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The choice of a belt back was because I like the style. I've got a few early 30s, 40s and 70s belt backs and I wanted to emulate the style. I don't think the center vent is very high, I think it might be the angle the picture was taken but I could be wrong. I re-took the back and front pictures to include my whole body. It gives better context than a close up shot of the jacket in a low angle.  
Shirtmaven: It was a local tailor around where I live. Looking back at the photos they weren't taken at a good angle, makes the jacket look weird.
Here's another jacket I had done recently. Is there any problems with it? How does it fit?  
So less structured shoulders for the next jacket?
Hello. I had a local tailor make me these jackets and pants. This is the first jacket and pants he has made for me. How does it fit?   (This are not the same pants as before) (I think the creasing around the knees here is due to my stance which isn't too natural)   What do you guys think?
Wore this on Sunday.  
Hello. Wore this Norfolk jacket today :)  
Happy Easter everyone Wore this to church today..  
 Very cool outfits. Especially the one with the top hat, very elegant. Never seen a top hat in person but I'd love to wear one at the right occasion.
Got a new hat. A Borsalino from the 50s.  
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