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Hey everybody! How do you guys like to dress for a night out with your buds or going to dance in a clubby atmosphere? I feel pretty comfortable in my day to day dress, pretty trad. Lots of flannels and sweaters this time of year. But I never feel like my slacks and sweater vests go well with the places I like to go for fun with my wife or friends. Looking for ideas that are a bit casual, no tie, but something other than jeans. Colors are welcome too.
Anyone have any 15.5 or maybe even 16 R classic fit Eton shirts? Or classic/madison BB 15x34? Finally vests in about a 42?
Happy Holidays, my dudes. Hope you are all well.
My father recently found his father's fedora. It's probably a 60 or 70 year old hat, and it needs some TLC that we don't know how to give. Does anyone know of a hat refurbishing/recrafting service that they trust?
I feel you, dog. Similar body type.
Hey guys! Long time no talky! Rest assured, I am alive and well (assuming you were concerned). I hope the same is true for all of you! I've got a buddy who is looking for some staple items (navy suit, perhaps some grays, a nice blue or white shirt, and maybe a blazer or two) in a 34R, maybe a slim cut 36R. Waist is a 28. Shirt is like a 14.5x30, and he's a slim guy. Also, if you have any 15x34 Brooks Brothers Madison (regular cut) shirts, hmu. Thanks!
And a few more things up tonight:   NAKED & FAMOUS SLIM GUY SELVEDGE CHINO 5 POCKET KHAKI 31 JAPANESE DENIM REDLINE         0 Bids $25.00 $50.00 Time left:4d 23h 8m NAKED & FAMOUS SLIM GUY BIG SLUB SELVEDGE JAPANESE DENIM JEANS 31 INDIGO         0 Bids $25.00 $50.00 Time...
Anyone recognize this one from a Paul Smith Made in Italy SC?  Don't see it in the thread anywhere.  
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