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I'll try to load a pic later today.  I'm 6' 175 and medium is perfect.  I always struggle with jackets/coats as they bell out around the waist...the Broadmoor does not.  
I picked up the JCrew Broadmoor a few weeks ago and really like it.  Nice fit...a bit trim through the waist which I prefer. Good deal with the 25% off and free shipping currently going on at Jcrew.  Pretty nice quality for the $.  
I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my wardrobe so I stick to white Converse Purcells.  Classic look that goes with a bunch of stuff.  I stay away from colored variations.  
Anything out there RTW with less material in the back than Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit shirts?  16/34 in the BB ESF fits perfect everywhere except for a bit too much material in the back.  
Why does the leather on those boots look like crap?  Super dry.  
I want to pick up a couple Kent Wang OCBD's but not sure on sizing.  I wear a 16-34 in the BB Extra Slim Fit.  42 chest and 33 waist.  I'm guessing I should try a medium/size 15 first?
It's important to me to make an effort to dress my age as that's how I feel most comfortable.  I would never think less of someone who chooses not to.   
 Awesome jacket
What kinds/brands do you own that are developing the creases?
The PPK has such an awesome look to it...so classic.  I've just been seeing too much negative feedback lately and have been hesitant to pick a new one up.  
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