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Just checked this out...with the LUXE code, they appear to require a BR credit card , and shipping (and sales tax) are still charged. If there's a way to use MC or Visa, I didn't see it. 'BRSTYLE2' is the code for free shipping over $125; it's valid thru 4/30/05. You can only use one code at a time. I saw a couple things I wanted, but not badly enough to apply for a BR card.
Too bad you didn't have more 18x37, Chuck. I don't get the appeal of collar stays made from MOP, silver, gold, or unobtainium. What's the advantage over simple brass or even sturdy plastic? It's not like anyone ever sees them (certainly not the @#%$ cleaners who press shirts with the stays in place).
I really can't say without seeing a photo of you. Argyle does have a kind of "senior citizen" resonance for me--mostly because I have an uncle in that category who wears it often. But there's not much risk in ordering from Sierra. If you don't like the way it looks or fits, just return it.
How about: Dressing well: You've covered all the minimum requirements--your outfit is appropriate, well-constructed, well-maintained, and not obviously cheap. And it fits. Stylish: You've mastered not just the technique (the IBM dress code, for instance) but also that intangible flair for good pattern matching, picking the best colors, and being conscious of the type of statement your attire projects. All this, you do "unconsciously" and invisibly, with a sort of...
"I'm going to Nordstrom's," of course.
topcat raises an interesting point about branding and expectation. I always like to go to the "B-93 sale" at the local REI, where unsold, remaindered, defective, and returned merchandise is sold to members at heavy discounts. The tag prices are already low, but about an hour from the end the sales staff begin applying further global markdowns: 25% off, 50% off, then 75%. So folks in the know get there early, shop quickly, and sit on the pile until 3:59. I got a $300+ pair...
Well, if they're knocking off CN, they're doing it BIG...775 CN items listed, from dresses to men's trousers to shoes.
I'm planning to unload some things I've acquired that didn't work out for me b/c of fit, style, color, whatever...from suits to trenchcoats to shoes. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to put together a set of listings for the pre-xmas rush. I thought maybe one of our regular sellers could weigh in on the best time to list (relax, I don't have enough stock to seriously compete with you ) Have you noticed your apparel sales taking a dive between Christmas Eve and New...
I'm heading to Vegas soon, and hope to hit some post-xmas sales. Anyone have recommendations or intel on local sale events?
Quote: New sale starting today. Some good buys Indeed. Now, fess up: it was one of y'all stole that blue/pink stripe 18" Dunhill spread collar shirt right outta my shopping cart, wasn't it? I put it in there, went to grab one more thing, and by the time I hit checkout some 90 seconds later, it was sold out. If you find a good deal at Sierra, don't screw around--they don't put holds on stuff just 'cause it's in your cart. The 10% code posted here...
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