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How does the kangaroo leather hold on heavy duty work boots? It is hard for me to imagine...I used to wear shoes made out of kangaroo leather when I was playing soccer though.They were not durable, but soft and light weighted. 
Yeah, you don't need to keep them as you have now a pair of grey N&F jeans to break in. They fit you very well. 
Where is it in Japan? I miss that...Your outfit was nice too. 
The denim shirt is made by uniqlo? 
I do respect SVB style. However, something doesn't look good over there. Maybe due to the length of the pants & the shoe volume?  
No, it is Studio D'Artisan 14oz selvedge denim shirt. I'm on the fence between this & Flat Head's. 
7001-40s   7002W-50s   I need a good denim shirt. 
Is it ture that Uniqlo is trying to own J.Crew? Is this news confirmed?
Right, the stylists do really great job. 
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