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Quote: i actually put a small block of folded aluminum foil in the pocket before putting the square in. This raises the bottom of the pocket by about an inch, which keeps the square in place. ...not to mention the vast improvement in FM reception.
I've had very good results with these folks.  They're also in WA, but you can mail work to them, anything from moth holes to extensive alterations.  They just fixed an awesome 8-ply Scottish cashmere cableknit sweater I got as an absolute steal off eBay. A broken strand had unraveled to a quarter-size hole; they reproduced the knit pattern and spliced the yarn; I can't even see where the break was.
Some time ago Ricky made my wife a darted blouse of the same pink herringbone I had selected for one of my shirts.   Looks and fits great--although she hates ironing it.   I would suggest taking several photos (side, front, back) in a blouse that fits well and e-mailing them along with the measurements. search terms: OVAONP STUONP With the discount it's $117.50 for links and studs; the links alone are $60.  Sterling silver, real onyx + MOP.   I mean, if you WANT to spend $500, I'm sure you could, but I'm pretty happy with mine...
Quote: That thread makes me so angry. Well, clearly this emotional overreaction says more about you than the thread.  Why exactly do you harbor such resentment about kissing buttons? Quote: I hope no one answers my questions with line-by-line rebuttals. Ah. You "hope".  You obviously live in a fantasy world where everything goes your way.  Controlling personality, I'd say.  With a fetish for anonymity to boot.  I mean,...
I'm often amused by the creativity of some merchants in filling out the declaration. The latest example: a Brooks Bros. pima sweater-vest from Toronto; the customs label said "fishing loors".
Yeah, I let it go.  That's always been my intention for a bespoke/MTM suit if I were to visit Chan--a SB peak lapel with chalk-stripe.  Probably dark gray rather than black, which this was.  Trying to find matching trousers separately would've been pretty unrealistic.
If it makes a difference, Manton, it wasn't an academic question; I was pondering this jacket: I like the SB peak lapels and the chalk stripe...but of course there are no matching trousers.  
My impression has always been that one should not wear pinstripes as odd jackets, because they look like orphaned suitcoats.  Of course, I've also see a lot of pinstriped offerings by Banana Republic and the like which run counter to that rule. What's the consensus on a bold chalk-stripe on navy/black/gray?  "Must" it also be worn as part of a suit, or can it survive the untimely demise of its matching trousers?
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