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That collar suits you. Necktie drapes nicely too. IMO.
@TheoProf Have you ever considered shirts with spread/semi-spread collars? Like me, you have a relatively long neck and I feel that the narrow pointed collars you wear exaggerate this feature even further / too much.
Surprised to hear you say Hiro. I was sure they were Elton (chisel toe).
Also, that shirt collar is too large for that jacket. That said, I've been looking for a shirt with a similar collar in terms of height and width. Where'd you get it?
Pretty much common knowledge that their stuff is made in China and finished in Spain. I own two pairs of Meermin shoes and paid 160 euros per pair delivered. If I were to buy a similar pair of shoes from, say, one of the Northampton shoemakers, I'd have had to shell out upwards of 400 euros for similar quality. Pity you weren't happy with the belt, but being made in China shouldn't be a dealbreaker in and of itself as long as the quality is up to par, which it generally is...
Redwing Beckman are 266 euros delivered (reduced from 355 euros) on Asos.com today. Use promo code 20EXTRA. Seems decent value, especially for people in Europe.
Just received a pair of Classic Line double monks in Meermin's Hiro last (this pair to be precise: http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1949)   I was measured as a UK9.5 in a Church's shop recently and wear UK10 in Nike, Vans etc. and a UK9 in Doc martens.   I ordered the Meermins in UK9.5 and they fit very well, perfectly in fact.   They seem a very decent pair of shoes to me and having inspected a pair of Church's custom grade double monks today, I reckon the...
Hey All, long-time lurker, first time poster etc. etc.   I've put in an order for a pair of the classic collection, black calf double monks (http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1949) and was hoping for some retrospective assurance regarding sizing. In return, I promise pics upon delivery.   I've zero experience with nice shoes - closest I've come is a pair of Made in India Loake loafers that are in absolute tatters. I'm pretty sure they're a size UK10 (though I...
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