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 Fair enough (and good advice, by the way).  But there's no reason not to cross-post a question to more than one thread so far as I'm concerned. Cheers, Ac
 Extra thumb for use of the word 'heffalump'. Cheers, Ac
 Actually the (knowledgeable) British distinguish between an oxford and a balmoral, or at least they used to (the balmoral has a horizontal seam running across the quarters, like the boot of the same name), just as they distinguish between a derby and a blucher. Cheers, Ac
And I'm sure we all know that in many quarters today when referring to shoes the word 'oxford' denotes just about any shoe with lacing that isn't an athletic shoe.   Semantic drift.   Cheers,   Ac
It's become a marketing term, with businesses hoping it projects an air of sophistication.   When money and language conflict, money usually wins.   Cheers,   Ac
[[SPOILER]] Just for the record, that is not invariably a good thing … Cheers, Ac P.S. – Nice suit and shoes.
 Great.  Thanks. Cheers, Ac
 Everywhere? Cheers, Ac
 I'm just speculating but could it be the heaviness and thickness of the tweed that allows for this? Cheers, Ac
@sebastian mcfox   There’s lots of room for personal preference here, as always.  People should like what they wear.   As much as I like some pinstripe and chalk stripe suits I’d probably stop short of claiming that either is a necessary wardrobe staple in answer to a question such as the one you raised.   I happen to like the fabric in the Huntsman suit that I posted, and I don’t like the Bond fabric.   As I mentioned, I happen to have a mid-gray pinstripe that’s...
New Posts  All Forums: