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   Assuming the trousers are where the poster wears them, Kulata is correct.  The back should cover the buttocks, and the best analogue of that from the front is that it should extend to where the trouser inseams meet.   The fact that the photo crops out the bottom of the trousers and the feet might be misrepresenting the proportions a bit. Cheers, Ac
 Not just the Aegean.  Think the UK and, in particular, Ireland—all those white cottages. But you're right, whitewash isn't pigmented the same way most modern house paint is. Sadly, the 20th century obsession with paint extended to interiors, too.  I knew a couple with a flat in a Victorian mansion with a white-painted fireplace in the master bedroom.  They striped the paint to find it was solid marble.  What were people thinking back then? Cheers, Ac
  I object to the haircut I imagine you have.  Cropping will not save you. Cheers, Ac ()
While it’s nice that people are satisfied with their purchases and I’m happy for them, there’s really no reason why others should take their opinions seriously.  There were people who liked the Yugo car, too.   Itailor’s refusal to sell fabric swatches is a red flag, as is their refusal to provide any information whatsoever on the cloth they use for shirting, such as weight, thread count, or even source.  When questioned about this they unhelpfully referred me back to...
 Thanks for this.  Very interesting. On rare occasion I have gotten a pre-med undergraduate enrolling in one of my courses, and though I’ve not thought about it before you mentioned this, in retrospect they were all better dressed than their peers. What I suspect might be going on is that a pre-med major has already made a major decision about his future and this future-orientation affects dress and other aspects of how he presents himself to the world:  he’s dressing to...
 The reason I asked about the tie and the jacket is that your answers will give us some indication of how formal your usual dress is (the reasons for the climate question is obvious, I assume), and that matters when discussing patterns. As I’m sure you already know, other factors being equal any pattern is less formal than a solid.  How much less formal depends on how vivid the pattern is, among other things.  I wear a suit and tie almost all the time and when it comes to...
 For a full outfit picture try chest level and horizontal.  Go further back if needed.  Separate pictures of top and bottom up closer can be useful, though when having more than two or three pictures it's courteous to spoiler some. Cheers, Ac
 Will someone please fight with sugarbutch before he gets frustrated and starts breaking up the furniture?Thanks. Cheers, Ac   
Given the number of quality shirtings Luxire has on offer for $100 or less, and the fact that you can get any collar (or other feature) you want from them, I'm puzzled why one would go to "iTailor" for on-line MTM.  They don't seem to be competitive.   Cheers,   Ac
 (1)  Do you always wear a tie? (2)  What is the climate like where you live? (3)  Do you wear mostly suits or mostly odd jackets? Cheers, Ac
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