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This bag has an interior pocket. Sorry if it is not your style at all.  Lotuff angle tote
@IIIrd Icon Yes, I like the cut of 3009 too. I'm not super crazy about trendy skinny tapered leg fit jeans. For me, when I wear a pair of jeans, I picture James Dean with Lee riders 101 if I'm not mistaken. That's how I try to look like with a hint of casual & modern vibe. lol
@IIIrd IconI'm surprised that you don't own any Flat Heads. Is there any particular reason? 
That's a good idea to keep shoes. I like that relaxed fit. 
I haven't tried super skinny guy though, I had a pair of skinny guy. That was the one with size 28 I mentioned above. I suggest that you check the measurements at Tate & Yoko website before you place an order. Good luck. 
I wear a size 31 on Levis & LVC 501, and I wear comfortably a size 29 on weird guy. I used to wear a size 28 on N&F as the denim stretched quite a lot. Was tight at beginning though. 
Is Haven going to release additional 10% discount code soon?
this reminds me of annie hall. very nice. 
$300? Yah, sure. Enjoy!
I don't know about Danner mountain light II, but Danner light is confortable and unbelievably light weighted. In my opinion, they are one of the best hiking or tracking boots for around $350.
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