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I always get lining to prevent the color of the leather from bleeding off into my socks.
I am not the one on the internet asking for help getting my shoe size.......and this type of shoe/boot buyer is an excellent example why retail customers wanting/needing all sorts of "help" pay more.
Perhaps you should give all pertinent required info prior to asking for help... now go help yourself...ya help yourself
Do you think the width might come into play at sometime?
Is this a trick question?
"He suggested that I find a local guy to stretch the place where the toe vamp and heal counter meet and I should notice a big difference."   I do not have to do that. I just go down stairs........   
"I can appreciate your forsight in purchasing a tool that will allow you to adjust shoe sizes as an investement. However, the exchange between me and my wife would be comical as I explained why I needed a $1000 shoe stretcher."   I got mine for $75 when a shoe shop went out of business and they routinely sell on eBay for $100-$150. She could also use it a big plus for a hi heel wearer.   In addition my wife does not tell me how to spend my money, I tell her how much of...
two things:   "I buy vintage sport coats all the time (have for 30 years) but now know my exact measurement for perfect fit so can be very discriminating."   That is the key for buying anything 'KNOW' what fits and know what you can alter to fit. I bought a tool to alter shoes boots to 1/8th of an inch or 1/16 on each side and that is a little more than the thickness of the leather on each side. It takes a real critical eye to even "see" they have been altered.   The...
30-35 years ago I was given implicit instructions by one of the owners of the Huberds Shoe Grease Company. I have followed them ever since. Those instructions showed me to heavily coat, with a brush, my foot and other leather items I wanted to treat, put them in direct sunlight and allow it to be absorbed. Repeat if wanted. Those instructions work when using their product, your statement is incorrect.
I purchased these Mar 1993,  on third set of soles and heels. Treated regularly with Huberds shoe grease to protect the leather.   They are as soft as in the weeks after they were broken in and fit like a fitted calf skin glove. Took them out of the box treated them, put them on and walked about 1/2 mile..........smooth.......     Just a tad older than anything else posted, except my other boots....and they soaked up that last coat of Huberds above like a thirsty...
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