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http://m.keyetv.com/article?id=6559634 You other guys aint got nothin on Austin. People are donating heads!
I can appreciate that, and it's a good look, but I like it all strapped and buttoned down like that too.
The thing is, what's the appropriate amount? I could calculate it from USPS, but it will be wildly wrong because it won't apply my eBay discounts, and since it isn't paid for, I can't go into the shipping page in eBay to see what it would be with my discounts, because eBay won't let you do that for unpaid items. Also, eBay won't let you send an invoice for international GSP purchase, and the purchase defaults to GSP unless the alternative is actively selected. Do you know...
Dude, you are gonna have a panic attack.
I offer two methods of international shipping, the GSP, and an alternative method, usually Express International. I have a buyer who purchased an item and cannot figure out how to select the alternative shipping method (eBay defaults to GSP). I've never had to do this myself, so I'm not sure how to do it either. Can anyone tell me how he would go about this, so i can walk him through the process?     Edit: The confusing thing here is that I know there's a way to do...
You can schedule them using Garage Sale and still do this.
What is the good Alan Flusser label?
Yeah, we are in a similar state. At this point, I'm working around a queen bed, and it would be a godsend to get that out of the way, but then we are without guest rooms completely, as the other one is an office for my wife (and a place for me to pile paper on top of a desk I never use. Unfortunately, we have nowhere to expand to. I assume that in the next 1-3 years, we'll seek out a new, larger house with ample work and closet space, probably farther from the city...
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