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Hello ihs, yes I think the shirt looks too formal even though length is ok. But probably looks good unbuttoned (top one or tw o buttons)
What is the tee ?
Thx man nice fit ! Ok that jacket is not the same as I got, very different. The size fits you though. Mine is too big im returning it. Thank you
Ok so lets stop here, damn! lol u guys are reading wayy too much in my snarky comment too, then !
He didnt say they look like shit he said you cant wear em in 2013
i agree Stitches that the 'who cares about fashion' comment was pure gratuitous provocative non-sense lol. I just meant it bothered me that someone seems frustrated just because a poor lad was wearing cargo shorts in 2013 !
you are mixing up fashion and styleStyle doesnt have to follow a specific trend. Fashion does, by definition.Who cares about fashion
i think that is Jet's best post.
I like the subtle shift from dirty grey to dirty parma though. The glasses really make the fit imho, the smoke makes a very nice reminder of te pants colour, no ?
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