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I'll see mine next Wednesday. If it's a hard 3 I'd be more than annoyed. More reason not to change production from classic 2 button in such short notice.
Real horn buttons really make a huge impact especially when replacing those plastic logo branded buttons. Gone are the fashion dept store looks.
I say keep the half canvas construction and use light linen based fabrics instead.
Just want to say that after all these years I finally got a chance to visit the HK store. The Ring Jacket bomber is unexpectedly far better than anything similar I've tried. Detailing down to the horn buttons are top notch. Fits very well and comfortably. Lots of compliments from all genders. It's definitely not just hype. Thanks guys!
That'd be sad as I've been buying Benjamins since Classico 2. I think they should continue to provide similar cuts to cater oldtime clients as opposed to new buyers. I'm not sure if the changes in the last 2 years or so is a drastic increase in sales. If not then there should be no need to cater to requests from 2-3 guys on the net.I'm checking out the 34S with the latest Bella Spalla pre. Fingers crossed.
And please no 3 roll 2. It seems excessive. Classic 2 button always. Also no wide clown lapels. I think I've bought more than 10 Benjamin suits/scs and prefer them as they are now or perhaps back to being slimmer with narrower shoulders. Somehow with each generation everything goes bigger + wider that I have to always button up to look appropriate. It's pretty hot here
I think the current length with the 36S is perfect for work. I actually want to have the waist tightened to make it more form fitting. For a more fashionable approach ideally I should use a 34S.
 If you're going to wear it casual unbuttoned mostly then keep it. It looks sharp as is. I prefer my SCs that way actually.
I just want to let you know the Bella Spalla's cut is even better than Classico II. No shirt showing under jacket and yet it still retain the stylish slim cut. Very comfortable, probably the best wearing SCs I got right now. My tailor who has touched every single Benjamins I bought in the past said the Bella Spalla is the best one he has seen yet especially with the more exciting button colors. I don't need to replace them anymore. Thanks Ben! 
Ben, can I widen the waist of the size 31 Nobile pants to a 33? Thinking of checking out the Nobile and I'll snag a tuxedo model as well. Is the discount code still valid? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: