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 How much should they be let out around the calves?  Is there a good guideline?  Also, how do I balance this with the thigh/hem width?  Seems I can't bring in the thighs and then bring out the calves at the same time, and can then only shorten the hem width?  Or am I misunderstanding? I'll be going to another tailor bext time, but I at least want this one (SF approved and praised btw...) to finish the job right (3 suits).  I think I'm done with NYC tailors in general....
 I can't seem to get my point across by saying just that.  The thigh/bottom feels way too wide.  Waist and length feel ok.  One issue is that the pant bottoms are flapping all over the place when I walk.   Also, I don't know how best to describe this but the back bottom of the hem doesn't sit "flush" with the back of my shoe - I don't know if it should or not but the near 1" of spacing seems too much.  I'm not sure if that's intentional or a result of the thigh/leg being...
Need some help communicating with my tailor on the trousers he just made me. Would like a slimmer fit.
 Thanks. Does anyone have simple care instruction for the Amber Harness leather?  I was going to follow the RW oiled leather instructions on their website, using their Leather Cleaner and Boot Oil, on a monthly basis.  My Chipps I generally just clean with a combo suede brush and then apply Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP, but those boots are a much rougher leather texture.
 Thanks. Is the IR last narrow i.e. should I be lookin at maybe also trying a 11.5EE as well, or don't bother? I'm debating ordering 11EE, 11.5D and 11.5EE from Zappos, and keeping the best fit.
Can someone assist in IR sizing, I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews on how to size down online.   For reference my sizing in the following:   Chippewa boots - 11.5D Nike sneakers - 13D AE 5 Last - 12EE   Can I size the IRs similar to my Chipps?
Debating picking up the black/walnut from DWR right now.  $3,875 at the moment before tax (15% off + free shipping on all HM).  I wonder how much more I would save holding out buying a brand new one from a reputable dealer.  Guessing a few hundred at most?
Thanks. Should I go Neutral or is the Dark Brown ok for the PA's?
Folks, have a quick question:   Which AE polish/cream do you recommend for a pair of PA's in Dark Brown Burnished Calf? I want to preserve the original color with a subtle shine.   I'm thinking of picking up the Dark Brown Shoe Cream ($8 on AE's website):   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF560_1_40000000001_-1_507   Thanks in advance.
Quick question -- did anyone ever have success sizing down and going wider on the 5 last?   I started out with a 12D (PA), way too tight near the toe box.  12E was still too tight after about ~6 wears (Strands).  12EEE was way too big.  12EE felt ok at first, but now feels too big in the front.   I wonder if I should have gone down to 11.5 and went wider (EE or EEE).
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