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  or nike rosherun flyknit racer I don't know much about the quality of new adidas shoes.
I have UGG polson and my feet are wet. They are supposed to be waterproof though. I'm very disappointed.
They indeed lost original texture, but I like how they look now as they look like they have heavily worn for a few years.
Psydle, that is amazing.
Thanks guys. Any saddle soap will work fine?
I didn't know that saddle soap can remove salt stain. I will try on my boots when winter is over. Out of curiosity, Doesn't it also remove some essential substance out of leather?
Hi, I found the same coat in Rakuten.http://item.rakuten.co.jp/tre-style/hr14fw104/ BTW, can anyone identify the jacket & the gloves he is wearing? I like his style. Thanks. 
I often wear Uniqlo socks as they are inexpensive and have lots of color variation. I like Falke wool socks too. They are warm, confortable and nice looking. 
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