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I don't consider Thai tailors (of an appropriate standard) to be significantly cheaper than European tailors at the moment due, in part, to the weak EUR but also that CMT service is hard to find. Fabrics tend to be overpriced.
I think your use of colour is well done - highlighting the subtle pink  colour in the plaid. The jacket length appears a tad short, but it's hard to properly judge overall proportions from a photo. What construction did you opt for? I would assume fused by the look of the lapel roll.   Cheers, HPH
There is a price list further back on this thread, which lists the major suiting and shirting options ToT offers.
 There could be many factors; language being the most obvious. I tried ordering from Tanika via email but it ended as a futile exercise. Perhaps a round of follow-up emails will stimulate a little more interest. Who did Respond?
Hi Chris,   I believe it is possible to get a suit made in 10 days but I would recommend taking a well fitted suit to your initial appointment to reduce the risks. However, two more important questions are: i) a short turn around can led to hastened work which may adversely affect the construction; and ii) the tailor needs to also be comfortable to work within your time constraints. In the case of Narin, I suspect he would not agree to your suggestion.   Cheers, HPH
Dear Members,   I am currently comparing several shirt makers and I discovered a "life" and "basin" measurement taken from the shirt. Has anyone else come across these measurement terms before? I suspect the life measurement is taken around the waist and the basin is taken around the shirt where the side seam meets the bottom hem. Cheers, HPH
 That was the original intention of my (very) rough ranking. By definition, I consider tier three tailors to explicitly use this business model. It is important not to label all Thai tailors under this umbrella - there are honest and skilled ones out there, which is why there is a discussion about it.Something else I remembered: whilst at Muse Hotel, I remember there was a speak easy sky bar in alignment with the hotel's 1920's vibe. You take the elevator up to the top...
My post was a bit of a ramble, I apologise. I was trying to answer some of the questions raised whilst adding comments along the way and I can see how it is a bit confusing. To clarify, I have done business with Tanika and Rajawongse (only once). I have visited and spoken with Narin, Tailor on Ten, and Pinky. In addition, I have second hand information about Narin, Tanika, ToT, WorldGroup, Perry's.   The other comments are a more of a matter of opinion and should be...
 Definitely get shirts. In fact, there is also the local RTW/MTM brand LalaDuly which is worth checking out. If your into a bit more trending clothing, JBB* has also been recommended to me. Something that some of the members might be keen to know is if you can source Eurpoean fabrics from any of the textile merchants in Bangkok. I'm 99% sure you can't, but you can never be certain.  Unfortunately I cannot answer that for you
So here are some opinions...   Siam Leather Goods: Kiwiman (member) is a local Thai and a leather fiend who has recommended these guys to me before.   July Tailor: His notoriety stems from the fact that he has dresses several members of the Thai royal family. I have never visited his store, nor spoken with anyone who has. All I know is that he has been around for a while and has a reputation for making quality clothes. I have no idea whether he offers hand details,...
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