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This is what I wanted to know. Thanks. 
That tan horsehide looks really good.    BTW, which last has the widest toe box? Is it 110? Thanks. 
Agreed. Nothing really works when sidewalk becomes flat ice. 
Just apply obenaufs.
I've just placed the order. Hope these will let me stop looking for another pair of winter boots.   BTW, UGGs are definitely not for Canadian weather. My Polson is dead after 1 season and a half. Their customer services are terrible too. 
Is that meant to be like that? The jacket looks nice though. 
You are US10 in Danner. 
Not flat laces, but I highly recommend these. I ordered 3 pairs from them. Laces are very thick and they look nice on workboots. Inexpensive for its quality too.http://item.rakuten.co.jp/pennepenne/care-volt-shoerace-l/?s-id=review_PC_il_item_01
New engineer boots look very nice. 
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