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I very much doubt that optimality exists in all cases.  It’s a bit like the notion of a ‘soulmate’:  somewhere out there in Platonic heaven there’s your archetypal one-and-only perfect partner, and similarly every sport coat has its one-and-only ideal tie (for example).  I doubt both propositions.  Rather, given two fits that differ in only one item, there are two broad possibilities:  you might prefer one to the other (in certain contexts or for certain purposes, perhaps)...
Skinny and short are two different things, of course; they just happen to go together in current men's suit fashion.    If I had to predict, I'd say that the fashion for short jackets has probably peaked (we've all seen examples from recent designers where the jacket isn't much longer than a vest) and I expect the pendulum to begin swinging back toward a more traditional length within the next decade.  I hope it does, since I can't think of any body type where the...
No doubt people view this thread for different reasons, which is healthy, and a good measure of the thread's usefulness I think.  Personally, while I like looking at pictures of quality clothing as much as the next guy,  I'm most interested in seeing how people combine these into complete outfits.  It's that skill, at least in part, that separates people who know how to dress well from those who simply have the money to buy the best quality.   Your mileage...
I just did it. Cheers, Ac
 So, a "no shoes" challenge? Interesting.   Cheers, Ac
Well, conservative business dress isn’t the entirety of classic style, though it’s arguably the main focus of the forum (which is fine:  it’s certainly OK to have a focus).    I’m not suggesting that we should all change our clothes four times a day like our forebears did, but I am saying that there’s a defensible logic behind the traditional distinction between day and evening dress.   Cheers,   Ac
This challenge brought out a lot of good things   Stuff I wish I owned:     Cleav’s suit;   Claghorn’s jacket (perhaps my favorite shade of blue);   in stiches’ shoes;   EliodA’s shirt;   Roycru’s, um, … whatever it is that Roycru’s got;   Cleav’s hair …   Cheers,   Ac
  Yes, when SF disapproves of something it does so hyperbolically.  The echo chamber is also an amplifier. Cheers, Ac
  The tie’s also shiny, at least on my screen, so I’d wear it after dark with a charcoal or midnight blue suit (preferably three-piece) and a white shirt.  In my world that’s a going-out-to-dinner-at-a-dimly-lit-French-restaurant tie (to use the technical term …).   Cheers, Ac
My striped tie a few pages back is a Shibumi (suggested by Claghorn).  They're very quick to respond to e-mail questions, and were very pleasant to deal with.   Cheers,   Ac
New Posts  All Forums: