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 Indeed. These days with anything less than a full suit I force myself to imagine exactly what the rest of the outfit would consist of. It’s kept me from buying quite a few ties, if nothing else.  One has to start somewhere, I suppose. Cheers, Ac
Stark and severe is the new FU.    Believe it.   Cheers,   Ac          
 Before you do, change your camera position.  Point it horizontally at about mid-chest level to start.  Cheers, Ac
 I’m more likely to wear a Derby/Blucher with a suit than an Oxford with an odd jacket, but this probably has at least something to do with my relatively modest shoe collection, in which even my Derbies tend to be rather formal cap toes of one sort or another and thus are easier to ‘dress up’ than my Oxfords are to ‘dress down’.   That said, independently of my own wardrobe limitations I do at times find it distracting when someone else wears dressy Oxfords with a casual...
 One could live in Naples for a full month on 4000 USD or less?  Good news, if true. That price limitation would rule our much travel once one arrived at the country of one's choosing.  In many of the places I'd like to go it would mean staying put in a single self-catering rental for the duration.  That would be fine if it was a city.  If it was in the country I'd want to rent a car, and that would be a considerable additional expense. If the travel could be done in the...
 Often it's hard to know this for sure, don't you think, since in many cases an employers first impression of a potential employee involves the perusal of the latter's resume? Cheers, Ac
 I wouldn't wait too many years ... https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/10/11/study-finds-liberal-arts-colleges-are-disappearing Cheers, Ac
 How would you know? Cheers, Ac 
[[SPOILER]]  All kidding aside, it needs to understood that in stiches adopts this posture out of an excess of caution, knowing  what can happen should he raise his arms too suddenly:  The ability to levitate is one of several superpowers granted to those find themselves elevated [sic …] to the status of Moderator, but it takes time and practice to learn how to control it. The Research Division of Style Forum has been working on a series of physical exercises which it...
WIWWUAHHA  ('What I Was Wearing Until a Half Hour Ago')   Cheers,   Ac    
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