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I like original beige colour better though. 
I have the same bag as yours. This is a carry-on bag large(the bag was really called like that). It is now out of production. I like mine a lot, but it is really heavy. 
Overall, it is still a nice coat. It fits you well.
That's really bad flaw. They shouldn't have sold that pair at $700.
Where is this?
Looks kinda cute on that dude, but really nice. Where did you get that sweater? 
Hello. I have never tried this perfume so I have no idea what it smells like. With all listed ingredients, I imagine a richer flavor of CDG wonderwood, but I'm most likely wrong. Thanks in advance.
  Good to know that. Thanks guys. I was thinking to get one on ebay for like less than $100 though. I won't pull trigger if the quality doesn't match the price. Self conscious? Why not? haha
I don't need it right away so I can wait to find one with discount. What about the quality of cashmere? I like j.crew sweaters a lot, but never purchased a cashmere sweater from them.
You're not wearing them in disgusting snowy weather, right? I used to have a pair of gore-tex 7 hole moc toe, but they were useless in Canadian winter.  
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