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 It's wider at the heel and narrower in the toe, at least to me.  I find this to be the issue w/ the Rui as well, even more so. Also, which AE last are you talking about?  If it's the 5 (Park Ave, Strand, et al), that is a narrow to begin with, but uniformly narrow.  The Hiros also have a higher instep.
 I feel like the Hiro is too wide at the heel for a "standard" E last.  I'm btwn a E-EE and I get heel slip on all my Hiros (UK 11.5) while the toe box is slightly narrow. They really need to come up with a truly standard last.  Carmina's Inca / Rain lasts work much better, IMO.
 How dark is the wedding suit?  Personally, I think the whole walnut / chestnut / whatever other similar color looks really, really bad with a navy or blue suit if it's too dark. I would just go with those black wholecuts for your wedding shoes, personally.
Condition: Brand new in box.  Comes with original Meermin dust bags. Size: 11 UK (normal E width) / 12 US Last: 'Ron' Color: Dark Brown Material: Calf Leather Style: Tassel Loafers Sole: Single leather Model #: 101381   $145 shipped CONUS.
For sale is a brand new Meermin dark brown calf leather dress belt.  Size 36 / 90; 35mm width.  Selling because I ordered the wrong size, and it's too costly to return back to Spain.  $50 shipped CONUS with tracking.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
 I wouldn't even be able to get the heel off the ground if I sized the same as the Hiro.  I think it's really poor service on their part not to have some kind of a disclaimer for the Ron sizing on their website.  I contacted them yesterday about it and got their default return instructions as a reply.  Great value, but not the best customer service, and this isn't the first time.
 I tried getting fit advice in this thread for the Rons but no one seemed to have a suggestion of how to size down.  I was going by their website and they described the last as a standard E last.  I just can't believe how much heel slip there is.  My foot is literally falling out of the shoe. All of my Meermins are on the Hiro (11.5) or the Rui (11) lasts, and fit fairly well.  The Rons are just way too wide in the heel, IMO, while being standard E in the toe box.  Sizing...
Does anyone else own any of the loafers on the Ron last?   I sized 1/2 down from my Hiro size, and the heel slip is still insane.  The toe box feels fairly similar to the Hiro.  I'm not sure who can actually fit this last.
Does anyone own these suede PBTs?   https://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4589   The only Meermins I own for comparison are their brown DMs.  I know both shoes are built on the Hiro last but I'm wondering if the PBTs will naturally be more roomy b/c theyre bluchers?  I'm an 11.5 in the DMs and they fit pretty well, but could be slightly snugger.  Toebox fits pretty much spot on.  The PBTs are also suede.  Debating wether I should get 11 or 11.5 in the PBTs.   Also,...
Svensson Classic Low Navy Leather Sneakers size 45 (US 12).   Made in Italy.  Leather quality & construction similar to CPs.   They also fit similar to CPs but wider in the toe box. Worn once.  In perfect condition. Looking for $140 shipped CONUS.
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