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Is that one of your pictures, or is it one from the Filson site? It's fantastic!
Yes, this has happened to me a couple times, particularly when I was relisting a single item or editing a single item. Most of my bulk listings (via GarageSale), work fine.
In America, JDrizzy, we like to celebrate the founding of our nation by getting drunk and shooting guns, sometimes into the air, sometimes into each other. It's just a thing.
This is the "good" YSL.
This isn't on you but I looked at your store and it reminded me: I hate the new store layouts. I reverted back to the old layout for my store.
I thought you had to accept returns in one form or another in order to have TRS status. However, I know that both Brian and Spoo have no return policies, and they are TRSs, so I'm confused.
How do you guys feel about Relwen? I found an interesting piece tonight, unstructured herringbone tweed jacket with working cuffs, so I kopped. Checked eBay and the numbers are alright, but the piece is unprecedented there.
New Posts  All Forums: