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 Very cool outfits. Especially the one with the top hat, very elegant. Never seen a top hat in person but I'd love to wear one at the right occasion.
Got a new hat. A Borsalino from the 50s.  
Hello. Took this jacket to a tailor since it was a little tight across the waist. She only let out the waist and the hips out. Looking for additional feedback  
Hello everybody... Wore this for a cold and rainy day      
Yes, it's wide for my frame. The brim is almost 3 inches but it's also good for when it rains. My ideal length is 2 inches.   Today was cold, much more than what I'm used to. So I wore some of my heavier clothes.  
How is everyone today? This picture is not recent but it's pretty much the thing I'm wearing today. It's rainy outside so I'm wearing a wide brim hat. The shirt is tan and the jacket has an action back with a half belt.  
Hello again, gents. Today I wore this to church.   I listened to you guys advise and I took the tweed jacket to the tailor... This picture has a bit of an awkward pose and the quality isn't the greatest but I think it shows the new fit fine..       I took another one outside which looks much better..       The pants have a full-cut but I like the color and the material. I think I need a more aggressive tie to match the lapels.
Hello again today, gents! Today was cold so I wore a tweed jacket and a long-hair hat for warmth. What do you guys think of the lapel size and the cut?
Thanks for the reply. I feel you on the sleeves, it's something that I will fix later.As for the hat, it was cold outside and I wear my hair pretty short so I thought it might be alright to wear outside.
Hello again, everyone.. Today I'll post what I wore. It's a better picture than what I posted last time,     Wore it to church and for lunch... What do you guys think?
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