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 I think there's some truth to this (and white shirts do look especially good against darker skin), but I'll add that even pasty-faced guys like me like them when worn with a very pale tie, like this blue Borrelli neat (suit is charcoal).  Of course it's a low-contrast look, but I'm fine with those from time to time, although I realize that some aren't. Cheers, Ac 
 Anyone who dislikes white shirts (and there are such folk) needs to check out chocsosa’s postings to this thread; really lovely.  Sugarbutch is another member who wears them often and well. Cheers, Ac
 Have you tried just rolling it a bit tightly and leaving it for a day or so?  That’s always the first thing I try, as it’s the safest. You probably don't need to be told this, but future readers of this might:  if one does press a tie (last resort IMO) try not to press over the keeper, as this can give you a crease on the front of the tie that can be well nigh impossible to remove. Cheers, Ac
Orange tie ...   Cheers,   Ac    
You're probably right.  I was looking at the front shot.   Cheers,   Ac
To be honest, I think the jacket might be just a tiny bit short, too, though it's certainly possible that's just a consequence of the camera angle.   Cheers,   Ac
Actually, I would consider lengthening the trousers a tiny bit.  As it stands, your socks are showing.   Of course if that's the look you want, go for it.  But it's not 'classic'.   Cheers,   Ac
I haven't been able to access the site since last night owing to the server problem.    This is just a quick post to say "thank you" for the thumbs a couple of pages back.  Much appreciated, guys.   Cheers,   Ac (hoping this post goes through ...)
My access has been intermittent.  Mostly I can't get on.  I did e-mail support@styleforum.net a couple of hours ago, and received the following, very quick, reply:   "Unfortunately, we changed servers last night, anticipating no issues, but we had some rerouting problems.  The were fixed yesterday, but the changes have not all propagated downstream yet.  I think that the local ISPs are the bottleneck right now, but clearing your caches *might* speed up the process....
It started last night, and it's not limited to phones.  I'm at home using my laptop and have been having the problem intermittently.      Cheers,   Ac
New Posts  All Forums: