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$400 full canvas that's as flexible as Brioni is the new record low price I think. I've been burned before by full canvas $550 suits which are truly full canvas (I tore one apart to check) but used such cheap stiff canvas they're useless. Saw the photo of the "narrow" lapel and it doesn't seem narrow at all. At least not the fashionable cheap fused narrow we see in mags. 3" also matches all my ties as I prefer them slimmer to match my profile.
FULL and nothing else. With other brands I may prefer half for more flexibility but Benjamins are of superb construction and canvas.. I prefer patch always and no flap. 1 or 2 front buttons. 3 buttons on sleeves. Narrow lapel ok but the one in current Classico II is fine.
The current chinese made suits and sportjackets are already as good or better than some Italian made ones I got. So I question the need to have them made there and most likely increase the prices. Actually I don't mind higher price tag if it all goes to better fabrics.
Those 2 look awesome. Exactly the kind of modern but familiar style I'm looking for. Neutral and easy to combine with everything else. Price range known yet?
 Just jackets or suit? If jackets, seeing the suits are already safe plain colors, it'd be nice to see more exciting patterns such as contrasting checks that are more modern than the current sportjacket line. In any case can't wait to see them!
 Same reason why you're asking this question. Just to annoy... LOL. Are we good?
 Sorry need to add that I only buy jackets and small accessories. The rest are way easier bespoke locally. I may take the time to ship items but only for bulk shipments. Something like 5 jackets at a time.
If you must know... I've been saved from a catastrophe in which I promised God to donate $2mil in the near future as retribution. I was literally saved by a miracle on top of actually making $50mil last year. I've only gone though 150K for building a school, a few items worth 10Ks, and these missized items. So still quite a long way to go but I need to make sure I am helping those really in need. The other reasons are I'm halfway around the world so shipping each item back...
Raising the collar helps a lot. Looks the same but no elasticated waist on the green?
Sorry no offense. I didn't even have the time to read the latest stuff to know there's a public offering of the frozen waves (thus my ignorance) and as I never return an item from NMWA (wrong size items I just donate) I never bothered to read them. My comment was strictly regarding the MTO event which would be unfair for those wanting to get one.
New Posts  All Forums: