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Until now I’ve only owned one pair of monks—a pair of suede Ferragamos that essentially fit like slippers, which is how I’ve worn them.   I can understand one reason why some might not like them which has nothing to do with their being in or out of ‘fashion’:   they’re not all that common in real life and thus attract attention to themselves.   Ditto for wholecuts.  That attention-attracting characteristic makes them a bit flamboyant (it was either Vox or Manton who...
  Cheers, Ac
A few minutes too late for the challenge ...   Yesterday.   Cheers,   Ac      
 Me too.  Damn.   Cheers, Ac   
 Start here, perhaps? http://www.styleforum.net/t/63406/rider-boot-company Cheers, Ac
 Thanks for doing this.  Thumbed (and bumped!) Cheers, Ac
There's a flip-side to all this, too.    I've noted over the past several months that quite a few more conservative outfits by well-respected long-time SFers which a year ago would have had no difficulty clearing the 20-thumb hurdle now didn't make the cut.   Cheers,   Ac
It was an admittedly obscure reference to WAYWRN, where more than one deservedly admired long-time poster has recommended removing all things from jacket pockets before taking photographs.  Goes back over a year.   You kids ...   Cheers,   Ac
 Ah, the true holiday spirit ...  Wait.  You actually admit to putting stuff in your jacket pockets?   On SF? Good lord, man.  Control yourself. Cheers, Ac 
 Yes. As we all know, a thumb simply means someone on the internet likes the post.   Nothing more than that.   We’re going through an inflationary period for thumbs right now, but we’ve also gone through deflationary periods and no doubt will again.   Traffic varies with season, users come and go and the culture of WAYWRN changes as a result, and so forth.  I suppose one way to compensate to some extent would be to take it by calendar month (October, November, etc.) and...
New Posts  All Forums: