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 No apology needed, at least not to me.  As I've remarked before, I particularly like challenges that get people to post things they wouldn't post, say, over on WAYWRN, and this certainly did that. Plus, with one of these challenges almost every week, there's more than enough room for both 'difficult' and not-so-'difficult' challenges. Cheers, Ac
 The path starts here: http://www.camra.org.uk/ Cheers, Ac
 Agreed on all counts (including no cufflinks). Cheers, Ac
 Like most threads, I think people visit this one for different reasons.  I come here because this is where the people with the most expertise tend to congregate, and hence where the advice is best and the opinions are the most worth paying attention to. Simple as that. Cheers, Ac
 Thanks, SeaJen.  I think those are cotton. Edit:  Oops.  I misread that.  Thanks again.  (Described as 'white', however.) Cheers, Ac
 Really?  I checked yesterday and found none.  Perhaps I'll try e-mailing them (I find the organization of their website less than ideal ...). Many thanks. Cheers, Ac
Thanks, @heldentenor, @Monkeyface, @TM79.  Very much appreciated.   I really do want cream and not white.  Otherwise Yount would be a great deal (if he had them in my size, of course—always an issue with him); I’ve got a pair of his Donegal tweed trousers in blue and they were excellent value for the money.   If I can’t find them I suppose I could go the CMT route, but that would mean finding a source for a trouser-length of fabric, a whole ‘nuther...
It's interesting how cream flannels have almost entirely disappeared, given what a staple they were 70 years ago.  I suppose it's the perceived impracticality of something that shows dirt so easily.  Not withstanding that aspect of the matter, I think they're a fine alternative when worn with a lighter colored jacket.   Cheers,   Ac
Guys, does anyone know where I can find cream-colored wool flannel trousers?  I’ve checked Luxire, but no luck.    Thanks.   Cheers,   Ac
Speaking of Henry Carter, I just checked and the current exchange rate is very favorable to Americans.   Cheers,   Ac
New Posts  All Forums: