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Re: the Kiton shirt e-thrift that didn't happen. I ended up reporting the buyer. Not because he made a mistake with pricing and didn't want to sell the shirt that cheap, but because he lied to me. He sent me an email after refunding my money, sort of freaking out and then said something to the effect of, "I don't even have the shirt anymore anyway." That didn't really gel with the tenor of the rest of the email, so I pressed him on it a little, and he came back with an...
Which one of you guys is dis on ebay? 70_lac_lover
I'm thinking about it. He's giving me a bit of a run around about the whole thing, so I'm trying to nail him down before I make a decision.
No joy.
Micro-neat and Leaf, respectively?
Eurosleeve sounds like some kind of sex toy.
Think it will get delivered?
I confuse.   Are these some sort of Cole Haan luxury line?   Or is joke?   *Ah yes. Is joke. Read emoji.
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