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Walking on a Cloud on Yonge and Richmond has Loakes, although it's mostly the corrected grain offerings and laughably overpriced.
Heels just a tiny bit higher than I would wear but get the boots definitely.
Work your lats more, and cut out the sugar in your coffee. Don't get discouraged, I'm 22 and I have trouble with my weight as well.
Does the invitation state explicitly the bride and groom want jacket and jeans? If so, I'd wear the second pair of jeans linked with a lighter jacket. Perhaps something like a medium grey herringbone jacket if you have something like that. Mind you, I'm biased as I don't like navy sport coats with dark jeans. Alternatively, I'd switch the jeans for a pair of tan/khaki chinos or grey wool trousers, the tie will look better with those combos; think of an outfit where you...
Your proposed outfit is going to look like a pseudo-suit because your jeans and the jacket are very similar in colour and shade. Additionally the jacket looks like part of a suit. The buttoning rule is the same for a (single breasted) suit jacket is the same for a blazer and sport coat, top button only on a 2 button or middle and top optionally on a 3 button jacket. The inside rule is nonsense. The jacket should be buttoned when you're standing, unbuttoned when you're...
Made to Measure is your friend. Search around the site for Made to Measure suits.
Quality is good for the price as far as I've read. Mainline stuff is cut large so you may want to size down, although they have introduced a line of slim fit shirts.  Signature Line is cut slimmer than traditional and "fitted" fits. Don't know about American Apparel quality.
Your welcome
Cheaney for Herring. Markowski Loake 1880 (and some Shoemaker range shoes) Cheaney Septieme Largeur Magnanni (Decent).
The desert boot will work with both jeans, the wingtips will look best with the dark wash pair. You're not going to receive any love for the light wash pair of jeans however.
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