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I'm only a Millenial special floral shit myself, but may i suggest smashing their smartphones and and other contraptions and telling them to talk to their friends in the fucking flesh?
I imagine bionic eyes will be available by the end of the 2010s. Cyborg steez.
 They do offer some calf leather shoes in their Shoemaker range. The "Tweed" and "Ayr" models are calf leather for instance.
Dark brown shoes would be best, preferably a captoe oxford or plain toe derby.   Examples   http://www.loake.co.uk/loake-1880/toe-cap/aldwych.html   http://www.loake.co.uk/loake-1880/plain-tie/cornwall.html   Next time however, you have a question like this, go to the "Ask a question, get an answer thread".
How's the service? I've heard nothing but horror stories.
Well, your guide to killing cockroaches was sudden and unexpected, as well as unnecessary. Also, you necrobumped the thread needlessly.
1. Paragraph breaks, use them. 2. Condom, ALWAYS. 3. The broad is nuts, which should have been your first warning to stay the fuck away.
Your best bet is a made to measure source.   Try Modern Tailor, Ratio Clothing and Proper Cloth for starters.
Nice! Last picture looks the closet to what I see on the Loake website.
The obvious solution is to get both! Burgundy shoes go just fine with dark denim, you have to decide for yourself whether you like the combo or not.
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