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I wear my Stratfield only with suits as it is quite a sleek and formal belt. It practically replaced all the Westends which are now delegated to less formal tasks.
If there is such a standard or rule.
$550 full canvassed 150 wool Ehaberdasher Benjamins are far better than off the rack in store halfcanvas Paul Smith, Armani, and the likes.
Ben, for the next batches can you opt for softer Bemberg lining? I think that and the real horn buttons would elevated the jackets a few levels. I don't mind the slightly higher cost knowing your line is a superb bargain to begin with. Also if possible the return of the lapel hole loop.
Definitely yellow.
I thought my GS and Credor straps are pretty good compared to most aftermarkets.
Similar straps applied to different watches. Same taste though.
Most likely 1 size down. The cut has turned quite generous since then. I can only properly wear 34 now.
Midnight croc? 😉
Yes I think a warning should be put next to the option but it's a nice touch to show that the belt is custom. Like those single buckle hole watch straps.
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