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 You should seek David's advice on this (though I'm not sure if he can help with the 3 inch toes ...)   Cheers, Ac
 Here. Cheers, Ac
I do approve of the Laphroaig, however.  A great cold-weather scotch, best with a snow storm outside and a fireplace inside in my experience.   Cheers,   Ac
 Really?  Grenadine is produced on a Jacquard loom, hence woven.  It’s an open weave, but still a weave. See also David Hober:  Cheers, Ac
Would anyone happen to know if any of Meermin's oxford lasts have lower toplines than others, or are they all the same?   Thanks.   Cheers,   Ac
^  Wore that one yesterday, coincidentally.   Cheers,   Ac
  I can see it now:  “No! No! No! No!  Don’t put the wool ties in the same box as the mohair suits!” Pity we didn’t know about this in advance.  Would’ve made a great PBS documentary.   Cheers, Ac
 @Claghorn started a thread for exactly this sort of question.  You should consider posting there: The usefulness of the responses you get will be related to the specificity of your question.  Consider, for example, starting by telling us (or better, showing us) what your jacket, trousers, shirt, and tie are and asking whether the combination is coherent and if so what shoes...
 There are far too many variables which contribute to degree of dressiness or otherwise of items of apparel (including but not limited to shoes) to permit a simple answer to that question.  Sorry.   Cheers, Ac
 Lots of options.  Derbies or bluchers would be better than oxfords (even with the broguing)  I think.  Personally I'd probably favor chukkas in this case.  In any event the tie is the only thing that prevents this from being straightforward street wear, and the footwear needs to take that into account. EDIT:  When I said I'd favor chukkas myself I meant suede.  I've never found calf chukkas useful given the rest of my wardrobe.  People with different wardrobes may quite...
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