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  Can't decide which ones to keep - Carmina 732 on the Rain last or the AS Armfields on the 109 last.  Both fit amazing.  The Carminas are a bit more sleeker.  Really love the fit and quality from these two brands considering the price point.   I think I can justify keeping both - I have enough formal meetings during the week where I need a pair of black cap toes and it's not exactly a shoe that's ever going to go out of style.
Gents, wanted to confirm something:   Which Carmina lasts offer the highest instep - Rain and/or Inca?  Is there anything higher in a balmoral oxford cap toe or a double monk? And could someone please compare their Carmina insteps to other lasts such as the Alfred Sargent 109, AE 5, C&J 236.   Thank you in advance.
 Thanks, I really appreciate your help, One final question -- how is the quality of the AS JCrew shoes compared to the Exclusive line?
 109 Last.
 But if I'm going down 1/2 a size in the Armfields shouldn't I get the same UK size in the Ramseys as my US size?
Another quick sizing question -- How is the fit of the Ramsey (99 last) vs. the double monks that J. Crew offers (87 last)? Also, are the sizes that J. Crew has listed on their website 1/2 a size down from the written UK size on the shoe (e.g. US 12D = 11.5F UK)?  Thanks in advance.  I actually should have taken this advice for the Armfield vs. what AFPOS offered (sizing a full size down).  Hopefully the cobbler can stretch them enough.  I'm probably going to purchase the...
Selling a like-new Borrelli dress shirt in a staple blue.  Size 17 slim fit.  Spread collar.  It's too small for me after trying it on once.  $100 shipped.
Gents,   Have a quick question.  I've had some back luck recently with oxford / brogue cap toes fit.  I've tried numerous models, including the:   AE Park Avenue (5 last) AE Strand (5 last) C&J Connaught (236 last) AS Armfield (109 last)   The issue I have is that I will get sized up in a store (I'm a ~12D/E US), the shoes will feel pretty much perfect in length and width, and as soon as I start walking on the street for more than 5-10 minutes, the shoes will...
For sale is a pair of AS Exclusive Armfield in Oak.  Size 11F UK.  These will come with AS-lasted shoe trees. dust bags and original box.  I received these this past Tuesday from AFPOS and unfortunately they are too small (realized this after a single wear).  They are in perfect like-new condition.  I'm selling them for $350 SHIPPED CONUS.
Hello gents,   After spending thousands of dollars on ill-fitting shoes, I've come to the conclusion I need something tailored to my rather unique feet.   I have a few quick questions (I tried searching but was unsuccessful):   1.  What is the major difference between MTO and bespoke - is a unique last actually created for your in the bespoke process vs. the shoemaker/company trying to find the best-fitting (existing) last from their current lineup to fit to your...
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