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What size is that?  I'd say it's a too hard to find trim fitting stuff these days.  
I'll try to load a pic later today.  I'm 6' 175 and medium is perfect.  I always struggle with jackets/coats as they bell out around the waist...the Broadmoor does not.  
I picked up the JCrew Broadmoor a few weeks ago and really like it.  Nice fit...a bit trim through the waist which I prefer. Good deal with the 25% off and free shipping currently going on at Jcrew.  Pretty nice quality for the $.  
I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my wardrobe so I stick to white Converse Purcells.  Classic look that goes with a bunch of stuff.  I stay away from colored variations.  
Anything out there RTW with less material in the back than Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit shirts?  16/34 in the BB ESF fits perfect everywhere except for a bit too much material in the back.  
Why does the leather on those boots look like crap?  Super dry.  
I want to pick up a couple Kent Wang OCBD's but not sure on sizing.  I wear a 16-34 in the BB Extra Slim Fit.  42 chest and 33 waist.  I'm guessing I should try a medium/size 15 first?
It's important to me to make an effort to dress my age as that's how I feel most comfortable.  I would never think less of someone who chooses not to.   
 Awesome jacket
What kinds/brands do you own that are developing the creases?
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