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The waist looks too tight too. You won't be able to sit. Yes, you need to size up. 
AJ0705-MB Kojima Ajino store limited edition. 
Even waterproof fabric such as gore-tex is not completely waterproof. I used to commute with bike in the rain though, my Acronym jackets (one with gore-tex and another with schoeller nano sphere) didn't keep me dry after one hour of heavy rain. 
Both Acne Studios & RRL probably use a same supplier then. TBH, that makes your jacket really unique. 
Most of the items were size L & XL and a couple of size S & M too. 
I've just come back from Woodbury premium outlets. RL store actually carried quite lots of RRL items. I didn't buy any of them as all of them were not my size. Bags were really nice and prices were really good too (60-70% off retail).    And I happened to find RRL store in Brooklyn. It is located near Mast brothers chocolate store. This was a good surprise as I didn't expect to see it in Brooklyn. Guy at this store told me that Woodbury doesn't have any of RRL items...
I'm going to Woodbury outlets this Sunday though, is RL store selling RRL products as well? 
Nice fit. Looks like the pic has 3D effect. There must be something wrong with my monitor.
momotaro x viberg is an interesting combination. love it. 
recent purchase, elephant 4 weird guy
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