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You are seriously paying to have your belt shortened? How much did you pay for the belt. You aren't real.
Something interesting to add to the neverending color/lighting debate:   http://www.vice.com/read/heres-whats-happening-with-that-dress-with-the-confusing-colors-882?utm_source=vicefbus
YEah, dude, you just need to polish your shoes. There's a number of different ways to do it, and you can find endless tutorials online. If you want that shiny mirror finish, just google it.
Right back at you, @dazedstate ! Got an awesome pair of PRL/Corn flannels out of the deal. Also, @ReubenR treated me really well on a trade, and I really appreciate it.
I think most people are ignoring it just because the answer is relatively simple. Shine your shoes. Use wax, then cream polish. That's really it. Or, you could take them to a cobbler and get them shined. There's not special scuff treatment. Have you googled it?
This. Sort of their young, hip, college-age line.
I might be wrong, but I thought the Indy boot had stitching around the toe box like these:    [[SPOILER]] HOT DAMN! @ReubenR , dose Bills! Also, I'd be interested in any of those C&G or S&S ties.
Dude, I think that's enough. The other guys here have a point. Look back over the last couple of weeks and check to see how many times you've asked the exact same question with some variation on the exact same picture. The answer for the first one is likely very similar to the last. I understand wanting to know if your clothes look okay, but you have to be able to extrapolate from one or two instances and base the rest off of those. Nobody here wants to do that work for...
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