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   Yours truly at the legendary Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin, a few years ago:          All polished brass, dark wood, and mirrored partitions—steeped in literary tradition.  And some truly fine Guinness, like the half-pint pictured. Cheers, Ac
 Thank you!   Cheers, Ac
Worn today.   Blue suit, blue tie, white with blue stripes shirt, blue socks, blue watch.    (Black shoes    … )   Cheers,   Ac            
 Yes, and jackets with identical measurements can have very different internal structures too (padding, canvassing, etc.).  Jacket measurements are two-dimensional and rarely completely capture the three-dimensional shape of the final product. Cheers, Ac
  Thank you, Cleav.   Typically kind of you, and very much appreciated. Cheers, Ac
Yesterday.   Cheers,   Ac  
I suspect you might get more (and more useful) answers to this question over on the Streetwear forum, since the bolo isn’t part of the historical lineage that defines “classic menswear.”   No snark intended, just stating the facts.   As for noticing them where I’m located (which is very roughly the eastern US) I can just say no, I haven’t, and I teach at a large university so I’m in frequent contact with what seems to be your target age group.   Cheers,   Ac
 I think there are national differences in association, and within individual nations regional differences as well.   Think, e.g., of the almost clichéd association in the American northeast of the pinstripe suit with IBM employees, back in the day.  I suspect the association with banking was strongest in London, and perhaps still is. In the American northeast my impression these days is that in most business or academic contexts in which a suit is appropriate a pinstripe...
 Perhaps this is more a "style" question than a tailoring question?In any event, I believe the traditional ('classic') principle was that the trouser should cover about two-thirds of the shoe. Cheers, Ac
 Among other things (morning and frock coats, and riding coats).  Probably more accurate to say that the two co-evolved.               "Do you know, you in your natty two-button pinstripe, that you are wearing a sawn-off riding coat?"                                          —Hardy Amies, The Englishman’s Suit, Introduction. Cheers, Ac
New Posts  All Forums: