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 I agree that there are more variables in the equation than just head shape and size when it comes to determining optimal collar geometry and size.  Shoulder width, for one.   In context, I also find that point angle can interact well or ill with aspects of the jacket geometry, especially gorge angle.  But I suspect that’s my personal quirk. Cheers, Ac
At the risk of sounding like a barbarian, I don’t necessarily think of neats as more ‘formal’ as much as I think of them as more ‘conservative’, which isn’t quite the same thing.   They don’t necessarily bother me when combined with traditional navy blazers or other similarly conservative odd jackets.  I liked Claghorn’s fit, tie included.   I agree that there are important national differences, of course.   Cheers,   Ac
 Actually it's the other way around:  "Spread collars counter-balance a narrow face" and "medium to long straight-point collars will narrow a wide countenance."  Dressing the Man, p. 125. Note that he's talking about head shape, not head size.  Regarding size, ff one has a proportionately larger head one needs a larger collar, simply because a small collar will make the head look even larger.  But one hardly need Flusser to tell one that. Cheers, Ac
    Damn.  He’s got a flower basket hanging from his right ear.  I can’t compete with that.    Cheers,   Ac
 On the handful of occasions when I've worn one it's always been the traditional white carnation. Cheers, Ac
  I should add that I completely understand wanting to wear one, it’s just a question of having an appropriate occasion.   Cheers,   Ac
I tend to think of boutonnieres as especially celebratory, and thus reserved for such special occasions as weddings, at which they’re not uncommon in my world.     Many years ago I was part of a wedding party where the men wore morning suits and top hats, a context in which the flower is very much at home.   I expect there are regional variations in their use, however.  I certainly wouldn't want to be the only man in the room wearing one (but that applies to most...
 No worries. I'm a patient man. Cheers, Ac
People come here for many reasons.    For some, it’s like a Consumer Report for menswear.    Others have an interest in the history of costume.    Others have an interest in the psychology of dress.    Others have an interest in the ways apparel communicates and reinforces class structures.    Others have an interest in national differences in dress.    Others …   Well, you get the point.   Cheers,   Ac
There are many reasons for being interested in the subject which aren't represented in the three options in the poll.   Cheers,   Ac
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