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Well, I mean, banks aren't the law either, but if you break some of their rules, you still go to jail. Going to check in with my cousin the accountant and report back. Thanks to all who chimed in on the subject. I appreciate the group's knowledge.
 Any chance either (or both) of those is available?
Well, yeah, of course, but there are a number of consignors on this forum who have probably tackled this problem before me, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to get some guidance from someone here before I took the problem to my accountant. Make sense? In any case, What Snoogz says below rings true, but ethically speaking, I'm not just "sending money to friends & family". I consider some of my consignors friends, but that's not why I'm sending them the money. I'm sending them...
Well, what I've currently been doing is giving people the option of a Goods & Services Paypal transfer or a personal check. In all cases, they've chosen the Paypal Transfer, but the conversation has come up so I'm trying to get concrete info one way or the other. I don't have hundreds of consignors, in fact I have less than 10, and most of them get a few hundreds of dollars per month.
That's an easy yes. Cashmere, loud, good, if perhaps unknown maker--that is a buy!
Why can't you change the shipping info? Do you have bids?
Thanks, Wes. Glad to know I'm not alone in wondering about this. Do we have any tax law professionals who would like to weigh in?
Thanks, but I knew that. I'm looking specifically for the PayPal answer.
Question for consignors:     When you do your payouts, if you transfer via Paypal, is it legal to transfer their money as "Friends & Family" rather than "Goods & Services"?
I say Churches, but I don't really know shit about nail patterns. I can see why you'd say C&J though, based on the Nail Pattern/Label 1st page. Looks a lot like the 2nd C&J picture there.
New Posts  All Forums: