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For me, 4 days or more/week.
Beautiful. I like the shoe lace colour too. 
I was wearing my moc toe with traction tred cushion outsole yesterday at my work. I was moving heavy cabinets here and there and found my moc toe useless for physical work. Specially, traction tred outsole doesn't have grip at all on flat floor. I had hard time pushing them as I was slipping most of the time. Those soles are probably meant for other working condition, but I am disappointed. 
I will definitely go see the demonstration if I'm in Tokyo. I'm jealous of all of you who can go.
What do you think about virgil low? 
So ssense is not officially allowed to sell Visvim? Thanks. 
I have a question. eBay offers Global Shipping Program that lets a buyer pay customs at checkout, doesn't it? Why does Canadian still have to pay customs on a made-in-USA or Canada product even though USA and Canada have an agreement on free trade? Doesn't this make sense?
I didn't know that they carry Visvim. I wonder why their website doesn't have them. 
Has anyone received a pair from the last sample sales?
I liked his performance a lot when he had a role in Redford's the river runs through it. He was brilliant.
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