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 That has no nap?  Actually, I find only four (Wool Rich Dark Grey Pants, Wool Rich Grey Pants, Wool Rich Khaki-Tan Pants, Wool Rich Navy Pants) of which only two are grey, viz.: http://luxire.com/search?q=%22Wool+Rich%22   Huh.  Perhaps they sent me the wrong swatch. Thanks, guys. Cheers, Ac
 Indeed: "Bidders:9Bids:49" Good lord ... Cheers, Ac
Colleagues:   Well, it turns out that the “Wool Rich” grey fabric is a lot darker in real life than on the website (I’m glad I got a swatch).   Can anyone suggest an alternative?  My desiderata:   (1)  light grey; (2)  wool or wool blend but no nap; (3)  takes and hold a good crease; (4)  no more than $150.   Thanks in advance.   Cheers,   Ac
Any plans to restock size 34 sport coats?   Cheers,   Ac
A brief public service announcement.   Here's how you spoiler quoted photographs:       Cheers,   Ac
Reuters just called it.   A spot of bother in the currency markets right now ...   from Reuters:  "Sterling suffered its biggest one-day fall of 9.4 percent against the dollar on market fears the decision will hit investment in the world's 5th largest economy, raise questions over London's role as a global financial capital, and usher in months of political limbo.'   Cheers,   Ac
Nice one.   When is the deadline for entries?  (You only indicated when the poll will close.)   Cheers,   Ac
 Thanks for running such a successful challenge.  Very entertaining. Cheers, Ac
 Congrats Mr. mcfox.  Beautiful outfit. I’ve always liked DTO challenges.  One of celebrities or other public figures could be fun—post a photo of someone else and one of yourself imitating it.  A movie still, other celebrity shot, whatever. But you certainly earned the right to do whatever you damn well please.  Cheers, Ac
New Posts  All Forums: