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I've shipped once a package to Germany and it got lost. As long as I know, DHL delivers over there once packages arrived at border and their services are terrible. 
@Distorb, I use an older model of Alpha FL jacket. I bought this jacket because it was the lightest model of main Arcteryx line and that it is also packable (it came with a pouch). I sold my Acronym jacket to get this. 
I'm receiving a Nomin pack sometime soon. I'm so excited. 
The jacket is amazing. Looks good as always. 
Looks like SASSAFRAS or Orslow though. I like it. 
The waist looks too tight too. You won't be able to sit. Yes, you need to size up. 
AJ0705-MB Kojima Ajino store limited edition. 
Even waterproof fabric such as gore-tex is not completely waterproof. I used to commute with bike in the rain though, my Acronym jackets (one with gore-tex and another with schoeller nano sphere) didn't keep me dry after one hour of heavy rain. 
Both Acne Studios & RRL probably use a same supplier then. TBH, that makes your jacket really unique. 
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