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 The salesperson lied to you.  It's been known to happen.   Cheers, Ac
 Thanks!  It's a Conrad Wu, altered by Tie Crafters. Cheers, Ac
Beautiful.    But be careful, comrade — you don’t want to make the other guys in the Politburo jealous … (Inside joke) За здоровье! Ac
 Well, as some have said certain patterns and weaves are more closely associated with suits than with odd jackets, though there are national differences in exactly which these are.  But mostly it’s not a question of your examples possessing suit-like characteristics as much as it’s a question of them not possessing odd jacket characteristics such as patch pockets. Cheers, Ac
 I wear mine.  I've never had a problem with it getting dirty from the seat back, and I always pack a pressing cloth so I can press out any wrinkles once I get to my hotel. Cheers, Ac
 Oops.  You're right.  I missed those.  Apologies. Cheers, Ac
For the record, neither black nor forest green are available.   https://www.samhober.com/grenadine-piccola-silk-ties/   Cheers,   Ac
 Have you bought swatches? It really depends on your jackets.   Navy wouldn’t be my first choice for a blue jacket, though it would work well for a light gray jacket.  For a blue jacket I’d go for red (and Hober’s ‘red’ is closer to Burgundy than what most people think of as ‘red’), burgundy, or chocolate.  It’s harder to generalize for a brown jacket. Cheers, Ac
Congrats, @sebastian mcfox.   What's next?   Cheers,   Ac
 It depends entirely on how, why, and for how long you travel.  I travel as light as I can, avoiding checked bags like the plague. I've a couple of larger bags for use when, say, I go to Europe for a month.  In them I can pack two weeks worth of stuff, requiring me to do laundry just once during the trip.  Though larger, they'll still fit in the overhead compartments of most transatlantic flights. I've a smaller Swiss Gear carry-on bag I use for domestic conferences along...
New Posts  All Forums: