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Also, don't know which browser you use, but if you are on Windows and use Chrome, there are some pretty simple screenshot extensions that you can download from the Chrome store. Makes it a bit easier. If you are on Windows and want to take a picture of your entire screen, Hold Alt+PrintScreen. If you want to take a selected shot like I described in the Mac method in the above quote, you have to use something called "Snipping Tool", and I have no idea what that is.
On Mac: Command+Shift+4, then chose the region and it snaps automatically.
I'd bet recent, but I'm not positive. That's a nice looking tie, though. Perfect for a tiger fan.
All my eBay mail that matters gets forwarded to my gmail inbox, about which I am totally OCD, so I don't bother reading my regular eBay messages very often.
The Devil's Feedback  
DEWDS! Lots of awesome stuff for sale, most with ridiculously low starting bids, all ending starting around 5PM CENTRAL time this Sunday, 11/23. GET ON IT!     CANALI PROPOSTA Sport Coat Jacket Blazer 56R ~44R Houndstooth Full Canvas         1 Bid $9.99 $50.00 Listed:Nov-16 21:10 CORTEFIEL WOOL Topcoat Pea Coat Double Breasted Plaid Brown 42R MADE IN...
 Seconding Shoe Goo. Just used it to save a pair of half-welted/half cemented Santoni PTBs that otherwise fit me and were in great shape. The left shoe cement portion had come unglued, and I first tried Super Glue, but it didn't want to hold. I went out for Shoe Goo and applied it to the inside cement portion and left it with a tree in it overnight with some weight on top of the tree. Good as new, yo. Very happy with the result.
To tag onto this, should the camera be in front of, or behind the object being photographed? 
If you can get to a Loro Piana store, you can feel it. The one I went to in Hawaii had raw, unspun vicuna, in addition to a number of different garments made with it, and it was pretty awesome. The unspun was the softest thing I've ever touched, and the garments were ridiculously soft, but fairly comparable to very fine cashmere.
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