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There's only so many times one can make a gay joke before people start questioning which way one bends.
GreenFrog really needs to get a male hooker.
Acheive muscular hyperthrophy, eat extra brotein and +500 calorie surplus. Become swole.
Those Sirens will try and get you too.
Running is also terrible for the knees.
I scored 41 and not privileged :/. I guess having an invisible physical disability, being bisexual and white middle class male and history of depression  took my "privileged" privelege away. I find the "i have not been raped" incredibly insensitive and fucking insulting to rape victims. Men can't be raped right?
Whoa! Check your thin privilege!
"Hey everybody! We're all gonna get laid in SirReveller's bathroom!"
We shouldn't teach people to think critically about society?
I certainly don't disagree.
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