefer to hang on to it, thank you very much.
Quote: Maybe I will start filtering and systematically deleting all Jantzen related posts, so his business will slow a bit to give him time to work on my projects. Perhaps you can add to your block list all those helpful posts from kind souls who link to and gush about the ebay auctions I'm all set to snipe, as if ebay's search function had quit working.
'round these parts, there's plenty of NO 2 to be had by just breathing. And it lends such a lovely brown color to the horizon, as well...
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