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What a great little buddy!
Special Thanks to @dappercanadian for sending out a truly bitchin' two-sided silk/wool paisley scarf. This is the 2nd of 3 users who have sent me stuff on spec this week alone, no questions asked. I love this thread. Full of good people. Happy Holidays!
I'm glad it worked out fir you! I suspected horsemleather strongly, but most of the time those items are clearly marked. I wasn't going to be able to use it, so ai'm glad it went to someone who could.
This time of year, Priority means closer to a week+. Don't sweat it yet. Give it another couple days.
Any chance someone could explain to me the difference in quality between benchmade, custom grade, hand grade, etc...?
That is outstanding. Keep up the hustle!
Woah, nice haul, @tonylamer .     Uber big ups to @ridethecliche for an awesome deal on a pair of flat front Charcoal gray Jpress flannels. The fit is damn near perfect, and I'm incredibly happy with them. Will post a fit pic some time in the nearish future.
Totes a christmas movie, dude.
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