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 From the initial post: “All entires must be from this week but not necessarily from Friday. You have until 9 AM PST on Sunday the 21st to post your entry. “ I can’t imagine anyone objecting to an extension.  This time of year people have both business and social responsibilities to attend to. So there’s still plenty of time for your Calvin & Hobbes tie … Cheers, Ac
  I agree, if we’re talking about comfort.  When I want to kick back and relax, it’s hard for me to think of trousers more comfortable than corduroy.  Part of it is physical (it just feels good) and part of it is psychological (its association with relaxing leisure pursuits).  I do share the preference for wool over cotton for city/business trousers.  Even in summer I usually prefer a ‘tropical weight’ wool over cotton for such trousers, just because of how it looks and...
 You do find great locations for your photographs. By the way, I suspect that your wardrobe includes items that would be perfect for this week's Friday Challenge:http://www.styleforum.net/t/444675/the-friday-challenge-19th-december-2014-the-novelty-tie-challenge There's still time to enter ... Cheers, Ac
I hadn’t planned on participating, but you folk apparently need some encouragement.         I’ll have you know that I got out of my sickbed to do this, so I hope you’re appropriately grateful …   Cheers,   Ac
 Nice to see a tab collar.  May I ask who made this one? Cheers, Ac
I think it's a fine theme for a challenge, and particularly appropriate since we're in the holiday season.  In any event, people who disagree with the Challenge Master's definitions may simply choose not to vote for any entry which they think doesn't clear the bar.   I like challenges which encourage people to post things they otherwise might not.  We all get to see things we wouldn't otherwise get to see.   Cheers,   Ac
To be honest, I never give ties as gifts.  Personal taste plays a larger role than in most other items of apparel, and besides, you would need to know the man's wardrobe to know what he already has and what, if anything, he owns which might go with a particular tie.   The one exception might be to get him a gift certificate for a custom tie.  I don't know if Sam Hober offers gift certificates, but there might be a way to arrange...
I think that ties uniquely associated with particular holidays are pretty much ipso facto “novelty ties,” in the US, at least.   Ditto for those associated with a particular profession, like a neat-like tie with little toques as the repeated element, worn by a chef. (Yes, I’ve seen such a thing.)   Obviously there’ll be gray areas, and it may depend to some extent on where one is. In my world a British “sporting tie” with dogs on it would be a novelty tie, but I’m not...
Brown has now become my favorite tie color to go with a navy or mid-blue jacket (rust and burgundy being other, slightly less favorite choices).  I need more brown ties, but in my experience good ones aren't all that easy to find.  Much harder, at least, than finding a good (mostly) blue tie.   Cheers,   Ac
Very interesting question.  A couple of thoughts:   (1)  Is there a “warm” fit as close to foolproof as the “cool” blue top/light gray bottom?  Perhaps it’s not that “warm” is hard, it’s that “cool” is easy.   (2)  It’s also perhaps worth noting that there’s a significant degree of intersection between the things picked out by the warm/cool dichotomy and the things picked out by the “city/country” and “business/casual” dichotomies.   Given that so much on the CM forum...
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