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  In parts of Texas ties count as 'outerwear', I believe ... Cheers, Ac
 I miss your cigar-smoking Jack D. Ripper, but that goes back quite some time. Cheers, Ac
 If you take requests, Klimt would be nice, and a close neighbor, as it were, to your current avatar. Cheers, Ac
I voted for Cleav, EFV, and sugarbutch.   Under other circumstances I’d have voted for upr_crust too (indeed, he might have been my first choice), but the original wedding outfit shown in the original post with that waistcoat, contrast collar shirt, and collar pin was so magnificent that I prefer it to the challenge entry which, while also beautiful,  doesn’t show off the waistcoat to quite the same advantage.  In short, he’s a victim of his own success.   Congrats to...
 But it's a solid color, which is a big difference to my eye. Cheers, Ac
 Actually, with the exception of the square I don't think there's much 'pattern overload', in large part because the patterned jacket and the patterned shirt don't directly abut one another but are separated by the solid sweater. It helps too that all the colors are so muted, which has the effect of toning-down the whole ensemble. Doesn't bother me at all (except, again, the square). Cheers, Ac
It's a buffer.   SF has a lot of buffers ...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK9OgXRDXxs   Cheers,   Ac
 Englishmen really know how to throw a good party, don't they? Cheers, Ac
 Heh.  The Wide-Boy look, no? Out of curiosity, Cleav, how common are camel dress overcoats in England?  Are there regional differences (say, between London and the midlands)? Cheers, Ac
I think that what makes a coat formal, informal, or whatever, is mostly its design, and secondarily its material or color.  Camel hair is a material and camel is a color, and I see no principled reason why either couldn’t be used in a casual coat.   That doesn’t mean, of course, that one can’t offer useful (and true) observations about how these things have been most often used in the past and hence their current cultural associations.  But in this case I see nothing...
New Posts  All Forums: