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For reference, here is Paul Lux's (from PG) opinion on the matter of Bangkok tailors. It seems he can offer little insight beyond what is already on this forum. Narin seems to be his pick. Interesting to note he mentions the high tax on imported European fabrics, which seems to be at odds with what David Hober has stated previously - perhaps the local wholesalers are to blame?   Since my last post, one of my Thai acquaintances, who has experience with Tanika and Narin,...
Is anyone else disappointed that Shirt Maker's of Japan will be discontinuing its international shipping option at the end of this month? I was enjoying the fruits of Abenomics.
Thanks for the update - I assume you continued to use masking tape to affix the plastic mesh. I will need to source a cutting tool as well; what did you find works best?
I'm having the same problem with my C30. I will give your solution a try.
 I tend to find lingerie bags greatly increase the lifespan of my shirts, especially those with hand work. I'm sure your wife can help in this department. I also use them for my Lisle cotton socks.  I find it surprising that Tanika didn't offer you split yokes; this was a standard feature when I purchased them a while back. My shirts from the Tani & Tanika were also single needle, but perhaps in reverse to what you would expect (ie double track on the right side, single on...
I came across an article on the WSJ yesterday regarding the proposed TPP (1). Mystery surrounds the deal by in large, which is a hotly debated issue at the moment, but this provided a snippet with which one could speculate about how the future of the fashion industry may be affected. It seems the US wants to leverage Asian manufacturers into using American textiles under the agreement of free-trade. However, its seems various parties are against this notion.   In fact,...
 +1. Airing and spot cleaning with a damp cloth should suffice in most cases. If this fails, woolen trousers (almost universally) should be dry clean only (and not often). A cold water soaking may be permissible as a last resort.  Cheers,HPH
Dear gents,   I recently snapped a MoP button on one of my shirt cuffs. I don't have any spare buttons at home, and I am not particularly fond of how thin the factory buttons are, so I am considering replacing all the buttons on the shirt. Are there any recommendation on where to get MoP buttons online. My first thoughts would be Acorn or HWA Seng, but I was hoping to find an online haberdashery based in the US (or brick and mortar in IL).    I would appreciate any...
For those whom it may concern,   Duly is having a sale: 4th - 17th of June with: 50-60% off shirts on sale; 3-for-2 regular priced shirts; New arrivals are 30% off; and extra 5% over the first 4 days
I don't consider Thai tailors (of an appropriate standard) to be significantly cheaper than European tailors at the moment due, in part, to the weak EUR but also that CMT service is hard to find. Fabrics tend to be overpriced.
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