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Quick question -- did anyone ever have success sizing down and going wider on the 5 last?   I started out with a 12D (PA), way too tight near the toe box.  12E was still too tight after about ~6 wears (Strands).  12EEE was way too big.  12EE felt ok at first, but now feels too big in the front.   I wonder if I should have gone down to 11.5 and went wider (EE or EEE).
I've finally switched over all of my work shoes to AEs (after getting the size right). Currently rotating the following:   PA - Black PA - Brown Strand - Walnut   The PAs are both worn with formal suit and ties and the Strands get worn on Friday with a business casual outfit.   I'm looking to get 1-2 more pairs.     Any recommendations on "essential" colors/styles that I'm missing?  I'm thinking of something in Chili or Bourbon.  I almost wish I got the Strands...
Thinking of grabbing the 222 in Green from the Soho store in NYC.  Any place cheaper online that is legit?  I need it fairly soon so unless I can get a good discount I don't mind paying full retail.   Thanks.
Greetings SF, Had this shirt made while on a trip to HK.  What do you think about the fit?  It is darted BTW as there's generally no way to achieve a slimmer waist look with my body type without the shirt becoming overly feminine looking in the hips.  I'm generally happy with the fit but feel the sleeves/shoulder area could be a little bigger?  Also, apologies for the wrinkles, it's been an all-nighter at this point.
Can someone recommend me a classic looking cap toe that's made on a wider last... I've only really tried the AE Park Avenues (in both D and E) and the toe box has been way too narrow for my feet (I'm naturally an 11.5E, and don't really have this issue in loafers).  Would like to keep price under ~$600.  Thank you.
Better all-around casual shoe to buy for this summer?   JCrew Suede Kenton Bucks in Boulder   https://www.jcrew.com/browse/single_product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441834277&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302082192&nav_type=PRMNAV&bmUID=krB4a1A   or   OSB Beefroll Penny Loafers in Natural   http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/natural-chromexcel-beefroll-penny-loafer
I need a recommendation of where to get a good casual (for jeans and chinos) leather belt in NYC.  Want something that's ~35mm in brown leather with a traditional style buckle.  Thanks.
Finally washed my NS after 6 months in a front loaded washing machine with Woolite black on the delicate setting.  Hung them up to dry after.  They look like absolute dog shit now.  No fading at all - a really nasty rough dark denim color.  Some shit you would get from Wrangler at Walmart.   Also, one word of advice.  If these are tight around the crotch/seat, they will BARELY stretch enough to be comfortable enough to justify for everyday wear.  The only place these...
Thoughts on fit of this jacket?      
All,   Have a quick question -- can anyone comment on the Colburn English tweed Ludlow sportcoats (especially this season)?  From what I understand reading about Ludlow suits here (albeit dated reviews)  the full price tag doesn't justify the quality but I've been looking for some cheaper sportcoats for nights out on the town (that I don't mind spilling a drink on) and for ~$150 new I'm thinking about ordering one.  Any thoughts?
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