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Quote: LOL. Based on what he wrote, Acole actually agrees with O'Reilly on 95% of the issues. Although apparently he doesn't realize it. Brian SD seems to have got it. I wrote from the perspective of an annoyed civil libertarian--annoyed, because I must've received at least 5 or 6 mass-forwarded e-mails replete with conservative carping from O'Reilly, Weyrich, and other usual suspects on the topic. It can be difficult to separate whatever points these...
Quote: Did I read that wrong, or did they type it wrong?? I think you read it wrong. The scammers switched the barcodes in the store before buying, then removed the stickers and exchanged the items for store-credit gift cards at their actual value. (As far as $5.99 vs. $599 goes, they probably weren't quite so brazen about it. If they were putting $399 stickers on $599 rugs, I woudn't be surprised if they sailed right thru checkout.) The reverse...
Key problems? One word: ampallang. If you lose 'em after this, believe me, you'll know about it. Might raise an eyebrow or two if you bring a date home, of course--and driving? Pull the seat forward. Like, WAY forward...
Quote: You can easily store 300 pairs in these, which is plenty for most people. So few???
Strange. When I try it, the final checkout screen has a big notice in red: "Please use specified credit card only for this promotion." The 20% discount is there, but so is $9.95 for standard S&H. The drop-down for "credit card type" lists only "Banana Republic". If I go back and use BRSTYLE2, I get the free shipping, and the usual full list of credit cards. Do you already have a BR card, by chance? Because if not, I'm mystified as to why we'd get such different results.
Just checked this out...with the LUXE code, they appear to require a BR credit card , and shipping (and sales tax) are still charged. If there's a way to use MC or Visa, I didn't see it. 'BRSTYLE2' is the code for free shipping over $125; it's valid thru 4/30/05. You can only use one code at a time. I saw a couple things I wanted, but not badly enough to apply for a BR card.
Too bad you didn't have more 18x37, Chuck. I don't get the appeal of collar stays made from MOP, silver, gold, or unobtainium. What's the advantage over simple brass or even sturdy plastic? It's not like anyone ever sees them (certainly not the @#%$ cleaners who press shirts with the stays in place).
I really can't say without seeing a photo of you. Argyle does have a kind of "senior citizen" resonance for me--mostly because I have an uncle in that category who wears it often. But there's not much risk in ordering from Sierra. If you don't like the way it looks or fits, just return it.
How about: Dressing well: You've covered all the minimum requirements--your outfit is appropriate, well-constructed, well-maintained, and not obviously cheap. And it fits. Stylish: You've mastered not just the technique (the IBM dress code, for instance) but also that intangible flair for good pattern matching, picking the best colors, and being conscious of the type of statement your attire projects. All this, you do "unconsciously" and invisibly, with a sort of...
"I'm going to Nordstrom's," of course.
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