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Where and when is the wedding?
Philip Car once suggested that I shine my saint crispin's model 523 in cru 607 with black polish.  so here it goes:   saphir reno pate de luxe in black and medium brown for the edges saphir brush high-shine dispenser chamois edward green buffing mitt   the process: -brush -apply reno with a chamois and allow to dry -apply black wax, first without water, then apply subsequent layers with some high-shine water -apply brown wax to edges with dauber -brush...
@RedDevil10 back at ya my friend
@jerrybrowne i'm sure they would have explained it but i didn't investigate...would be curious if you look into it more
 i THINK ~150 for the tassels but i would just ask your retailer  they aren't particularly flexible.  there was an option for a flex sole rather than single leather, but i thought the stiffness would lend itself slightly better to dressing them up a bit, and i'd never tested stc flex sole so i stuck with what i know.  the best part about the fit from trying them on a couple times is in the arch and heel.  i'm sure i'll have more to say about this after a few wears 
RogerP -- your chukkas are on the money.   i'm also a big fan of the croc adelaide on the 104/105.  upcharge isn't crazy, or at least i dont think it was on my tassels.   tchoy -- the burgundy is excellent.   here's a shot of my new loafers -- cheers    
Elongated yes, elegant no. I think it the screwdriver is harsh and angular. Strongly prefer the chiseled
Wurger, i would just wear the 522b to work...they're excellentStupendousI also don't wear much black. But I tend to prefer black when done in whole cuts and captoes. PB's whole cuts exemplary . I'd get the austerity brogue in brown or burgundy and make up the captoe in black. As for the grain, it's a question of how you intend to wear them. Aesthetically the detail is v nice though.
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