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 Same reason why you're asking this question. Just to annoy... LOL. Are we good?
 Sorry need to add that I only buy jackets and small accessories. The rest are way easier bespoke locally. I may take the time to ship items but only for bulk shipments. Something like 5 jackets at a time.
If you must know... I've been saved from a catastrophe in which I promised God to donate $2mil in the near future as retribution. I was literally saved by a miracle on top of actually making $50mil last year. I've only gone though 150K for building a school, a few items worth 10Ks, and these missized items. So still quite a long way to go but I need to make sure I am helping those really in need. The other reasons are I'm halfway around the world so shipping each item back...
Raising the collar helps a lot. Looks the same but no elasticated waist on the green?
Sorry no offense. I didn't even have the time to read the latest stuff to know there's a public offering of the frozen waves (thus my ignorance) and as I never return an item from NMWA (wrong size items I just donate) I never bothered to read them. My comment was strictly regarding the MTO event which would be unfair for those wanting to get one.
Didn't know you can return MTO pieces... and I thought the frozen waves are limited to 1 per customer. May have to change the rules so not 1 person can order a bunch, filling up the quota, and later returns a bunch.
The only one comparable in the market is terms of quality are those massively discounted Paul Smith Byard made in italy ones that's over $1k msrp. Everything else $500 after discount is of inferior quality.
Shoulders much wider and sleeves are wider as well at the end. The Classico II IMO is more formal and looks better as well on a slim / skinny guy. If you're athletic (wider shoulder) I'd recommend the Napoli. I got the 34S Classico II and a 36S Napoli. After dieting now I'm more of a 35 guy which fits well into the 34S as a slim fitting jacket. The Napoli now is too wide on the shoulder and sleeves. My measurement is 17" shoulder + 19" chest. There is no 34 Napoli and your...
^ Don't worry, I'll give him a Buttero so he won't get bullied by those who walk alone. LOL.
 Yes! And my 10 year old's feet are as big as mine, probably the only one in his class wearing Ferragamo loafers. My jackets almost fit as well. Got a one of a kind limited Barba jeans, sportjackets, a bunch of too small Etro stuff, Armanis, typical italian mall brands set aside for him. He's been dressed up really nice when going out with custom made belts and all. Wife said bad influence from the dad. LOL
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