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Don't wear a white bowtie with a tuxedo. +1 on the above
I prefer navy to grey.
Try asking this in the Saint Laurent Paris thread.
On that note, can anyone else share their experiences with the 11028 last? Looking at the Wilson Chelsea boots Cheaney makes for Herring.   I asked this in the Herring thead, and received an answer that stated he sized down 1.5 sizes; anyone else done this?
Fixed the model name for you; I prefer my chelsea boots to be snug when new. Also, pictures please.
I think they're a bit tacky, but I don't like exotic leather so take that into account.
Doubt it.
Depends where the shirt's tails (the bottom oft the shirt) ends, if it's below your crotch, you should tuck. I think that shirt would look nice tucked into dark jeans though. Next time you should ask a question like this in the "Ask a question, get an answer thread".
New Posts  All Forums: