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 To the best of my knowledge there is no tailoring equivalent to the "Coherent Combinations" thread.  The tailoring thread is intended not as an introduction to the subject but as a way of getting advice about particular fits, which is quite different. I think for the most part the information in the Coherent Combinations thread is non-controversial.  I wonder if the same degree of unanimity could be achieved in a tailoring thread, given, for example, the tendency toward...
I think one of the best places to start is with the old “Coherent Combinations” thread.  Archive.org has it here:   https://web.archive.org/web/20120217213454/http://www.styleforum.net/t/287922/practical-thoughts-on-coherent-combinations-for-beginners   Cheers,   Ac
 I, too, would be happy to see pics (a lovely collection as it stands, by the way). If I may ask, what do you have your eye on? Cheers, Ac
Never much cared for national, racial, or gender stereotypes myself, but to each his own, I suppose ...   Cheers,   Ac 
 Thanks, that’s very kind of you.  Believe it or not, it’s an old Rooster, picked up on Ebay. There’s a global brown tie shortage, and you have to take them where you find them …  Cheers, Ac
And coming soon, "The Claghorn" ™   Cheers,   Ac     
I call this pose “the sugarbutch” ™   Cheers,   Ac  
 Wish I'd known sooner that you were going to Dublin.  Where are you staying? If you're into Victorian/Edwardian pubs you'll find that Dublin has some terrific ones.  Hard to choose just one, but for visual splendor, I'd recommend The Stag's Head (Dame Lane/Dame Court, not far from the tourist traps of Temple Bar, but in a whole different world).  All dark mahogany and polished brass, with stained glass windows, each one different and each one including a stag.  There's an...
 No apology needed, at least not to me.  As I've remarked before, I particularly like challenges that get people to post things they wouldn't post, say, over on WAYWRN, and this certainly did that. Plus, with one of these challenges almost every week, there's more than enough room for both 'difficult' and not-so-'difficult' challenges. Cheers, Ac
New Posts  All Forums: