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  Thanks, Murlsquirl.  Much appreciated. Cheers, Ac
Yesterday.   Cheers,   Ac      
 Patterned trousers/odd jacket combinations aren’t easy to pull off.  This one’s lovely.  Keeping the top half muted lets the trousers do their thing without apology or competition.  Beautiful. Cheers, Ac
 While I'm not crazy about the look of belt loops without a belt, lets not forget that the only time anyone will see them is when you're seated, since all other times the jacket will be buttoned (I assume). Of course, the other option is a three piece.  What happens under the vest stays under the vest ... Cheers, Ac
 Believe it or not I still have some shirts from when I was in high school.  My measurements haven't changed all that much in the intervening decades (my collar size has gone from 14.5 to 15, and I’ve put on and inch-and-a-half in my waist, but that’s about it), so I can confirm from the empirical evidence of what’s in my closet at this very moment that off-the-rack men’s shirts, for example, in the US have greatly increased in girth over that time period.  This is not...
A lot of people have commented upon (and in some cases bemoaned) the narrowing of trouser legs over the last couple of decades.  Though less remarked-upon, I think there’s also been to some extent a narrowing of jacket sleeves and armholes (and of course a shortening of the jacket itself) in a lot of ready-to-wear brands which are trying to appear more ‘fashion forward’.   Cheers,   Ac
 Yes to both of these.  I'd love a slightly lighter brown, too, like Epaulet's 'mocha' lambswool (no longer available from them, I believe). Cheers, Ac
The UK has some gloriously named saints.  One of my favourites is St. Mungo.  Granted, he’s also known as St. Ketigern, but c’mon, ‘Mungo’ is waaay better.   Cheers,   Ac
 Could be a deal killer for me, I'm afraid. Cheers, Ac
This is a business decision before it’s anything else.  Here’s Claghorn’s summary of prices:   “RTW trousers will probably be around $175. For 80 dollars more, you'd be able to go the MTM route.”   At this price point, doesn’t Luxire also offer some MTM trousers?  Are there other MTM makers that Wang would be going up against?    Cheers,   Ac
New Posts  All Forums: