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Better than looking like wearing old pajamas. It's better to focus on macro view as opposed to details that 99.99% of the people I meet won't notice. The pocket flaps must be inside as well for it to work and as I usually wear unbuttoned it shows much better from the sides. At least 1" off of course. Having said that I've shortened some Pal Zileris and Armanis with some disasterous results. Live and learn.
Not all jackets possible but some 3 button ones do. Assuming the final button is high enough.
Correct. It should be skinny and short everything instead.
All these talks about short jackets made me dropped 3 jackets to be shortened. Thankfully not Benjamins 😀
Ben, how heavy is the mottled green? This fabric is only for unlined or halfcanvassed sportcoat?
I'd love it shorter! The current Bella Spallas are like regulars to me.
The first shoemaker I followed on IG. Alas never had a chance to order from him. RIP 😟
I'm pretty sure classic 2 😉Ben, where can we see the fabric choices?
No 30mm strap as the current Stratfield Charlie?
But a 3 hole looks way more modern than 4. I've done 3 on all my recent jackets.
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