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The question about trying out ties in a store made me realize that it's been many years since I've bought a tie in a store.  I wager I'm not the only one here for whom the internet is our tie store.   Cheers,   Ac
First fall flannel.   Cheers,   Ac    
 Monochrome could be interesting.  To make it harder, allow anything but blue ...  Or how about "brown in town," i.e., brown suit or odd jacket done non-country style? Up to you, of course. Cheers, Ac
Congrats to Shen.  I voted for him and JHT652.   Cheers,   Ac
 Thick doesn't necessarily mean quality, nor thin the lack thereof. Cheers, Ac
 He still stops by from time to time, but his work situation has changed so he doesn't have nearly as much time to post  poast. Cheers, Ac
Went to visit some very dear old friends today; a rare tieless fit. Cheers, Ac Brown herringbone tweed       [[SPOILER]]
 So TASSEKS are less casual than penny loafers where you’re from?  Interesting.   Thanks. I also am not a loafer person (I would have been in my late teens the last time I bought a pair, and they would have been penny loafers), but I am very interested in regional and generational variations in attitudes toward dress. Cheers, Ac
 So very sorry. “'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.'”              —Anatole France. Ac
 Is the wedding in Italy?  If so, then I think it wise (and courteous) to conform to their standards, however much it might offend one's anglophile sartorial preferences. If you really want a blue suit, have you considered a non-traditional variant of the Glen check tie in shades of blue? Cheers, Ac
New Posts  All Forums: