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Just came back. I scored the following for $1,400: Madison(?) 3-piece light gray glen plaid - 3x2 button SB jacket with side vents and notch lapel vest; Madison (?) 3x2 SB green loden sport coat with hacking pocket and ticket pocket and side vents; Madison (?) wool/silk rust with blue windowpane sport coat with side vents; tan gabardine odd trousers; charcoal tropical wook odd trousers; and Peal & Company (Alfred Sargent) chestnut full-brogue monk straps (see...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter yeah, me too. You slacking off, GT?
We will host the Chicago meet-up on Thursday, September 24th. The event will be held in the Winter Garden Room at Brasserie Jo from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. http://www.brasseriejo.com/ Our honored guest will be Paul Grangaard, the CEO of Allen Edmonds, who will chat about the company's new fall line-up. If that weren't enough, Skip and Nick Horween of Chicago's own Horween Leather Company (the world's foremost tanners of shell cordovan) will be stopping by our...
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD vintage hamilton chronographs. the other vintage hamiltons are not too hard to find but for some reason the vintage hamilton chronographs are scarce (even more so for the vintage hamilton military chronographs). this is a nice brand with ton of history behind each piece. ironically this american brand never had any american made chronograph wristwatch movements there are more pics and info on this...
I am pleased to announce that Skip and Nick Horween from Chicago's own Horween Leather Company, the world's premier tanners of cordovan, will be stopping by our meet-up at Brasserie Jo.
Justin Timberlake rocks that look.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy amazing entries, lk. particularly like the automobiles... That looks like a BMW 850 on acid.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD 3 holes represent the number of "rape stands" he had going on his bitches. Harsh!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo It really is a great lens and can be had for under $400 used easily at places like FredMiranda.com I love photography, and I'd do it for a living if I could. My dad was a professional industrial photographer and I've now found out that there's a serious market for his type of work. A friend of mine (who owns a gallery space) and I are working with an art photographer to put together a show of my dad's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Canal Directo If it's bespoke, this 4 buttons suit is a big FAIL! I was kidding about 4 lapel holes signaling bespoke tailoring (even though Vick's suit probably is bespoke).
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