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Great news! I'll definitely be getting a rose gold and palladium Stratfield 32mm buckles.
Seeing that she responded to you and not others, can you ask her regarding the resolution of the refunds? That'd be helpful.
It worked with the Swiss watch industry and the luxury group owners.
Good. I only commented based on what I've read in which some guys here are concerned about not getting their refunds back. IG posts aren't to be taken as good continuous business. Instead good direct communication with paying clients should be an indicator of a real running business. If the founder is on leave and the work is stopped and communication stutters then it's a one man company. I have great respect for Riccardo's works and hopefully the 2 apprentices can fulfill...
Definitely satin for Bakers
Given how people have been dealing with the shoemaker himself and no other way of communicating with anyone else in the "company", I had assumed otherwise. I think people are truly expecting Riccardo to be doing at least 70% of the work on their bespoke shoes anyway. In any case given the lack of communication I can only assume that this company wouldn't last long and there is a slim chance his wife or some corp would resurrect the brand. My advice is to try to get your...
What happened to the recommendation to sell those unused stuffs? 😕
1) Yes it's a 2nd keeper which I find no use for as most pants and jeans already have a loop close to the buckle. 2) Nickel is the all purpose alternative inbetween brass and pure chrome stainless. It makes more flexible matching to the rest of the attires in addition to being lighter than both brass and steel. For strictly formal occassions I feel nickel is too casual and would resort to my steel ones. But all of my buckles that are going to strictly casual straps are...
You commissioned an art then the artist unwillingly leaves this world too soon. Who are you gonna complain to? This isn't like ordering a pair of shoes from Amazon. Different situation if you ordered from a company. Simply sue them. Not defending anyone but that's just cold facts.
I hate to say it but I haven't worn even once the outerwears I bought in the last 3 years or so. Blame it on the Uniqlo Heattech unders!
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