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Late to the game.   I think the general principle is that the louder the tie (regardless of the source of the loudness—pattern, color, whatever), the better (more tasteful, whatever) it is when less of it shows.   I often wear three-piece suits, and I’ve got a number of ties I wouldn’t wear unless I am wearing a vest.  With the vest they provide a useful splash of color or pattern which directs the eye exactly where one wants it to go.   More generally, a lot of the...
 I think to some extent the neck length of the wearer should be taken into consideration, don’t you think?  What you’re calling a ‘convex’ shape can help diminish the effect of a long neck, no? Cheers, Ac
 On his website twill silk ties are custom length, available in 1 cm. increments from 130-154.  Longer ties are available with an additional charge. I’ve got one arriving tomorrow. Cheers, Ac Edit:  EUR down to 1.09 USD today.
 Ah.  Thanks.  A real pity. Cheers, Ac
 I cannot believe he hid the face but left the feet ...  Cheers, Ac
Does the ‘Search’ function on the Cappelli website actually work?  No matter what term I search for (most recently ‘brown’, which one would think would return a good many hits) I get the message “There is no product that matches the search criteria.”   Cheers,   Ac
 Do you keep a record of your actual body measurements?  (Shoulders, chest, waist, hips.)   This can be useful information for all sorts of reasons. Cheers, Ac
 Many thanks.  I didn't realize they did custom. Cheers, Ac
 These days one really needs to define those terms.  There’s now an immense variety of cuts available, at least in principle, and many combine aspects of these originally distinct Ur-styles (and indeed, traditional 'British' isn't really a single cut but two:  city and country).  It's best, I would argue, to ask the question not about these increasingly ill-defined national stereotypes but about individual design characteristics:  buttoning point, lapel width, vents,...
Speaking of ties, are there any other makers apart from Cappelli and Hober who offer ties in multiple lengths for less than 100 USD?    Cheers,   Ac
New Posts  All Forums: