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I have an ultralight premium down jacket and it does not unfortunately keep me warm with a gore-tex shell jacket. Patagonia also has been making ultralight down jackets(800 fill down) for years though, can anyone compare Uniqlo's to Patagonia's in terms of quality? Thanks in advance. 
Out of curiosity, does Ssense provide a code once a while? I thought they always put discounted price when they do sales. 
1st photo is nice.
The way he polishes the boots is really impressive. That's a professional work. 
I don't think that they replenish samples daily. 
Is that his iconic Tyrol jacket? Looks slightly different though. 
L'Eclaireur isn't a boutique in Paris?
I've seen some on Rakuten and Yahoo auction.
That leather looks soft and super comfortable. 
Can USPS hold a package if you call?
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