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Yes, that it. Why don't you mark the custom form as gift with 0 value as it is not business? 
Yes, it does. You can track your items with both USPS and Canada Post website. 
This bag has an interior pocket. Sorry if it is not your style at all.  Lotuff angle tote
@IIIrd Icon Yes, I like the cut of 3009 too. I'm not super crazy about trendy skinny tapered leg fit jeans. For me, when I wear a pair of jeans, I picture James Dean with Lee riders 101 if I'm not mistaken. That's how I try to look like with a hint of casual & modern vibe. lol
@IIIrd IconI'm surprised that you don't own any Flat Heads. Is there any particular reason? 
That's a good idea to keep shoes. I like that relaxed fit. 
I haven't tried super skinny guy though, I had a pair of skinny guy. That was the one with size 28 I mentioned above. I suggest that you check the measurements at Tate & Yoko website before you place an order. Good luck. 
I wear a size 31 on Levis & LVC 501, and I wear comfortably a size 29 on weird guy. I used to wear a size 28 on N&F as the denim stretched quite a lot. Was tight at beginning though. 
Is Haven going to release additional 10% discount code soon?
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