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For those in the Netherlands - how are the prices in-store in the Netherlands compared to the US online, in general?   I've walked past the store in Hengelo in the main square there but I never went in, so on my next trip in January I hope to purchase a suit there if the price is right.
  This is an OTR suit with no alterations. Pants of course need to be shortened,.   Thanks in advance for your comments. I hope the lighting in the pics are ok.
 There's a joke in there somewhere just waiting to burst.
 Awesome resource - thanks! I will try to hit some of those spots next week - should be interesting!
I know this is a long shot (I mean a really long shot) - but if there are any Finns here, are there any places to thrift in Helsinki?
 I won't offer any platitudes, just wanted to say best of luck with your ongoing search. I've been in that situation before (haven't we all?).
Again, not a huge amount this week. Starting first with availables.   Charles Tyrwhitt tan captoes, almost new condition, size 7.5 UK, which is what, about 8.5 US? I always associated Charles Tyrwhitt with shirts, so I wasn't sure if I should pick these up. But I had it in my cart, and one fellow thrifter comes up to me and starts talking to me how nice the shoes are. He made up my mind.  Doesn't fit me (about 0.5 size too small, dammit), so available. Would like to...
 That is awesome! I always wonder when there's a bunch of similar sizes whether it's all from the same person, especially three Brionis... All I found was a cashmere Canali sport coat this weekend...
It's awesome to see some continuity from the early days of this thread. I am glad you are still around... I wonder if j, the guy who started it all with post #1, the Creator of the greatest Style Forum thread of all time, is still around?
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