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 Agreed.  Sad but true. As you know as well as I, when the majority of men choose a tie to go with a jacket or suit they’ve been led to believe that the two should match, not contrast.   Since blue is the most popular color for jackets and suits, well,  … Cheers, Ac
I’m not a fan of loafers with suits, but then I do tend to dress a bit more formally than most, so that’s partially just personal preference.   I find the look works best (and is closest to being ‘classic’) when it’s a summer outfit:   a light (in color) cotton or linen suit, for example.   Seersucker, too.  In that context tassel loafers might be preferred by some, however.  Think Martha's Vineyard in August.   Cheers,   Ac
 You’d love it. Strictly speaking I’ve never lived in Vienna, but I have several times spent a month or so in a town about 1/2 south by train while commuting into the city for research, so I've a good sense of what it's like to live as a local.   It’s one of my favorite cities:  clean, safe, with a well-educated and sophisticated populace, and, as Vienna’s own Karl Kraus put it, “the streets are paved with culture.” They also tend to dress a touch more formally when they...
 Agreed.  They're not, for that matter, always necessary even if one is simply altering a shirt, since a tailor can rip the side seams and re-sew, though this might cost more. That said, darts are more visually obvious in some cases than other, i.e., when a strong pattern is involved. Cheers, Ac
 You're doing it wrong.      Bid once and bid your max.  Ebay proxy will handle the rest. Cheers, Ac
 Well, it is the “Classic Menswear” forum, so that should narrow things down a bit, even given the necessarily fluid definition of that term.    I thought Ground Hog Day was last week. With respect, one should be careful what one asks for.   A couple of months ago a similar request for more discussion was made by one of our most respected members.   The result was pretty mixed, which should surprise no one.  People who posted dubious outfits also posted dubious advice and...
 My sympathies.  We have reason to be cranky. The uncritical sense of personal entitlement bordering on narcissism instilled in U.S. school children by the public schools starting a few decades back is now predictably showing up in newly minted Ph.D.s and ABDs, having shown up in the undergraduate population starting about eight years ago or so.   It’s very bad out there and I only see it getting worse.   The professoriate today is a mere shadow of what it was when I first...
Today (no suit!).   Cheers,   Ac      
  It might be some places but not others. "Decent restaurant" and "nice place" are so vague as to be useless, I think, for making decisions regarding appropriate dress in individual cases.   In any event the principle for restaurants is no different than for any other place:  know the environment and dress accordingly. Cheers, Ac
 Well, Suit Supply offers free returns so you could get both and return the one you like least.  They actually encourage that kind of thing. Cheers, Ac
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