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Quick question - considering picking up a pair of the Patriots.  How is the instep on these compared to the PAs (which is borderline too low for me).  And, how would I size on the 606 vs. the 5 last?  Thanks.
 No one has gotten darts put into their shirt(s) at a tailor they can recommend?
Could someone please recommend me a tailor from their personal experience that does a good job with shirt darts?  I have a new T&A shirt I need darts for so would rather not chance it.  Preferably in Midtown area.  Thanks in advance.
Better OTR Tuxedo: Suit Supply or Polo Blue Label?  Anything better to consider in the <$1,500 range?  Needs to be from an NYC store as I need one ASAP.
Looking for a black tux, 42L, prefer peak lapels.  Something like PRL would be great.  NYC only - need this for an emergency black tie wedding.  Thanks.
 Thank you. Sizing question -- I wear 12.5EE on the AE 5 Last.  The fit is pretty bad -- they fit ok in the toe box but slip too much in the heel.  I'm more of a 11.5-12E.  Looking at the Inca last for Carmina's Oxfords / Dbl Monks.  How wide is this last really in the toe box relative to the heel? I've had a really hard time finding any Oxfords that fit well.  The only shoes I would say ever fit comfortable for me are the standard Gucci horse bit loafers in 12D, and that...
Does anyone else in NYC carry Carmina besides The Armoury?
Could someone kindly directly me of where I can reliably park $1,500--$2,000 per suit from an MSRP perspective.  Thank you.
 How much should they be let out around the calves?  Is there a good guideline?  Also, how do I balance this with the thigh/hem width?  Seems I can't bring in the thighs and then bring out the calves at the same time, and can then only shorten the hem width?  Or am I misunderstanding? I'll be going to another tailor bext time, but I at least want this one (SF approved and praised btw...) to finish the job right (3 suits).  I think I'm done with NYC tailors in general....
 I can't seem to get my point across by saying just that.  The thigh/bottom feels way too wide.  Waist and length feel ok.  One issue is that the pant bottoms are flapping all over the place when I walk.   Also, I don't know how best to describe this but the back bottom of the hem doesn't sit "flush" with the back of my shoe - I don't know if it should or not but the near 1" of spacing seems too much.  I'm not sure if that's intentional or a result of the thigh/leg being...
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