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Mine is being delivered tomorrow. Received my airspace/merino pullover and I think it's going back just based on the fit of the thing. Too boxy :-/. The airspace mesh component definitely feels weird. A three-dimensional mesh (structurally rigid to a point) that compresses when you pinch it and rebounds instantly... hopefully it maintains it's structural integrity (my all too early impression is that it will) and maintain it's intended effect over time. Either way on how...
 Have you had any durability issues with your UL pieces?Can't decide on keeping my UL freeshell or not...
Yikes. Loved their Ultralight Suit, but returned it due to concerns about the same issues after somebody else here complained of this. Regardless, I got sucked in on the whitetint UL jacket, but probably should return it as well even though I love it. Ugh.
Yeah, they did some merino ones earlier this year. There's been a pair of XL's on eBay for months if that's your size. Otherwise, I imagine they're hard to come by at this point.
For real? Damn.Have spent a week trying to find a tailor I'd trust to alter the jacket waist and shorten sleeves from the armhole, but maybe I'm wasting my time. Guess I should wait until they do the OG Blazer again for a tech suit... although they might not since this last iteration took forever and a day to sell out of.That's crazy all that is going on. I'd email them man. I wouldn't just bite the bullet on that.
I never owned a NE Pivot, but I did get rid of all my blazed cottons for that exact issue. Love the shirt and the fit, and eventually perfected the ironing process (damp cloth between iron and shirt), but it was too tedious. Merino/Co and air-forged only for me from now on!
I do. After I wash them I will hang dry them by draping them over a towel rod or lay them flat on a mesh drying thing with four legs. Once dry, I hang them like anything else. I haven't had any issues at all, but just make sure your hanger comes as close to the armhole seam as possible.
Anybody have experience with hiring a tailor to alter one of their blazers (specifically the ultralight)? My 60/30 blazer fits perfect throughout, but the jackets waist (or stomach) in my ultralight is way too big. I need it taken in as well as have the sleeves shortened at the shoulder (perhaps too much of a nightmare...). I don't know. Am I undertaking too much?
 Definitely what I was afraid of. Even from the handful of pictures on the product page you can get small glimpses of it potentially being an issue. Guess I will await my shipment and make my decision then, but I feel like I know the outcome.
Does anybody have a good review of this ultralight fabric? I ordered a jacket and pants, but I am afraid it's so light that it won't fall or drape well at all. Does it appear cheap or feel cheap? Also, I vaguely recall there being durability concerns with this stuff. Obviously lighter weight and thinner fabrics won't hold up as well as the same materials in heavier weights, but is it disproportionately bad?
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