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This BLACK army overcoat by Vietto NYC is beautiful, but it doesn't really fit my style too well so I'm deciding to sell it. I only wore it once to try it on. This is a US SIZE 34. It, has many cool features such as double inner pockets, a throat latch, and adjustable cuffs. I purchased this for nearly 800, so I'm hoping to sell it for around 600. Will accept offers as well as well. This size is completely sold out.   Here is the official Vietto description of the...
I'm pretty sure dude went on vacation or something.. Anyone heard back from him yet besides shadowsnuzzy?
I'm just waiting for him to respond.
Check your pm's homie.
Anyone know specific shaft heights for 991s or 997s? I feel like the 991 might be too short and the 997 might be too tall. I plan to tuck by the way.
Thanks for the heads up! Just scooped up a pair of the grey grey escobars.
^I'm the same size and I actually hope the small fits a bit tighter on the calves like that. Too many "fitted" sweatpants end up looking super baggy on me.
So you think a small would've been way too snug? I'm pretty much the exact same height and weight as you.
Did those burgundy villains sell out already? I ignorantly assumed that the other colors would be more popular.
Correct me if I'm wrong but are the boots here 997s? I think they look ill.  
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