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You need to make sure that your jeans are made of unsanforized denim before sending back. Raw denim doesn't mean necessarily that it is unsanforized. 
Agreed. I also used to cuff my pairs 3 or 4 times. I hated that look because they were really chunky and not clean at all. Since then, I hemmed all my pairs to have a single cuff.
Yes, they are too long. You would look nicer if you hemmed them. 
I prefer the look without Filson bag.
Barneys warehouse is doing crazy sales. Good deal for those who have small feet. http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/search?q=visvim
This is what I wanted to know. Thanks. 
That tan horsehide looks really good.    BTW, which last has the widest toe box? Is it 110? Thanks. 
Agreed. Nothing really works when sidewalk becomes flat ice. 
Just apply obenaufs.
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