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2 suits just listed!!!:   Isaia for Brooks Brothers Suit Loro Piana 110s 38S 32x28 Gray with red stripe          $100.00 Listed:May-26 21:19 Isaia for Brooks Brothers Suit Loro Piana 110s 38S 32x28 Glen Plaid Brown 2 btn         0 Bids $75.00 $150.00 Listed:May-26 21:17 ALLEN EDMONDS MANCHESTER...
42 votes!
By the way, STP has a cotton cream D'avenza jacket for ~$200 after the discount.
Here are the BB Isaias I found Saturday. Both pretty pristine: Here are the suits. Both are pretty pristine. Charcoal Gray with red stripe:Pit to Pit: 20.25Shoulders from Front: 18Steave from Shoulder: 23.75 + 2Waist: 19.5Length from bottom of Collar: 29.75     [[SPOILER]]   Brown Glen Plaid      [[SPOILER]]
Sorry, wrong answer. The correct answer is hasbrowns. I like mine smothered and covered.
pretty sure you're right on this one as well. That kearning is all fucked up.
Here's a thrift fit for you:   Jacket landed yesterday. Italian BB, Linen, 3/2 and unlined, ethrift. (I might get the waist nipped a bit, but it fit pretty well out of the box. Well enough to put it on. Square is thrifted Ferrel Reed Shirt is a Gustin oxford, great fit, thrift Pants are Incotex khakis, trade (Thanks, @dazedstate) Belt I thrifted that day because my pants were a tad loose, Torino elastic braided baby blue. Hat is a no name corduroy newsboy,...
Anyone got a bottle green (or any green) 40L suit by a decent maker? Got a friend getting married and he seems to have his heart set on green, despite all I've done to steer him toward something a bit more standard. Not that there's anything wrong with green, he just doesn't have any other suits. Anyway, green.
New Posts  All Forums: