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Hat: Topo Desgins Shirt: LL Bean Signature Jacket: EG FW13 CPO Grey Herringbone Unevenly Cuffed Pants: Outlier Shoes: Rancourt
 Some of us have another polar vortex to look forward to this winter, and bros are copping heavy wool garments for LA and Phoenix....in August nonetheless .  Am I missing something, more of a collectors item, resale?
Looking to order a pair of heavy wool flannel trousers for F/W.  Can anyone recommend mid-light grey pant fabric, or should I wait until they release their new Fall fabrics? Are the 16oz options thick enough for a winter trouser or should I look at something in the 20oz range?
Black Polka Dot Brushed Twill Robe is pretty cool, good long layer alternative to the shawl. cotton 100% and for $324 from Nepenthes NY  
Can anyone compare the Grey wool herringbone from fw14 and fw13?  They look pretty similar and am wondering if they would match or be slightly off.  I have the fw13 CPO and am thinking about these E1 pants to match.  Thanks 
Anyone carrying the Hooded Padded Vest yet? or are we too far from winter still.    Thinking about this look 23  
Anyone have info/pricing on this belted shawl robe jacket?  Think i also saw one in a grey tweed wool in the look book as well, not sure.  Looks very rare/cozy.  
    SS14 Aviator Jacket Iridescent Olive Save Khaki Pants Rancourt beefrolls
  ss14 Landsdowne Jacket in Heather Grey Oxford Uniqlo linen tee ss14 Charles Pant in Heather Grey oxford Rancourt Beefroll Pennys
Placed order for one shirt on the 20th shipment on the 28th! Very nice
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