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used them for storing heavy metal all gone
I have a very nice in excellent condition Schott model 585 Brown Vintaged Antique butter soft cowhide jacket in a very hard to find XXL size, I wear 48 or 50 and it fits very nicely. The price on these is $850.00 from retailers and $750 from the ebay retailers.   I have worn and owned 3 of these and seen another half dozen at Schott in New Jersey. This one is the nicest coloring of any I have ever seen and is much softer than any I have ever worn or tried on. These go...
Leather will stretch and tear if you pull on or put pressure on any single layer piece. You are supposed to use your body weight to push your feet into the boots, if you try to pull the boot up and on prior to being completely broken in, with the single layer strap, it will 99% of the time tear. As you have now found out. If leather is not double layered or stitch reinforced, one can not pull heavily on it for too long before it tears. If those boots are lined they will be...
Look at the Red Wing Beckman Round, Ranger, & Blacksmith. AE also has a couple of new boots Odenwald.
Interesting... I'm considering a pair of black boots for this fall / winter and I'd narrowed it down to another pair of White's (I have a pair of brown CXL semi-dress) or the OSB Trench boots in black with dainite.    You'd go White's over OSB? I liked the shape of the OSB but I'd be interested in your take.   Do not over look the Wolverine Krause.  They are very similar and you can now get them heavily discounted.
"Don't try to save a few bucks buying the size you think is right on eBay, cramming your feet into them"   Speak for yourself   I do not save a few $s I save massive amounts of $$$. Routinely 50% sometimes 80-90% of the retail price. Those same savings have paid for the equipment many times over. I do it all the time for myself and friends.   One just needs the proper equipment and the talent or knowledge to use it (just like the manufacturers) to make the items...
Try looking up dtmsell on ebay he has sold them on ebay over the last year or so for very good pricing.
Send them into White's and ask them to stretch the tongues out. I fold the tongues evenly back on both sides and pretreat the tongue leather the same.
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