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 That would be quite a lot as I have re-buttoned all my Benjamins. That would be more than 10 pieces I think... but all different buttons. Will do it next weekend.
You can make any Benjamins as good looking as anything up to $1500 by just upgrading the buttons. $20-$35 extra only for real horns. More formal, less formal, less sleeve buttons, more unique... endless.      
 Ahh yes those are the two I got  
The Classico II 36S is like bespoke made for me. Actually as comfortable as my best bespoke ones. Literally perfect in every way including superior comfort to $1500-$2000 suits. The fine fabrics + lining, precise cuts down to armhole, flexible full canvas, excessive pockets, boutonniere loop. Styling is also between formal and casual with the right lapel width. Just needs to shorten the sleeves and install buttons. This is why I wear Benjamins 4 days a week and hasn't...
I'm also wishing the 36S has 17-17.25" shoulders. But I understand the relaxed italian styling intention.
 That would be the standard stock for all stores but most people already have 10 in their wardrobe. This on the other hand...  There should be more 300gr navy jackets with a twist!
 This is where I come to say: That's a bunch of pure BS. Why the fudge have you been posting pics of yourselves here then?  Case closed
If I don't love this forum I wouldn't be here for so long. But years of looking at sartorially approved brand shots which usually do not fit the wearer anyway as they're OTR can make me really jaded. I'm trying to know the reason why we (yes me included sometimes) continue to buy the same plain expensive products when the intended effect in the real world can be achieved by using "crappy" stuff that's just as nice and comfortable. Why indeed?
Quote:Been doing that since the day I joined this forum. Been shopping and dressing the way you guys' been from the most muted to the flashiest. Bottomline you get the best girls and deals by making people notice you. Doesn't matter how or how much you spent doing it... whether it's bespoke, mall brands, or some ebay chinese stuff with an H on front. If you get off by wearing uncommon brand that's costly but plain looking you'll only be getting approvals from the same...
New Posts  All Forums: