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I think the requests for these are quite plenty:
I think it is still the best casual buckle you have ever offered.
I'd like to see photos of a finished wallet when they're available for sale. I've been making custom croc wallets of different colors but I guess I can add an 8th wallet 😁
The Herring matches better with Baker Oak Brown.The Carlos Santos with Sedgewick Australian Nut.
The leather is thicker than normal fashion branded belts so 31mm is still usable in my case with denims. Same concept as small but thick watches vs large but thin (Rolex vs IWC).
Charlie, I just submitted an order for a laced belt in which the only option is for brass roll buckle. I'd like stainless. It is possible right? PS: I just realized this makes the 5th belt not yet shipped from Equus. The addiction is too strong 😁
Hopefully the prices are also more in line with modern leather as this isn't the actual antique batch.
Guy looks good even in pajamas. LOL
I would've gotten probably 4 belts off that Clearance if I don't already have them. That Shackleton if only 31mm would be exactly the same as the one in the workshop right now. Would've been a nice saving. 😊
I'd already gotten both the green and blue if chest measurement wasn't too big.
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