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Nice, the code does work and that's a decent deal for US residents. Unfortunately, no free shipping to Canada.   Is there anyone wearing size 13 or 14 IRs that could provide some rough measurements?  
Thanks for the price match tip! I did see those Beckmans on Nordstrom, but I don't like that style as much. Great price, no doubt.   Seeing as I'm not an overly stylish guy to begin with, I am looking for function first. However, I've worn mediocre looking and fitting footwear for years so I do want to check both boxes, so to speak. I was originally looking at Brogue boots, but I don't think I would pull those off very well.
Careful, it doesn't take much to push me over the edge! "Well, if I'm gonna spend X I might as well spend XX!" AHHHH!!!!   The total for the Iron Rangers would be $330 including free shipping and 5% GST, so I think I'll continue to look at the Aldens. It's more money, but since this is my first big boot purchase ever I know I will kick myself for not buying a wide boot. I didn't like the Indy at first, but I've warmed up to some of them (not a fan of the contrast...
Yep, I've been exchanging emails with Graeme and he is very helpful and friendly. He replies to emails all hours it seems. He also polled all the Canadian stores and got me stocking info in less than 12hrs. I was thinking of trying the 14 as well, but he suggested the 13 when I sent him rough measurements. I'm wavering about just ordering a pair to try - the sizing issue has me on the fence at the moment.   And by the way, thanks for the Alden input - I started looking...
Thanks for the input, but the problem is that the EE width is only available up to size 12. I figure a 13 EE would be perfect, but it doesn't exist
Looking for some wide boots - prefer something with a cap toe, but I'll listen to any offers. Sizing would be 12.5UK or 13-13.5US.   Must be willing to ship to Canada. Thanks!  
Hoping to get some feedback from those wearing the Iron Rangers in size 13 or 14. I have flat, wide feet (measured between 13E-13EEE on the Allen Edmonds guide). Red Wing does not offer the Iron Ranger boots in 13 or 14 wide, and I have no local spot to try them on. I can get a pair shipped from the Canadian rep and just pay return shipping if they don't work out.   If you have wide feet and wear these boots, please share some info on your experience. I've done a ton...
Ryan here, a horribly unfashionable and mildly unkempt "gentleman" from Nova Scotia, Canada. Trying to glean some tips from the general population here, although being a bigger guy with 13-14 wide feet much of the content here escapes me   Anyway, glad to be here!  
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