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Gents,   Does anyone own a pair of the the 80444 brown captoe derby?  I sized up 1/2 size on the Rain oxfords to account for the instep, and I am wondering if I should go back down 1/2 on the 80444 bluchers?  Thanks.
Does anyone here own the 80444 Rain derbys?  How would you recommend sizing from a Rain oxford?  Thanks.
Have a BNWT Woolrich Arctic Parka DF in Dark Navy XL.  This is the latest model (style #WO1674) being sold by Woolrich in the US.  This is from the John Rich & Bros line which features a much slimmer cut than Woolrich's traditional line.     Asking for $450 + shipping.  Prefer local pickup in NYC.  Given the weight of the parka, shipping shouldn't cost more than ~$15-20,...
 Carl, anyone you can recommend to re-line?  Thanks.
 I've shopped around and it seems the average price is actually about $250.  Still a lot, but it's a pretty big job, since the entire lining needs to be replaced.
Can anyone recommend a shop to get a wool topcoat re-lined?   Also, how much should I be looking to spend?  I understand it's a pretty big job.  I've been quoted ~$400 by my usual alterations shop so am not sure if that is the norm.
Quick question - I am a C42 in a Beaufort I purchased a while ago (I believe 2009).  I have some JCrew gift cards and was looking at the Ashby jackets, but am unsure of the sizing given these run S - XL.  If the sleeves of the C42 fit me well, should I go for a L or XL in the Ashby?  I don't mind if the waist & chest is a bit boxy, as I tend to wear my Barbour open.  Thanks.
 It's wider at the heel and narrower in the toe, at least to me.  I find this to be the issue w/ the Rui as well, even more so. Also, which AE last are you talking about?  If it's the 5 (Park Ave, Strand, et al), that is a narrow to begin with, but uniformly narrow.  The Hiros also have a higher instep.
 I feel like the Hiro is too wide at the heel for a "standard" E last.  I'm btwn a E-EE and I get heel slip on all my Hiros (UK 11.5) while the toe box is slightly narrow. They really need to come up with a truly standard last.  Carmina's Inca / Rain lasts work much better, IMO.
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