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 What's wrong with pink dress shirts? +1 anyway.You're not going to get anything Styleforum approved for $250; better off hitting up thrift stores. Get the best shoes you can afford; goodyear welted and calfskin. Meermin Mallorca, Kent Wang, Allen Edmonds, Loake 1880 for starters.
Not ideal, but wearable.
What is the sweater made of? It might fit a bit better after a run through the wash.   But you're really better off asking about brands made for your physique.
Indeed it was.
It fits fine. You're overthinking this, no?
I have 3 questions:   1) Reading through this thread, it seems that the Macquarie/Narrow toe is not as sleek as it used to be, at least from comparing Ironist's boots to the ones posted in 2010 and before. Is this true?   2) Is the French veal calf as scratch/scuff hazard as everyone says it is?   3) Is it possible to order the "Balmoral" side zip boot on the narrow toe last?
I like the Addison and Rockford models.
Try a reverse google image search.
Even tropical wool? I thought that would be the crispest/sharpest fabric out of what I suggested.
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