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Ben, I just ordered all the remaining 36S Benjamin suits you got but can you change the trousers to size 32? Thanks!
Just placed an order for a red laced bridle with nickel west end. Fell in love with my sis's red bridle you guys made her. This would be my 4th Equus belt 
 I own 3 different shades. Goes well with white shirt, white belt, tan shoes. http://www.fashionbeans.com/2012/how-to-wear-burgundy-aw12/  
^ Actually none strikes me as being unique and interesting. Don't match grey with another cool color unless you're 50 something or strictly for work.
Burgundy or darker grey.
Pink or purple shirt. Never blue with light grey.
But if the buttons aren't preinstalled it would be a hassle with the buyer. I'm sure quite a number of Benjamin clients are newbie in the sartorial art.
Ben,   Just a thought, would you consider adding a button upgrade option for the Benjamin suits? Perhaps by adding some choices like different colored horns and MOPs the plain colored suits which most people probably already have would be differentiated. IMO it would be the easiest way to add "new products" without going full MTM or moving NOS. Better yet if you can have the actual photos changed according to the buttons chosen so they can get an idea of what the jacket...
+1 I like how it's very comfy and soft. The closest feeling is my Brioni.
I actually replaced all my Benjamins' buttons with horn and mop. Black is safe but boring In any case the current fabric batches used for the half canvas line are very attractive with the contrasting lapel pin hole as the selling point to me. If full canvas I wouldn't mind paying more. But even half I'd get providing 36S are available.
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