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 Which cloth did you get?  There's no information available on their web-site. Cheers, Ac
 Yes, a number of students have contributed, and all are welcome. Cheers, Ac
 Terrific.  Thanks. Cheers, Ac
Any plans to re-stock the Saphir Mirror Gloss wax polish?   Cheers,   Ac
 A lot of people, me included, have had this problem.  I remember at one point measuring the buttonhole size on a couple of OTR shirts (I can't remember what brands) and found that Luxire's is indeed slightly smaller.  Just describe the situation in your notes when you order. Cheers, Ac
Congratulations @Rais .   What's next?   Cheers,   Ac
  If I recall correctly there's precedent for that in this thread …  Cheers, Ac
@eHaberdasher,  the last time I checked your web-site you had sold out all size 34 sport coats.  Will you be restocking these?   Thanks.   Cheers,   Ac
Not today, but I've gotten such an e-mail from them in the recent past. Cheers, Ac
 Yes.  It’s their 60/40 "Linen Cotton Canvas" in cream; I’ve also got a pair in tan.  They go well with linen jackets but with a lot less wrinkling than all-linen trousers. Cheers, Ac
New Posts  All Forums: