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Yes, I miss Holdfast's contributions.  He was an astute observer of the class and social implications of dress and the psychologies involved in these.   Cheers,   Ac
 I’m involuntarily cringing just thinking about it. My condolences. Cheers, Ac
On a related but independent point …   People think that what they see when they look in the mirror is an objective representation dependent solely on the impingement of photons on their retinas.  It’s not.  It’s the brain’s highly processed and thus subjective interpretation of that raw data.  In truly pathological cases the subjectivity can be life-threatening—victims of anorexia nervosa, for example, truly see a fat person when they look in the mirror, while most of...
 (1)  I fully agree that that a gentleman doesn't go around drawing lines on other guys' crotches without the other party's consent ... (2)  You wrote:  "my view is 'if it looks good, it is good'." That's everyone's view, not just yours.  The disagreement was over whether PandArts jacket does, in fact, "look good" as it stands, or could be improved.  Those of the latter persuasion were simply offering some reasons for their opinion. Cheers, Ac 
 Yes, but it's not just too short:  it's overall too small.  Note, e.g., the pulling at the button.  I'd wager that if we had a photo of the back we'd see some pulling at the shoulder blades as well.  The effect of these purely geometric considerations is psychologically exaggerated in this case by the very narrow lapels.  Those, of course, are a personal choice. If it were my jacket (and I wish it was) I'd consider going up a size. Cheers, Ac
 Nice overall; in particular I like the shirt and jacket fabric combination. To my eye the jacket is a bit too small for you, however.  It could, in part, be the camera angle, but I don't think that's the whole story. Cheers, Ac
Has his father's eyes ...   Cheers,   Ac
FC cross post   Autumn:  blue herringbone tweed jacket with pleated pockets/grey flannel trousers/burgundy Bluchers.   Cheers,   Ac            
Autumn:  blue herringbone tweed jacket with pleated pockets/grey flannel trousers/burgundy Bluchers.   Cheers,   Ac        
Gentlemen:   I’m going to be spending about five days in Milwaukee this fall, and, never having been there, could use some restaurant recommendations.   In particular, I’m looking for something upscale which is quiet enough that a party of 4-6 can have a relaxing evening of conversation.   Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance.   Cheers,   Ac
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